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TopTrade.Group is a forex broker. Top Trade offers the WebTrader forex trading platform. TopTrade.Group offers over 45 forex currency pairs, stocks, options, bonds, energy, oil, gold, silver, bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for your personal investment and trading options.

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Balassagyarmat, Hungary,
Aug 21, 2021,
Registered user

I’m one of many people whose TopTrade Group ruined their lives.

Service use: Live

I'm a poor teacher
On 9 March 2021 I read an article, an interview with the head of Hungary's leading bank.
It was very convincing, so I clicked on an application button and registered. An hour later I got a call from London, or so I was told. Not wanting to risk too much, I put in the following: €250 from a credit card on 9 March. Interestingly, this card purchase showed up as a CNY 2039.15 item for me, linked to a link. It's a site selling men's running shoes. Then on 6 April I invested EUR 2500, then I rejected an investment of 5000USD, then on 27 July I invested again EUR 2560, then on 18 August I sent the withdrawal form because I did not want to trade any more as I found very bad news about TopTrade Group and I got scared. The process started a Swiss bank sent me a PDF of the withdrawal (of course this was forwarded to me by my broker on Whats up ). I had enough money at the time, I was not that scared. But then my broker told me that I had to send the income tax in advance, which was 5500euro. I had to send the bank confirmation of this transfer by e-mail to an Estonian bank and wait for their reply. I did not receive this, so I wrote to the broker. He then sent me a Whats up ( link to write to the bank at this address to let them know if they had received the bank confirmation. I did so and received the following reply in German:
"Mrs. ……..
Please be informed that we have received your confirmation of payment of the tax.
As soon as the amount you have sent is received in our tax account, we will send the amount you requested to your bank account.
We would like to clarify that you will receive the amount of USD 32,679.44.
Please note that the money will be credited to your bank account within 1-3 business days." I Guess this was also the work of the broker.
My broker wrote on Whats up that when my tax payment arrives in the Estonian bank, the bank will transfer the money. "
All transfers except for the first 250eur batch were made via AnyDesk using the Sepa system." All the money I have saved over the years has disappeared." My broker is a Mark van Visser, although that's probably not his real name. All this happened on 19 August, and so 3 working days have not yet passed, but I have found so many negative reviews of TopTrade group that I no longer have any confidence in seeing my money again. Interestingly, when I started in March, I found only good reviews about this company. How is this possible?
What can I do now?

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Vilnius, Lithuania,
Jun 10, 2021,
Registered user

Threats from the broker in order to receive more money

Service use: Live

Length of use: 0-3 Months

I started to trade and opened my trading account with the company which, as I found out too later, is a company registered in the Commonwealth of Dominica, however the broker I am working with told that his office is in Luxembourg. I earned some money and ordered to withdraw it and transfer it to my bank account. After making a sepa transfer a person called me and told that my money transfer was intercepted and that now the money is in the bank Barklays. Everything happened so quickly, that I do not remember the name of the person, I only have a phone number from which he called. He was talking to me in Russian and explained that in order to complete the transaction, I had to pay an additional fee in the amount of 2500 EUR. After paying this amount of money, the transaction will be completed, and I will receive my money the following working day. Also, they will return 90% of the said fee. As it was explained to me, this fee is something like a security deposit for taxes (I do not know how to call it in English as the person was speaking in Russian) and that it appeared after the Brexit. He also told that I have to pay this fee as the money was earned in the UK. I am not a citizen of the UK and I have never worked or lived there. When I contacted the tax authority of my country, they told me that all necessary taxes should be paid in my country, not in the UK. Then I wrote to the tax authority of the UK but have not received the answer from them yet. I also contacted Barklays. They told me that they only communicate with customers in English and that if there are any fees, they are deducted from the money being transferred.

When I asked the said person from the bank how to pay that fee, he told me to ask my broker and did not explain anything more. When I wanted to call him again to get more details, nobody answered. My broker says that I have to pay this amount and only will tell me how to do this when I confirm that I have this amount and when I am ready to pay.
He also told me that I should pay this fee to somebody from the Isle of Man. This information was different from that which I received from the person who called me from the bank. I kept asking my broker to give me contacts of his office and also the office in London (as he told that there are two offices) as well as contacts of the institution to which i have to pay the fee (according to the broker) but he does not give them to me. Now he asks me to pay 3000 euros for completion of transaction and when I told that I would not do that, he started threatening me. Financial institutions from the UK and the Isle of Man strongly do not recommend to pay anything, I cannot return my money back and I do not feel safe because of the threats I received. I have already reported the fraud to the police of the UK but I have not received any answer from them yet. I also tried to contact support service to check if the broker is a real person, however I did not receive any answers from them too. I am not able to sign in to my trading account any more and I am sure that I have been scammed.

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