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Updated: Nov 2, 2023
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Sep 24, 2021,
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A new trading platform for Forex

Length of use: 0-3 Months
Having spent thousands of dollars on trading education and trading indicators, I am a bit shy trusting vendors anymore. Too often I have been burned by sales speeches.

With that reluctance in mind, I still gave a look at a platform called Zilliontree. A year ago I had left my subscription to WealthCharts because of the complexity of indicators, and nobody to help me learn how to use them.
And that didn't make sense to me to pay a monthly subscription for the use of these high class indicators with nobody to help me.

But this platform has more of a simplistic approach. It has two main indicators. And this is what makes the chart so "airy" and open and unclouded (as mine generally are.)

This is the work of Jeff Tomkins of Altos Trading and Daniel Sinnig of Trading Indicators. Both men are very smart, and what do you think happens when great minds join together? The two indicators used are Trade Trend and Divergence Cloud. Both indicators are used separately on a variety of platforms, but this is different because they now come as a package deal to create a sort of trading system.

I have accessed the beta platform for the past several months and I really think this is a winning combination. Trade Trend provides an entry point (as well as a trailing stop) and the divergence cloud is a necessity because it provides the trader with the knowledge of "is there gas in the tank" so to speak. Does the trade have muscle behind it?

Another great feature is the ability to use the indicators based upon your trading style. In other words, the indicators can detect trades for scalpers and swing traders, thus you have the ability to switch the tab from Conservative to Moderate to Aggressive, depending upon your trading preference.

Included in the platform is the scanner which provides the trader with both buy/sell warnings, buy/sell entry signals, the daily trend direction, and whether or not the trend has divergence by checking the divergence cloud box with green or red designating long or short divergence.

The scans can isolate one particular asset, or multiple assets, looking for warning signals, entry signals and divergence signals. Assets include Indexes, ETF's, Forex Pairs, Stocks, Cannabis and Crypto.

The charting is done on a TradingView chart which means you have the ability to use the common/general indicators available thru TradingView.

The data is fed to the chart every evening at around 1800 hours New York time.

Included in the platforms;
Trading Commentary
Market Sentiment
Sector Performance
Scanner and Signals
Chart and Indicators

I am sure this may sound like a commercial, but it is not. I have no affiliation with either men or their businesses. I did this review because I have seen the platform and I like it. I believe it has a great potential if used as designed,
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