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Updated: Oct 2, 2023
Tradix-a is a forex broker. Tradix-a offers the MT4, MT4 WebTrader and MobileTrader forex trading top platform. offers over 50 forex currency pairs, cfds, commodities, stocks, indices, gold, silver, oil, bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for your personal investment and trading options.
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Athens, Greece,
Mar 3, 2021,
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Totally scam company Tradixa, unethical, thieves, liars!!!

Service use: Live Length of use: 3-6 Months
I live in Athens, Greece married and with 4 children and as an artist musician me and my wife we lost all our incomes since last February 2020, because of COVID19!
I'd like to let you know about my tragic experience with the company TRADIXA that regulate by your authority!!
It was after the middle of September 2020 that I started with them with the minimum deposit of 250€ with bonus 100€. After some days with the help of my account manager Dionisis Zervas I've made some profits and I asked him if I could take some of them to see how it works. He answered no, because I had made these profits trading in a higher level than my account and I had to deposit more money to became silver, gold, platinum, diamond or VIP member, so then I could make a withdraw..! So, I made a higher deposit of 1500€ and they gave me bonus 1500€. As I made profits, they told me that in a few days will starts a project for two months with two stocks Amazon and Allibaba and after two months, about half of January 2021 could give a 10-12% profit as every year(they send me statistics in my email).
So, on the beginning of November 2020, I had given them 40000€ and gave me 25000€ bonus and about the middle of November I gave them another 40000€(with 30000€ bonus) and the whole amount was 80000€(without the bonus). When I made the last deposit they told me that in that project with Amazon and Allibaba I had to pay swaps(they had never mention about that before) and if I want to be free of them I had to put 20000€ (total 100000€)to be in a Diamond account, I told them that I didn't have more money and they told me that they could help me putting 10000€ for me and I had to put only 10000€. But I didn't have more money and the swaps increase day by day..! At the same time started some calls from UK and Cyprus from companies TIMARKETS and GEVERESTFX and some others but I don't remember their names. These companies told me that they want to help me take back my money from the fraud/scam company Tradixa. How did they know about that? Maybe they are the same people..! They insist and precure me hard for many days!
It was the first time that I understood that something went wrong... I asked Tradixa to give me back my money from the first day of the deposit of the last 40000€ but they told me about the 30000€ bonus they had put in my account and they couldn't withdraw, only if I gave them another 20000€ and became in Diamont account I could whenever I want to make the withdraw. I asked lawyer and my bank and I made a dispute but the company JUBITER through them and an UK bank I had send the wire, told that my money left from them and they couldn't do nothing. As I was desperate, I gave 250€ to GEVERESTFX to take my money back. How foolish I was?! After some calls they told me that they need more money (about 10000€ - 15000€) and not only 250€ as they told me in our first agreement! We argued and then they disappeared, they close their email Mr. Nicos Vrettos and Christos Anagnostou. I called CYSEC and they told me that was a scam company too. Then I send email to MT5 platform because there I had send the 250€ for the GEVERESTFX and after few days I took back my 250€ from MT5!! MAGIC!!!
Since then and with hard precure according to my lawyer advice by phone, emails and messages in WhatsApp, my account manager Dionisis Zervas(if it's true) left me and another account manager called Angeliki Anastasatou(if it's true..!?) started talking with me. We argued many times and she told me that since 15th of January 2021 I could made the withdrawal for about 100000€. She told me that I had to pay about 10000€ for taxes, but I told her that I don't have and she had to keep the tax from my account. After many tricks by her trying to lose my money with opening trades and swaps I manage to close all the open trades and save 92363€ until 9th of February and made the withdraw request. They send me an email told me that within maximum 5 working days the whole process will be completed. Since then, nobody called me despite my email and phone calls to their phone center, the lady in the phone told me each time: Sorry for the inconvenience and as soon as possible a representative will call you back, or your account manager, who had magically disappeared. Now I'm trying not to think about it very much me and my wife, because we have 4 children and they needs us well! We lost everything! My lawyer with the authorities is working on it..! God gave them back what they did to me and my family!!