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Updated: Jan 22, 2024
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Established: Unknown
Contact:, +371 25 44 34 25

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NSW, Australia,
Jun 3, 2022,
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Do not use their account management or gold management service

Service use: Live Length of use: 0-3 Months

After seeing good results in the gold rush signal channel I decided to give the gold management service a try, boy was I wrong. The trader seems professional and very good in the channel but it seems like it was a completely different person managing my account. Do not trust these guys managing your account. I’ve tried many services before, all have failed with my money, I thought this would be different after seeing how professional the trader was in the gold rush channel but it was completely different when my account was being managed.

I was told their would be safe trading and minimal drawdown but my account was in 40% drawdown, I could see gold pushing up with a lot of bullish pressure while my account was in sells, I just couldn’t risk my 10K being 100% blown so I decided to close the running trades and stop the management, boy was it a blessing in doing so! After closing the trades in big drawdown over the following day gold continued to go against my positions running pushing up another 200 pips, my account would of been blown 4 days after starting the gold management service if I didn’t intervene and close them! He holds trades and layers positions when it’s going against him, not professional at all and super risky when trading gold considering gold can move 300 pips in a day sometimes.

I’m lucky I closed the positions and stopped the service otherwise my whole 10K account would of been blown from someone that seemed so professional in the signal channel. I’d stay far away and don’t ever allow these people to control your funds.