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Updated: Nov 20, 2017
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SCAM Alert: 2010-01-08: This company belongs to the same group as the EMPfx.com brokerage shut down and claimed they would pay off all traders. Now that broker won't respond to our messages and there are still traders who say they are unpaid.

If you have information about how to find the owners of this company, please share it in the discussion thread.

Website is down.  One less scam company in business.



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20102010-01-07FPA Scam Confirmation against emoneypowerguilty


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2.184 · 8 REVIEWS
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Scam Investigations Committee of the FPA,
Jan 8, 2010,

Issue escalated to Traders Court FPA Scam Confirmation against emoneypower | GUILTY
This company's website says to belong to the same parent company as EMPfx.com. That brokerage has closed and failed to return money to traders. Failure to pay money owed to traders is the FPA's first definition of scam.

This company is now blacklisted by the FPA until EMPfx.com pays of all money owed. We recommend against doing business with any company owned by E-Money Power, LTD until that issue can be resolved.

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May 17, 2009,

The online course was great starter level course. They have more advanced and think will take those as well.

I have not seen anything but good things from these guys - would recommend - regardless of some older posts - you need to put in the time and develop your own strategies from the courses.
Karam Ismael,
Giza, Egypt,
Jan 15, 2009,

Well at first in 2005 they really sucked.. in 2008 i gave them another try. I think they moved to a neat new level. less signals but confirmed ones.. tight stops and much more better results. i really suffered with them with them at first but now i love their rythm.. i dont feel heart pain anymore on the contrary really happy with the results.. i think better do it right late than never...
Jan 6, 2009,

I also was scammed by these people. I lost almost half my account before I left. GARBAGE!
Mohammad Abdullatif,
Saudi Arabia,
Oct 27, 2007,

Sorry to say its Arabic SCAM, i signed up twice
in two diffrent times , i blown 3 accounts in my first trial and in my second trial i found Emoney people were posting the same signals as dashboard, i was working with dashboard as well at that time, same time same entires and same stop lose but limit order was diffrent, in that whole month they were getting signals from dashboard system alert. also they stoped putting their track record of FXTA(performance). so im sure by now they doesn't have an idea how to trade forex. guys be careful
Mar 23, 2007,

I believe that this company have either bad analysis neither bad adminstration,in both cases cause lot of loss for trader,sometimes you watch x pair moving within 10/20 minutes 150/200 pips,never send a signal,if they did will send signal after passing 150/170 pips for profit of 50 pips didn,t reach but retrace so you didn,t get 30 pips profit but 30 pips loss,and they registe 30 pips win,last step cause high extension for trader as he is bad one,sometimes order get the entry point by 2/5 pips retrace to hit s/l causing loss.in general bad signals,if it,s bad adminstration could be changed ,but if this is the policy of company for secret reasons is very,very bad.
Karim Abdallah,
Cairo, Egypt,
Dec 27, 2006,

i took their class. it was that bad.. the problem is that i had a problem at the beginning to follow their recommendations. but with time. am doing great. i read the other posts.. there is some exageration here. i was able to double my account although at the beginning i lost 30% of it.. but am doing fine so far..
Ahmed Mostafa,
Oct 18, 2006,

It's a frank SCAM. I signed for seminar and then subscribed to their signal service and guess what i got!! I have 60% drawdown now and i see in their site that they post fake results showing profit!!! Be careful with this Lbanese Scam
Oct 17, 2006,

I would recommend everyone to stay away from these company, don't try any course in this company it's absolutely scam i signed in to forex A-Z course and they didn't give us any useful information and i didn't receive my certificate yet (after 4 months) !!!! I’m using their fxta program and i lost 1500$ in tow months because they had a really crazy signals and when they lose money they put it +10 or +30 in the results history !!! i have two months real history from my account if any body want to compare it with their fxta false results, don't use their results it's false STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY STAY AWAY FROM Emoneypower...