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Fueled By Forex Trading develops automated forex trading software for the MetaTrader platform. FueledByForexTrading's MT4 EAs include LEGACY Automated Algorithm EA and ELITE Automated Algorithm EA for online currency trading.



Established: 2020
Contact: support@fueledbyforextrading.com, (631) 618-4842

Performance tests

Status Account Product P/L Weekly,% Weeks tested P/L Gross,%
Medallion Automated System -3.82 9.5 -30.924
Elite EA V2 RELOADED +0.81 25.9 +23.202
Elite Automated Algorithm EA +1.2 8.6 +10.762

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FueledByForexTrading.com profile provided by fueledbyforex, Apr 19, 2021

Welcome to Fueledbyforextrading!

Automated Algorithm Software:
This EA works by calculating and trading around historical high and low price points to find profit opportunities. Utilizing the trend on both a daily and hourly chart it will trade around these data points with martingale methods, with the idea that price always reverts back to the mean. Drawdown is to be expected, but I've put a clever spin on typical martingale methods to ensure it doesn't double down forever and that all trades close for either a net positive or small loss. I recommend a balance of at least $5,000 with $10,000 being the safest start.


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3.333 · 17 REVIEWS
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New York, USA,
Aug 24, 2021,

Avoid at all costs

Ask anyone in this group and they've lost more money than they made. Nick is very deceptive and will remove people from the "community" who expose him. Run away, as fast as you can.
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Reply by fueledbyforex submitted Oct 7, 2021:
Hi "Anonymous",

Sorry to hear about your bad experience. I'd love to make it right by offering you completely free access to any of my product offerings until you've made back whatever you've lost. There are many solutions to choose from that can better fit your risk profile. It is true that the Elite EA was high risk/reward but as time went on other systems were designed and now provide returns to the tune of 10-30% per month with advanced risk-aversion tactics that prevent accounts from going past 30% with new trades. With hundreds of clients to deal with it, I am certain some can slip through the cracks and come up with wild ideas on how everything went wrong. If it's okay with you, I'd like to work things out and get you back on track again.

Please reach out to our support email @ support@fueledbyforex.com
Texas, USA,
Jul 19, 2021,
Registered user

Does not work as designed

Service use: Live

Length of use: 0-3 Months

I always knew martingale strategy doesn't work how ever give a chance to Fuelledbyforex system based on the great reviews posted here . I do not believe any other forex review forum than FPA. So I joined FBF and like me many other people joined in the month of june. Everyone was happy as the EA provide $50-$100 p.m . After having a win of about $600 in 10 days one fine day a single news kill all the profit.As I am a very conservative player so I was able to out before it touch my deposit. However this EA starts bleeding more often and in a single day I lost my initial deposit of 2K . I am out of this now .
I would not recommend it to others. Definitely not worth of its high price.
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Reply by fueledbyforex submitted Oct 7, 2021:
Hi Rtripath,

Sorry to hear about your bad experience. I'd love to make it right by offering you completely free access to any of my product offerings until you've made back whatever you've lost. There are many solutions to choose from that can better fit your risk profile. It is true that the Elite EA was high risk/reward but as time went on other systems were designed and now provide returns to the tune of 10-30% per month with advanced risk-aversion tactics that prevent accounts from going past 30% with new trades. With hundreds of clients to deal with it, I am certain some can slip through the cracks and come up with wild ideas on how everything went wrong. If it's okay with you, I'd like to work things out and get you back on track again.

Please reach out to our support email @ support@fueledbyforex.com
Earth, USA,
Jul 12, 2021,
Registered user

Works awesome until it blows your entire 50k investment!

Service use: Live

Length of use: 3-6 Months

So many blown accounts in this group over the past few months. Many hundreds of thousands in capital gone. The system makes 10 percent per day until it hits news. Then it starts buying or selling against the market with reckless abandon until it blows the account entirely. People cover their extreme drawdown with more money until that runs out and they lose everything. This process repeats over and over again while the creator himself acts like it's all no big deal, and he goes back to collecting subscriptions. Add to that the decompiled version are now appearing to be a modified version of TSR, including the variable names. Nick Ross then claims there are "switches" in place during these extreme events, but those never seem to come into effect, even as he himself loses his entire $44,000 in capital! All in all it's great way to lose very large sums of money!
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New Jersey, USA,
Jun 26, 2021,
Registered user

I retract my prior reviews, both good and bad

Service use: Live

Length of use: 0-3 Months

Please allow me to retract both review. As it stands I am neutral. Aired my concerns on the EA, and FBF has shown their willingness to sort out the issue.

Both FBF and I have agreed and sorted out our differences and ideas. Thanks for hearing me out FBF.

Jun 25, 2021 - 1 Star Ok. cancel my prior glowing review. This EA is nothing more than a ripped off copy of TSR 2018 EA. FBF copied it, and passed off as theirs. Even the variables are identical. FBF posted a picture of a screenshot of him "supposedly" coding, but what are the chances it uses the exact same decompiled variables.... Look at the settings, what are the changes TSR 2018 EA and FBF both use the variable "DiMarti" to define lotsize... because it was ripped off from TSR 2018, or as people in the online comunities refer to as the Jum Code.

Another thing to point out, there is no hedging. The so called hedging is relied on using one istochastic function, which is not really hedging. FBF has no idea because as stated above, it's not their original code, but blatant ripoff. The ripped off TSR, hid some of the extern variables, then locked the code and passed off as theirs.....which I will get to below.

Hundreds of customers lost thousands. Between myself and those I referred, we lost well over 30K, I think more close to 40K, And FBF claims you should only trade money you are willing to lose..... WELL I AM WILLING TO LOSE IT HENCE I TRADED IT.... but not in the way that happened.... FBF started opening and opening insane lotsizes. For a 5k Account, why would the EA open a lotsize well over 2, multiple times. That is the main reason funds ran out and margin call got hit, it's not about the market spike. A simple fix with the code would have suffice to mitigate this, but again, there's no fix because the code was blatantly copied. Others have lost 15k because it opened a 16 lotsize order.... really 16 lots??

Then the owner, despite being asked if we should stop the EA, instead encourages everyone to dump more money into the accounts, and made them lose way more.... instead of fixing the code they stole they figured more funds is the answer.

Oh and not to mention the owner deleting posts in the group, banning people because they complained, Or revoking affiliate payments that the referral successfully paid, hence was justified, regardless if I cancelled my EA license (who wouldn't cancel after finding out all of these?)

Oh and now the new strategy supposedly is to buy 5 licenses ($1500/mo LOL) and split into 1k accounts, and let them tank.... of course that way regardless of what happens he makes a killing with $1500/mo for 5 accounts. Only an insane person would even do this... instead of fixing the code, oh right, he can't coz it's a ripoff of TSR 2018 EA.

End of the day, this is a shady person to deal with. Stay away. far far away. DOn't be one of the suckers that fall for this trap. Google TSR 2018 it's readily available online. Only a buffoon would be 300/mo or 1500/mo to have his account open 1 2 3 lotsize orders for a small balance....

And don't kid yourself FBF, it has no hedging and no news. stop with the lies. If you could have coded that in, then surely you could have fixed the most glaring issues of the original code you ripped off....

Jun 4, 2021 - 5 Stars I am putting my review here to help other who are on the fence. This is my 2nd review because I have purchased a second license, so I believe I am entitled to another revieew, a more detailed on. I also hope this helps get some clarity and confidence to make an informed decision before buying. Feel free to ping me directly I would be more than happy to answer any questions granting I can answer them :)

Before writing this review, I took the time to read the reviews. While I cannot comment on what happened before or customer experience before I joined, I can say with 100% certainty that I am one of those satisifed customers. And no I'm not paid by Nick to write this, in fact between my siblings and I we have around 12 licenses for the Elite software. And you can find me on his facebook page as proof.

I signed up May 13th. How I came across FBF was due to failed trades by other EAs I have used. I purchased a scalper EA which did make me a lot of money in 1 month, I nearly lost it all amd then some more. I also tried another EA (which another reviewer says helped him recoup his funds) and I did make money for the few days I used it, only to tank the same way my other EA did.

My EAs tanked same week when USDCAD went bearish, none of the EAs knew how to correct themselves. The EA stacked one buy order after another, and before you know it I'm almost out of funds. All in all I lost around 5K. Friends and families I know lost more than me this same week using the exact same EAs that nearly tanked on me.

I stopped the EAs and hence my search for a new EA. This is where I came across FBF and the Elite software. I SIGNED UP May 13th. So far The EA itself has not lost, although my Myfxbook will show 2 losing days. That is because I had some leftover open orders from the other EAs that I decided to manually close at a loss, since overall I am ahead on profit for FBF. As of today, I was able to close all non FBF trades, and am still ahead by 2k profit. Once I have time I will start it fresh on a new account so I can show how it performs without data from other EAs.

As for the FBF software, Nick recommends 5k for safety, to cover DD on spikes. I can tell you right now I started with less than that as I used whatever was left from my account. It can be done, might risky, but can be done. I am living proof of this.

I have referred family and friends and peope that asked for my honest feedback. All of them, including me, are 100% pleased. None of us has had any losing days since starting.

In terms of the logic or algorithm of the EA it appears to be modified martingale with hedging. Software appears well made. It has SL and TP on every order it opens. It even lays out pending orders, buy or sell limits. It will also cancel pending orders and adjust sl and tp as the trading goes, indicating it is continually calculating and checking the market. The other EAs I bought and tried don't even have and sl or tp settings, and heck no clue how to handle market trends. Good luck when those EAs start stacking left and right hoping for market to change course.

For those complaining they lost their money, well to be blunt this is trading none is guaranteed, or else everyone would have already done this and everyone rich. If you can't risk your funds then maybe trading isn't for you. Win some lose some. If you double your money, take out your initial money and play with house money moving forward.

I am riding this out, almost recouped back what I lost thanks to Nick and FBF. Haven't lost a day, and I no longer need to micromanage my mt4 accounts.

Thank you Nick, you are a Godsend. Much appreciated. Now time to setup my other license :)


May 18, 2021 - 5 Stars I've had the EA for a week now. I have tried scalperx and forexfury, and a few others, I can say I love this EA. ScalperX I almost double my money in a month, but it did not know how to handle bearish/bullish market and hence whatever I made in a month, I lost in a day when usdcad went downhill and haven't recovered since. forexfury was the same, made huge gains, then one morning I woke up to a wiped account. Maybe I could have funded the accounts more, but bottom line is they did not have any S/L programmed, so they tanked. Maybe if I stick with autolot and the most conservative of settings they would have survived... but then this review is not about them, and I still use scalperx, albeit in a more cautious approach.

FueledByForex it good, as it gives me anywhere from 100 upwards daily in gains, one day was around 70. But the best part was I can see the pending orders that will be opened, when they will be opened, and each order has a S/L and T/P settings.

I also noticed the orders get modified on the fly, depending on how the other trades go.

While it's only been a week, I have been able to compare this EA with the others I have used, and what really sets this apart is the S/L and the pending orders being visible.

In terms of setup, it was a breeze. I just messaged Nicholas, and got my account activated. I did the install myself as I have experience settings up other EAs. Took me 10 minutes at most.

In terms of support, Nick is a DM away, he responds promptly.

Monthly license fees can be lower, but I'm ok as long as I'm making the bucks.

Thank you.
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Usa, USA,
Jun 25, 2021,

BluePips now operating as Fueled By Forex

Service use: Live

Length of use: 0-3 Months

Nick "Ross" (not his real last name) closed down Blue Pips when the scam was revealed and started Fueled by Forex as his new scam. Promising great account management through a sophisticated trading robot which is a lie. In Feb 2021 his bot blew peoples accounts. He promised a fix with a new version and on June 18, 2021 blew MULTIPLE 10k and 15k accounts. His bot had no hedging protection and opened ridiculous lot sizes. His advice? Put more money in because it always comes back. Stay away from Fueled by Forex or any new company Nick "Ross" creates to scam people. His results MIGHT be great for 5-6 weeks but every 2-3 months accounts get blown
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Reply by fueledbyforex submitted Jun 29, 2021:
Thank you for your feedback, we've since redesigned the strategy to risk less funds. We play with with house money now.

I get it, we're friends if you're making money. But if things don't go your way, all of a sudden I'm your worst enemy. Classic.

Everyone signs a risk disclaimer that you should only risk what you can afford to lose as EA's in general are unpredictable and the markets either go up and down & so does your account balance. Forex is a special place, full of special people.
United States, USA,
Jun 18, 2021,
Registered user

It was the best EA.... until....

Service use: Live

Length of use: 0-3 Months

I've been using FBF for a month now, and at the beginning, I thought this was the absolute best EA out there, literally life-changing. Made me $5000 in a month. Until disaster struck and I lost $15000 out of my $16000 invested. The owner told me before I started that if anything were to happen to the markets where it crashes, there is anti-martingale, anti-hedging, and news filters to help. None of those came into effect, AT ALL. Markets still tanking, martingale opening 6.0, 10.0 lot sizes, where one pip would equal 1% of my account, then showed a 16.00 lot size pending order for the next, NONE of those safety protocols came into play. Leaving my accounts just to be blown the very next day. And the owners advice during the crash was to add funds to save your account, which wouldn't have worked in this situation. Since he is the one scamming people and making bank, he was able to put in an extra $17000! in his account to help with margin. None of us have that type of money to save our account. By the way, this is with 1 PAIR! I followed the owners 0.01 lot size every $5000 rule, which did not work, and heard someone blowing their account using the 0.01 every $10000 rule, which is just absolutely ridiculous. I feel like the owners stories are not real and that he just full of himself. I truly believe he stole this EA and made it his own, and I believe he did not spend 6-7 years making this EA, because I do not see any of those safety protocols in it. I do not recommend this product because In the long run, it will blow your account.
  2 traders have found this review helpful
Reply by fueledbyforex submitted Jun 21, 2021:
Hey Gianni,

Sorry to hear. Moving forwards, please only use funds you can afford to lose. I did offer every client a free month of services to compensate for any losses. There is also a solution to run with less funds such as $1000, and withdraw half every time that it doubles. This also limits your risk, so when things go into draw-down you will be taken out quickly and can wait it out. Point being, by the time we hit another historic event you've already made 10x your funds or so.

In regards to the news filter and anti-martingale / hedging it did fire properly. Unfortunately the martingale cycle went so deep it didn't help smaller accounts with the quick market moves. In regards to the EA, you're a new client and have not been around long. Many know of the other projects I've worked on over the years and I'm sorry you feel one day was able to change your view of me. I graduated from a top coding school, which consistently has ranked for years. I'm a full stack engineer who started in Ruby/Javascript/React/Redux/SQL after dabbling in MQL4 a long time ago. It's what I mainly work in now.

Stuttgart, Germany,
Jun 14, 2021,
Registered user

Best FBF ever

Service use: Other

Length of use: 6-12 Months

The new elite software is outstanding, profits daily. Best investment decision i have ever made. I am working on adding accounts because of the profits . I recommend anyone to give Nick's software a shot you will not be disappointed. I do not know much about technology or forex and i was able with the assistance from Nick to get the Ball rolling.
Kansas, USA,
Jun 3, 2021,
Registered user

So far one of my best investment decisions I've made!

Service use: Live

Length of use: 0-3 Months

When I first was looking into Fueled by Forex I was looking at reviews and saw plenty of positive reviews and only found 2 negative reviews. The 1st negative reviews was someone who was not reviewing the same tool I was planning on using. The other was a website that gave it a negative review because they didn't know Nicholas' recipe for Fueled by Forex's success.
I decided to give the Elite plan a try and after 2 days it paid for itself. This thing is a monster! I initially put $875 in for 3 days then added another $900. What can I say, I was a little nervous at first. In less than a week and a half of having FBF I've profited $657, to save you the math that's right around 35%. Also might I add one of the days was a holiday and I still profited 4.5% on a freaking holiday!!
I have not yet seen a day where I have not made money from Fueled by Forex. Nicholas Ross has great customer service and is always quick to answer my questions and other people's questions on Facebook. Sometimes I wonder if Nicholas ever sleeps.This tool is worth every penny and I am happy to pay for it.
If you are looking for something that works and work exceptionally, this is it. I'm on my path to the financial freedom I've always dreamed of.
Johannesburg, South Africa,
Jun 1, 2021,
Registered user

Topclass Needs more than a 5star

Service use: Live

Length of use: 0-3 Months

Just want to say to Nic. What an amazing EA hes got. Super entries and exits. Welldone team Im super Happy with the product and service
Johannesburg, South Africa,
May 18, 2021,
Registered user

Great support and great product

Service use: Live

Length of use: 6-12 Months

I have been using Nick's Ellite Algorithm and the EA and especially Nick's support have been awesome. I am also busy recommending to friends. I am building my account nicely by not withdrawing daily profit. Anyway thanks Nick for all your support and a great EA.