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Updated: Aug 25, 2017
2.507 · 29 REVIEWS
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Multiple fake negative reviews submitted in April and May of 2010. The FPA does not appreciate review spammers.  More fake negative reviews submitted in 2012.

Day-Traders.com (Steve Matrix)

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2.507 · 29 REVIEWS
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IQ Trader,
London, United Kingdom,
Aug 22, 2017,

100% BS scam. Try to get a trial first!

If you think indicators from Steve Matrix and this company are magic, you are mistaken. All these indicators are based off the same underlying data - open, high, low, close, volume. Why would you think you will gain an advantage over free indicators such as MACD or Stochastics??? Its a scam to make money.
I bought a few indicators from this company from Ebay (Wavetrend and SuperADX). The charts on the AD looked good on Ebay! Thats because they have been preselected to make the indicators look good. If you do really want to buy, try to get a trial. I suspect they won't give you it because they know it will be a total FAIL. It's all BS don't trust these indicators. In general, indicators are no good. Learn price action folks.
Molly Hencliff,
Sacremento, CA, USA,
Mar 21, 2013,

I had a terrible experience with this fella. he sold me adx software on ebay. after trying to have it function like his claims, i contacted steve for help. he then told me i need to buy another indicator of his in order to get good results. so i biught two other tools from him. after several failed attempts both with my live account and on paper, i realized this was snake oil. i contacted him again and he told me its my fault and need to buy another tool that is the main peice of the puzzle. I then told him im not buying any more of his worthless items and want a refund. he replied telling me that i should have submitted it within 60 days. now its too late. i told him he could still send a refund and he wouldnt respond. i lost a ton of trading capital with this steve guy. i also lost a couple hundred buying his supposive helpful adx indicitor and other stuff from him. all are worthless. he form fits the pictures he shows and when it fails to work he says its your fault and to buy a subsrciption to his service. this is obviously a scam and the BBB has been notified of my documented experiences. absolute nightmare dealing with this con scam.
, USA,
Nov 15, 2012,

I jointed Steven's signal service in April 2012. It worked well in the first two months, then things turned bad, the losses continued for several months. In Nov. 2012, Steven took away his track record page, and disappeared.
Jonas Weinstein,
Monterey, God's Country, USA,
Sep 9, 2012,

I have been receiving Day-traders.com signals for quite a time now. They have been successful when other services and traders failed badly - especially over the first half of 2012. I know Steve Matrix, owner of Day-traders.com. He is a very experienced trader and I even consider him a friend after all that time. We chat once in a while. It is hard to find successful and good service in that market. He is one to be trusted, honest and yet steadily successful. I recommend Day-traders.com
James willcox,
Basingstoke., United Kingdom,
Sep 6, 2012,

This is a very good system with excellent indicators. The Wavetrend, BullsEye and Forecaster produce excellent setups. The best I've ever seen. Very consistent and I typically aim for less pips but seem to be more profitable.
Daniel Olinowski,
Barstow, Cali, USA,
Sep 5, 2012,

The real value in Day-traders.com signals and room is not only the trade copier which performs very well, but real trading with good trade follow-up on moving SL and adjusting TP. I've been with these signals since late 2011 and while not always profitable, the service is honest and delivers good solid signals. The true value is that Steve Matrix takes the time to explain what he is doing and really takes an interest in his members learning to trade on their own.

Thank you Steve and the Day-traders team. Please keep the pips rolling.
Christopher Hicks,
Alabama, USA,
Aug 26, 2012,

I havent had good results. The service signals are poorly timed. Each signal since the middle of May has lost extreme. When I went to ask them, a person named Mr Matrix replied telling me its my fault for over leveraging. This is a bad provider and service.
Reply by Steve Matrix submitted Aug 29, 2012:
This is Steve Matrix and this is a absolute false review. We do not have or ever have had any customers by the name of Christopher Hicks. Further, I would never blame a customer by telling them its their fault with being over-leveraged. My service is honest, backed by broker statements with a solid customer base which has been with me for years. My signals are easy to trade and can be followed automatically using our trade copier. I have asked FPA to remove your false review. Please provide identifying information to substantiate your review. For FPA members: Come see for yourself and verify the results. See honest and solid trading! Only FPA members are eligible for a 10-day trial of our Forex signals for free. Whether we win or lose, you will always see a high degree of integrity and professional trading. No guess work. No after-the-fact Monday morning quarterbacking - I can assure you of that. Again, this FREE trial is extended to ForexPeaceArmy customers only. When you call us, please let us know you read this post on the FPA website to get your 10 days free.
Mr. Shane Dalton,
Fresno, California, USA,
Aug 21, 2012,

I have been a client for 2 years and I am doing my first review. I am very grateful for Steve Matrix sharing his trading principles and styles with me. I have all his indicators and able to see and follow the trades before they are actually issued, but I find the added confidence knowing Steve is seeing the same trade as I am. Steve trades live with us each day starting in the London session and ending mid-New York session. I have all the education and tools to be a successful trader on my own. Steve is very frank and honest but he is also very kind and respectful of his clients. He takes the time to answer all of my questions and has set times where I can call him directly. I know his time must be very valuable and fortunately he never charges me for his extra time and attention. It has been a great help to me.

Thomas Goff,
Alabama, USA,
Aug 21, 2012,

I'm not really sure why someone would imitate me to leave a bad review on the product, but my original review stands, and I may even feel more strongly about the product than ever before. Hi, I have the signal service, I like the fact that there is the option to use the automated trade copier to capture all the trade as many of them come out during the European session while I'm sleeping. I make some good pips so far! Since I have been a member for a few months, I have collected 1014 pips. I'm in a trade at the moment that is losing by 35 pips, but overall it's a good service. When my account size increases I will go for the managed account that they offer too. They always answer my questions promptly.


Thomas, Thanks for leaving a followup to let us know that someone hijacked your review. We're already talking to the programmers about how to add more safeguards to make this sort of unethical behavior harder to do.

John Garber,
Harrisburg, USA,
Aug 13, 2012,

This is an awesome service! The results are amazing and Steven is very quick to get back to you and fix any problems. I am in the forex-market for 8 years now and have tried a lot of services and EA`s. Nothing compares to this. Hope this will go on for a long time. By far the best service I have ever used.