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3.426 • 17 REVIEWS

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Ajman, United Arab Emirates,
Feb 15, 2023,
Registered user

Dennis is trying to fix the problem

Service use: Live Length of use: 0-3 Months
Dennis has kindly reverted back though there was a delay of 6 days in his response. He certainly needs to be given the benefit of doubt. As per his proposal, I will arrange to re-invest 20% of the capital and he has promised to revive the lost capital. I would not say he is dishonest but possibly bombarded with too much communication and unfortunate market conditions which has caused an impact on multiple accounts. I will revert back in a few months to share the outcome of his proposal and the results of the new cloud-based solution.

Feb 15, 2023 - 1 Star Forex Trade Copier service from Dennis Buchholz is a laughing stock. He has taken the penny wise pound foolish proverb to his heart and implemented the Forex Trade Copier service. He seems to have skipped the Forex 101 class where they teach Risk / Money Management concepts.

He has managed to achieve 96.9% winners with Total capital returns of -90.8%. His website boldly claims an Average Drawdown of 4%. That is such a feat he has under his belt.

The negative feedback from the below users is 100% accurate. I had set up the account as per his instructions and lost 90% of my capital in just two trades. As per him, he has addressed the issue with the EA and moved it to a cloud-based solution. I don't see how he will not be handed a lemon by the market in the future with such outrageous money management rules.

I did follow up with him on how he intends to compensate for the loss of capital. He did respond once and then decided to go mute. I am sure there are many others who have burned their account by the so-called trader copier service. It is important for them to flag their experience to ensure more people do not have to part with their hard earn money in the future.

Do not invest in any service or products from Dennis Buchholz. A lesson learned the hard way.
Germany, Germany,
Jan 25, 2023,
Registered user

Nothing but a SCAM. 0 OUT OF 5

Length of use: over 1 Year
It was more than a "frustrating experience", you arrogant, greedy fool. You lost me and others thousands.

So this is a false claim, is it? That you did not contact me? So what is this then? You sent me an email in 2019 asking me to sign up to your trade copier and that I'm "missing out on Real pips."

Of course I applied. You contacted me first after I bought your Forex Pin system, which had nothing to do with this Forex Trade Copier.
You're a liar. You're just a gambler, and not a good one. I suggest you go back and learn the basics from your mentor Steve Mauro and then apply the proper rules for trade management.

Your claim that you had false signals is just not true because even now you are still in a horrendous trade with a very high drawdown.
Your trade copier has opened a buy for the EURO USD on the 9th January.

You are losing over 250 pips right now and you've kept this EURO USD trade OPEN for over 2 weeks!

Your losing equity is MASSIVE.
On the 12th January, you had just 2144 euros as your account balance.

You've been trapped in the EURUSD trade ever since January 9th. Right now you are LOSING 2255 euros!

You should have a margin call right now.
Your euro usd trade went AGAINST YOU heavily.

And now today... on January 25... it's even WORSE. Your open drawdown and losing equity is even HIGHER and has gone up to a negative floating PNL of 2255 euros.

Your original balance of 2144 would have received a MARGIN CALL with a losing PNL as high as 2255. You can't hide this.

You panicked and had to run to quickly make SIX DEPOSITS since January 12th because you knew OVERSTAKED on your lot size!

Look at your 6 deposits here,

Now those deposits have given you a balance of 3027 EUROS, because you knew you'd blow the account AGAIN with this EURO USD trade that is still in heavy drawdown since January 9th.

You are still trading recklessly in spite of losing thousands for your clients. Nothing has changed.

You have lost people thousands.

Did you tell your followers to deposit money like you have? No, because your position size was too big. Their accounts have probably been blown AGAIN.

So your claim that you have resolved the EA is a blatant lie, because you are STILL now in high drawdown of over 80% with the EURUSD, which anybody can CHECK on

You have told people

I will be following every one of your trades to let people see what you're doing. Your drawdown is NOT 4%. Take this off your website. It is A LIE!

People, if you sign up to this man's trade copier, all he can get you is ONE pip profit each trade. But when the trade goes against him, like right now, his floating PNL is losing over 250 PIPS! Look at his own FX BLUE account, go to the closed trades sections, and also, see the photos I posted if you need proof. Even worse, when he's used a position lot size that is too large and starts losing more than he expects to, he quickly makes deposits that will protect his OWN account, but NOT YOURS! His 6 deposits that were made to cover his margin call happened AFTER the trade was opened, NOT before. Beware of this SCAMMER.

Jan 11, 2023 - 1 Star This man Dennis Buchholz is a very dangerous forex trader.

He emailed me asking to subscribe to his free forex trade copier service. To join he gives you a provider account number and then you connect to his receiver. In my photo below it shows an orange button which means I was connected to his signals.

He said on his website no more than 5 percent of the account balance would be risked. He also says on his website that the drawdown is only 4%. But the true drawdown was well over 90%.

He controlled the trade, NOT me. On the 20 December 2022 this rotten forex scammer lost all my funds in the mt4 account. He tried to open a buy trade and he left it open for THREE months. Then just before christmas the audjpy dropped heavily and he lost the whole entire lot.

Do not sign up, even if he says the drawdown is 4%. He will lose all your money.

I have proof of this in my mt4 photo account below.
On 13th September 2022, he opened a trade in my LQDFX account. I had $461 in my account, and by October he was LOSING over $333.
Here's my MT4 photo of his HUGE drawdown:

This is pathetic.

On 13 September 2022 he opened a buy position at 98.36500.
The stop loss was over 700 pips away and the drawdown was horrendous.

And then on 20 December I received a MARGIN CALL. That same day he obliterated the whole account because the trade LOST and got stopped out at 89.61700.

I lost all the capital in my account. I began with $460 and his trade lost $460.25. I have full proof of this. Look at the photo below:

He also copied this same AUDJPY trade into my ic markets account,
and he lost over ONE THOUSAND in that account as well.

According to him, he has 1300 people signed up this Agimat trade copier. He trapped us in a trade for 3 months, only to then LOSE all the funds with one audjpy trade.
No apology from this clown. This arrogant, so-called trader is still trading recklessly right now on his FX BLUE account, despite his catastrophic loss of over 90% of the funds.

Now, he is so scared all he can gain is one pip on each trade. But he still risks hundreds of pips on every position he opens, only to gain a tiny profit. I suspect he has completely lost his nerve. You think he would have learned by now, the stupid fool.

I advise people to write reviews about this as soon as possible to stop this SCAMMER and prevent him selling more products. He keeps rebranding his web pages and selling new systems hoping that you won't notice his AWFUL trading results and SCAMS.

Everyone who lost their balance on the AUDJPY trade, submit your review because what he is doing is unacceptable.
Don't LIE and tell us our account balance risk was only 5% when it wasn't! He is a liar. Dennis Buchholz LOST 90% of our accounts.
He emailed me and asked me to sign up to his free trade copier service, which I did. He claimed on his website that the risk was no more than 5 percent. I honestly don't know what system this idiot is using, but how dare he gamble with our funds like this.

He claims he has over 1300 followers. Only God knows how many thousands he has lost. He is so arrogant he wouldn't even send out an apology for what he has done.

Do not not let him trade with your money. He will lose it all over time. Maybe not in a few months, or even a year. But he will in the end. He is simply not a trader but a gambler. Since this huge loss that blew up my account he is now trading with a big 50% drawdown to gain just one or two pips. It's all he can do and its here on his FX BLUE account.

He completely blew my accounts. He has to be stopped. Also, Buchholz, don't bother replying with your usual comment of "I'm sorry to hear what happened to your account."
I don't want your fake apologies.

Reply by Dennis submitted Jan 20, 2023 Thank you for your review. I’m sorry to hear you had a frustrating experience. Your feedback helps us do better.

First, I need to correct your false claim. I have not contacted you to join.
You applied yourself to be part of the FREE trade copier.

We checked this issue with the EA and resolved it promptly by updating the EA. Currently, the EA is being moved to a cloud-based solution. This should be done by February. I am sure, in the future, false signals can be avoided.
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Victoria, Canada,
Dec 28, 2022,
Registered user

Copier Lost roughly 80% of the account.

Service use: Live Length of use: 6-12 Months
You can see my previous reviews. I still don't think this copier is "bad" but I want to make sure people understand the real risk they are taking.

I started with about $3000 and Dennis got me all the way to about $6700! That's very impressive specially since he did it in less than a year. He more than doubled my account.

The only problem is that the copier risks almost all of your account with every trade. Statistically that will eventually blow up in your face... and that's what happened this year. After four or five years of this system making consistent profits (as per the FXBlue page), it all finally blew up. A trade that was opened back in September of 2022 finally got stopped out in December. The BOJ came out two times with news that strengthened the JPY and that really hurt the trade. My $6700 in my LQDFX account is now $77. That is a massive loss and one that I will not recover from unfortunately unless I add more money to the account.

In any case, Dennis has gotten a bunch of small winners since then but this is essentially a lost cause for me unless I want to put more money into the account. I want to keep supporting Dennis but I cannot put more money into a trading system that will eventually blow up again, whether it's in a few months or a few years.

What I would recommend for anyone interested is to take your profits out every few months to protect them. You could also set your own risk parameters with the trade copier to risk less. However, if you do this you will not get the fantastic results that he gets.

Dennis, i truly believe you're a great trader. If you ever have a trade copier that has limited risk per trade (such as 1 or 2% per trade), then I will for sure want to give it a try!

Dec 1, 2022 - 3 Stars Almost 12 months using this copier. This copier has been in major drawdown now for about 3 months now. One thing to note is that this copier has been good for a while but it does risk your whole account every trade. You make a bunch of tiny wins by risking your whole account. This is not for the faint of heart. Based on the current trade being in major drawdown and the market movements, I'm unsure if the trade will be a winner, a small loser, or a total loss of the whole account. We shall see. I'm not telling you to stay away from this copier, because it can provide great returns. But do not put ALL your money into this! Only money you deem as aggressive growth and high risk.

Also, if you use LQDFX, they have negative swaps for all pairs, no matter what direction - which is annoying.

Finally, FX Blue is deceiving - giving you "AVERAGE drawdown" of trades that have been CLOSED but it does not give you the MAX drawdown while a trade is OPEN. This fools you into thinking that no trade has a drawdown of more than 4% while actually some trades go into 25%, 50%, or even 70% drawdown while they're open. I did my research before I invested so I knew this beforehand, but many newbies will not do this research - they will just jump in when they see the huge return numbers.

In conclusion, this is likely one of the better copiers out there but beware - it's not perfect and it can go into deep, deep drawdown. So put 2-5% of your portfolio into this if you like to take extremely high risk (risking your whole account every trade). The rest of your portfolio should go into other investments.

Mar 21, 2022 - 5 Stars I'm blown away so far by Dennis' accuracy and confidence in his analysis/AI. I've only been using this for about 2 months and he's not lost a single trade. That fact doesn't really matter too much, since you can see that he has lost trades in the past, which is totally normal. But what's most impressive is that even trades that go into drawdown somehow end up being winning trades! There's so much to like about his trade copier and only very minor complaints, which at the end of the day don't matter since he's so profitable. Also, I like how he always sends a quick message if he's not going to trade for a few days - the communication is always appreciated. I hope he keeps providing this service for years to come!

Reply by Dennis submitted Mar 30, 2022 Thank you for your review. The trade copier service is here to stay.
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Reply by Dennis submitted Jan 20, 2023:
I’m so sorry. I am normally known for my exceptional attention to detail.

I have used the feedback to ensure this doesn’t happen again.
We checked this issue with the EA and resolved it promptly by updating the EA. Currently, the EA is being moved to a cloud-based solution. This should be done by February. I am sure, in the future, false signals can be avoided.
kerala, India,
Oct 27, 2022,
Registered user

very bad service

Service use: Other Length of use: Have not used
Last few days to tring to contacting them . not responding no any live support. How trust them. very bad service
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Reply by Dennis submitted Oct 30, 2022:
I am sorry for your experience.
We reply to every single service request coming through our official ways.

If you did not get any answer, your questions might have been considered spam automatically or were impolite.

You can try again here with a proper email address:
Louisville, KY, USA,
Sep 12, 2022,
Registered user

Excellent Service and Trade Accuracy

Service use: Live Length of use: 0-3 Months
I have tried a significant number of Forex trade copiers and services over many years...and have always been very disappointed. The disappointments ranged from cost of service, # of losing trades, lack of support/ name it. Dennis' service is the exact opposite of all of this. His trade decisions have been excellent. The copier he uses works extremely well with very little (if any) latency (I'm not using a VPS currently). His responses to my emailed questions are fast and detailed. FINALLY...a trade copier service and provider that I feel is trustworthy in a sea of scammers. Dennis...thank you for being you...don't change a thing...and thank you for providing a revenue stream for me and my family.
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Reply by Dennis submitted Sep 19, 2022:
Thank you very much, we highly appreciate your review.
Usa, USA,
Aug 28, 2022,

Solid service but don’t let Fx blue results fool you.

Service use: Demo Length of use: 0-3 Months
Fx blue showed max drawdown of like 4 percent. First week using it went 10 plus dd on one trade which was closed small loss. Not saying the service is bad. It actually is solid to last so long. Just don’t go in expecting small risk high reward trades. The lot sizes are quiet large as well as sl. I still have couple months left to try out. I’ll share more as the results come in. Have to say definitely disappointed so far. Fx book is superior in tracking results. How about adding this so we can see the true risk. Thanks.
Reply by Dennis submitted Aug 31, 2022:
Thank you for reaching out to us.

Regarding the drawdown:
FXBlue calculates an average DD, which is around 4%.
Verified and audited.

Sometimes it can get higher due to typical forex circumstances.
But the average calculation per year is not higher than 4%.

Myfxbook, does not calculate an average but does it for every single trade.
The result of the highest drawdown will be shown in the front statistics.
So, if you are a very good trader for years, your stats won't look good because of one single bad trade.
Myfxbook is aware of that, but no change so far.

You won’t find any serious and professional trader or prop firm on myfxbook.
Why? Because their calculation of statistics is just odd.
Such stats won’t pass an audit if ever you need one.

The average per year is important and valid.
But not for every single trade.

FXBlue statistics are far superior and independent.
Hamburg, Germany,
Jul 27, 2022,

Best Trade Copier Service!

Service use: Live Length of use: 6-12 Months
In the last 2 years i tested several copier services. Some of them were pure scam, some were ok. Before 10 months i found the trade copier service from dennis and i can say "im really blown away". Since 10 months - only winning trades (simply check the live stats).
Meanwhile i moved most of my free trading budget to this service since its a cool nobrainer for me and i can earn a lot of money! Dennis - great service !
Reply by Dennis submitted Aug 3, 2022:
You are very welcome, Christian. And, thank you for the nice words.
Mark Smith
Detroit, MI, USA,
Jul 8, 2022,

Gift from God

Service use: Live Length of use: 3-6 Months
I have been using Dennis Buchholz's trade copier service since January 2022, and the results are phenomenal. This service has put me on the path to financial freedom, and opened my eyes to the possibilities of Forex trading. I could not be more impressed, and I can hardly believe how well Dennis performs. The percentage gains advertised are real and miraculously consistent. Don't hesitate to use this service. You will be glad you did.
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Reply by Dennis submitted Jul 20, 2022:
Thanks a million for your review. I am glad that I can help you with your financial freedom.
eva etol
abu dhabi, United Arab Emirates,
Jul 8, 2022,
Registered user

beyond excellent

Service use: Live Length of use: over 1 Year
im new in trading and didn’t hv much time to trade due to work loads, special thanks dennis for the copy trade for almost 3 years i’ve earned 300% against my capital, he does a conservative approach in trading that makes me feel confident that all is well, i never even open my mt4 lol, i just check my email and feel confident with my open trades copied, and checking my gains thank u dennis cheers
Reply by Dennis submitted Jul 20, 2022:
Thank you very much for your review. I highly appreciate that.
New York, USA,
Jun 14, 2022,


Service use: Live Length of use: over 1 Year
The 5 Star Reviews are scams. Beware of messages from Instagram asking for money up front and promising payouts. Nothing is guaranteed.
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Reply by Dennis submitted Jun 19, 2022:
Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

We never ask for any payments upfront etc. since our service is free of charge.

After checking Instagram, we’ve found several profiles that are pretending to be Dennis Buchholz in conjunction with Forex trading. We have reported all of them.

Our Trade Copier Service Is available through the website only.