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Etienne Crete
Updated: Apr 21, 2024
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2.053 • 2 REVIEWS

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Jan 27, 2022,
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Don’t fall for it

Service use: Live Length of use: 0-3 Months
I joined Etiennes Ultimate Prop firm course which is $1200 course and chose to pay in two instalments. As soon as I read the 4 modules out of 8 modules it was obvious there is absolutely nothing except dry words. After long slides of risk management which can be found everywhere in the internet and how critical it is ..the first strategy displayed couldn’t even be seen properly and Etienne failing to write legibly with his mouse on the screen was the ultimate proof how unprofessional this whole thing is.
I wish I had read more reviews online about this course before joining it.
I immediately requested to cancel the membership in few hours and luckily he was kind enough to not charge another $600. That was the only good part of the course.
I hope you don’t have to feel the pain of losing hard earned money like I did. Just stay away from it. His YouTube interviews are great and stick to those only.
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Daleville, USA,
Jun 4, 2021,
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Entertainment over Education

Service use: Live Length of use: over 1 Year
By definition an academy is generally defined as a place where you can receive special instruction. If you go into their website you will read the following blurb;

'About Etienne Crete';

My name is Etienne Crete (from Montreal, Canada). I'm a swing trader and help aspiring Forex traders develop a trading method that works for them so they can produce income allowing them to live with more freedom."

So my husband and I believed we were going to learn a "Trading Method That Works For them." But,,,, we have not.

No one can say Mr Crete is not a nice guy. You can get a sense that he is a kind man who wants to help others. But he is also an entrepreneur and nothing is free. The membership cost us almost 600 dollars to join for life.

Most of the videos we have watched are of his world travels, and also where he meets up with other "popular" Forex traders. We have joked on his YouTube channel that he is more of a travel agent than a trader.

But the podcasts and "interviews" he does, seem a bit more than providing educational information to the viewer. Many of these interviews appear to us as opportunities to get you familiar with other Forex instructors/personalities. Sort of a "I scratch your back you scratch mine." A way to sort of share you amongst the Forex Community.

It is assumed he makes the money from his Forex trading in order to travel extensively. However, we have never seen his trading p/l log to verify his trading success is from Forex. -It is always speaks to transparency to see a track record of actual trades placed in real time.-

(To be fair, many of the Forex guru's on YouTube have yet to provide any form of transparency as they show off their cars next to the program they offer.)

It has been several years and nothing has changed. My husband is still where he was at when he joined. In the beginning he tried to go through the videos, but over time all he heard was the same message repeated through interviews. "Develop a plan" and "get funded." These two seem to be the areas always covered.

He needed to come up with a strategy. Of course, the academy offers many free things which include a blank "one page trading plan" template that you can fill out yourself. But isn't this like teaching yourself Algebra? How do you develop a plan when you fail at Forex trading?

Again, many of the videos are not about "specifics" of trading. They are more like biographies, interviews, psychological hurdles and trophy sessions.

He does have many "general" strategies in the website, but many are already offered all over the world of YouTube. Which, we should point out "non-members" also have access to. Which begs the question; what exactly did we pay for if most of the material is made available on YouTube for free? Free blank templates?

As far as I remember, there are several strategies shared with the members and the Bollinger Band strategy was his favorite? We tried it, but apparently we were not getting it and were stopped out numerous times.

We do not regret signing up for his membership because he seems like a decent guy. But we regret having paid this much money. If you want education over entertainment then he is not the guy and it is not worth $600.00 Maybe the popular $297.00 that most others have would be fair? On the other hand, if you like to sit back and hear interviews the majority of the time, then maybe $600.00 is ok for you.

You may ask "why then did you sign up and pay?" Because we were coming off a bad relationship with OTA and this was a "rebound" if that makes sense?

Maybe one day we will be able to pick up a strategy from him that can push us in the right direction with Forex. But for now, we wait.

The website also reads
""Am I Guaranteed To Trade Full-Time With This Program?
The Desire To Trade Academy serves as a way for me to provide a transformation. I want you to become the best trader you can be!
Multiple students have made their investment in the Academy back within 60 days as they have remained consistent & profitable in their trading.
It is a fact, however, that not all students have achieved the level of full-time trading.
However, If you follow the content and put in the required work (i.e. do the exercises), you will have everything you need - and be well on your way - to trade Forex full-time successfully!""

We are one of the ones who have not achieved the level of full time trading.

Now keep in mind there are no other reviews on FPA at the time. But it always amazes me how others come right behind a nominal review and suddenly have "wonderful" things to say. But not "wonderful" years ago?
Just a thought to consider.
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