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UK, United Kingdom,
Apr 28, 2021,
Registered user

You will need more than social distancing with Interactivefxtrade

Service use: Other

Length of use: 0-3 Months

I got introduced to them via their trader on LinkedIn ( Jon - assuming it's a real name) about making heavy returns. Long and short is, I reluctantly but apprehensively succumbed to prodding and pushing via this person via WhatsApp. Since then ,the trader first disappeared from LinkedIn which I queried and told some BS about monies being deducted with permission. I didnt buy it but who was I to counter it. It was at this point, I decided to snipshot most things..Again, the pictures maybe fake but I have this store away.

Anyway, I paid the deposit and was told itll be 10-14days to get the return. When it was 10-14days, I asked and was told it was 1month instead. I showed some surprise but patiently waited. Before the 28days was over, I was pressed with getting involved in INFX/ICO with a promise of unbelievable returns of I invested more. I refused and said I was ok with my initial $2000 investment(plus $800 monthly fee). Note that the website said there was a 14 day free signal but with them extending the trading period, I needed to pay the trading fee.

To keep it short, when time came to collect profits, I was again pressed to pay a 1% fee before I could collect the profits. I proposed they deduct the fee instead from the profits but refused. I decided to ignore all comms. Eventually and unfortunately for me, the trader kept nudging me and came back with a 60:40 split, where I only had to pay the first 60% and then complete the 40% once I had received the initial funds. It didnt seem like a bad idea nor was it impossible to raise the funds ($3800- all of this via Bitcoin on Blockchain so untraceable). Immediately I paid the funds I could see they had split it into 2 separate accounts. I requested a bank transfer but told itll take 5days and advised to get funds via Bitcoin which i obliged and sent my wallet address. Three(3) days after sending them the funds, I received an email saying the funds were on hold and I need to pay another $2500 for a IBTC certificate or something.

I called their bull**** and told them straight that this was a scam and I was going to do something about it and come on here. Since then, they have not responded, perhaps calling my bluff. The company is supposedly based in the UK and US but the UK address is a post box and US address is off a golf course or resort.

I dont feel bad that I was scammed, I feel bad that I allowed myself get scammed because I really needed it to be true because of my situation at the time. And this trader knew I was desperate because I was unemployed so took full advantage using my" Open to Work" profile on LinkedIn. For the last 3weeks, I haven't been able to reach him, where previously he would contact me day and night. I even sent him 2 emails that I captured but no response. I also managed to capture a few screen shots of his profile before he deleted it.

This is my story to ALERT others out there. If it's too good to be true, then it probably isnt true. I let my circumstances dictate my logic and gut feeling

I mean if they are actually legit, I will take all of this back, with an apology and of course my money back, but until then folks. ....BEWARE!!!!

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