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Updated: Apr 24, 2024
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Madrid, Spain,
Feb 25, 2023,
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Purchased EA, update not sent, ignored and then blocked

Service use: Live Length of use: 0-3 Months
I purchased Version 3.5 of Ecoforex ECN robot May 2022. In June I saw in their facebook that a new version 3.6 had been released. I requested it through their Telegram chat and they said I should wait because they were testing a new version. In August I asked again, got same reply. In late Sept. I asked them to send V 3.6 because V. 3.5 was trading badly and expressed my dissatisfaction with their refusal to deliver the new version with that excuse. The next day the entire Telegram chat was deleted (I fortunately saved it before they did, as evidence), I was blocked from their facebook and from sending them any message via Telegram. Their email is unresponsive. So I am banned for no reason and mistreated as a client. I feel obliged to make this mistreatment public to avoid impunity. I found an Ecoforex user group in Telegram with at least one other person who had the same experience. So beware of ecoforex, their poor quality products (at least version 3.5 of their robot) and their mistreatment of clients.
PS: Their site says "One-time charges" for the robot, while the Q&A says "one-time for lifetime".