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DigitalCurrencyGuy (DCG)
Updated: Apr 27, 2024
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Toronto, Canada,
Sep 5, 2021,
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The DigitalCurrencyGuy (DCG) is a trading group run by a trader called Jamar James. The group consists of traders in various assets, including stocks, forex, but with the emphasis on Crypto Currency. There is a free component and a paid component to this system. I joined the free component, to ‘try-before-I-buy’, and tried the 'Alligator' strategy as taught in the course. However, there was limited success with this, and I lost about 50% of trades (on a demo account). I think the intention of the free component is for someone start trading, and to earn enough to make it into the paid component. There are also options to join a Discord group and a Facebook group (called Start Trading). Within the Discord group there are a few free training videos. No free training is currently available in the Facebook group. However, from time to time, instructors might post training sessions.
There are also lots of claims, particularly within the Facebook group (Start Trading), of where traders can turn $500 into $10,000 within a month. This is all reminiscent of I-Markets Live (rebranded, yet again, to I-Markets Mastery, specializing in multi-level-marketing), where FOMO strategy is used to recruit people. I was in I-Markets years ago (and left), when there was mention of making One Million dollars within a year, event when starting with an account of only 5K, but with no real proof that this actually ever happened. The same seems to be true of DCG, where no real proof of earnings can be found. In fact, DCG is loosely affiliated with I-Markets, in that Jamar is a moderator in the Facebook group Powerhouse NFP, which features tutorial videos by IML educators such as Eric Garrison, and Clint Eastman (see separate review), and where some of the mentors recruit for I Markets Mastery. Guest ‘educators’ in these groups are often I-Markets educators.

With DCG, at $500 per month, I imagine somebody is indeed getting rich (but I doubt it's the students). A sentiment that is often mentioned in the group is that ‘trading is not for everybody’. This makes me think that, after spending time and money learning to trade, and not being successful, you can simply be told that ’trading is not for everybody’.