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Updated: Jan 5, 2015
1.274 · 8 REVIEWS
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1.274 · 8 REVIEWS
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May 21, 2007,

about the same as others have said. Very inconsistent signals. Have you in and out of the trade and reversing positions constantly. Never made any money
Amit saxena,
Apr 17, 2007,

If you follow them you are going to loose money.I have lost.Anyways avoid them.
Sep 25, 2006,

Stay away from this guy. FlintFX system appears to be random. Can't find any mention of this system anywhere prior to April 2006. He claims it was a private traders club before when they were making the alleged 1000+ pips/month. Funny that as soon as he went public with his system the profits DIVED! The service stinks. No phone number or address. Went for 1 month test and even though the signals did not make 200 pips, he billed the next month anyway, later claiming this was an error in the system and saying refund would be back on my credit card within 5 working days..... 4 weeks and numerous emails later, I think I must've heard about every stupid excuse about why the refund had not yet happened. During this time he billed another month again despite my numerous emails spelling out that I do not want to subscribe. It's only when I wrote to my credit card company saying FlintFX should be prosecuted for fraud and cc-ed him that the refund happened for both months almost immediately. Steer clear of FlintFX, it's a complete fraud. If you make any profit during the trial it will be due to random luck and not his system
Jun 23, 2006,

Had a free trial. Service stinks, no one is ever there on chat, they dont have a phone, and email support is hardly even helpful. signals were so poor, i dont know why anyone would pay for their disastrous opinion on the market.
May 19, 2006,

Between --* and scam. Cannot understand how they claim to average "x" pips per month. All signals I received were disastrously in error; however, would have made a fortune if using them as a contrary signal - i.e., taking opposite positions than their signals recommended. Customer service slow to respond, if responding at all. No address, no contact phone. "Live Support" is not live, but an online form. They make it difficult to cancel subscriptions. (Terms of Use make it very clear that they're going to keep your money and make it difficult to get rid of them.) I'm amazed (NOT) at how the day after I subscribed, their signals "all-of-a-sudden" just weren't any good, any longer.
Bobby T,
May 5, 2006,

I ran the free trial but did not renew and pay. Not worth it. Plus I've now got an alert script on my desktop I can't get rid of. They change their stops, and limits too much for mine. You cannot trade their signals set limits and stops and walk away. Certainly not worth $197 a month at all. their trades are about average and if you followed them religiously you would make a profit. But there's much better services available.
Angry subscriber,
May 1, 2006,

Their performance was absolutely awful in April which happened to be my first month as a subscriber. I cancelled before half the month was over because I lost faith very quickly. I doubt that their huge profits in their past performance is honest reporting because April wasn't just a small loss, it was a huge losing month! I continued to watch their trades without trading and I'm so glad that I didn't trade. The losses continued until the end of the month and very few trades were closed at their original profit goals. Almost every trade was stopped out or given an early exit for a small meaningless profit or small loss. If I am wrong about them and they did indeed have just one bad month, I would love to hear feedback but I don't think I'm wrong about this. Stay away unless members say otherwise.
Fx Moses,
Apr 27, 2006,

they do seem to guaranty 200 pip profit per month and they us 55 pip stop losses. with that wide stops, most people can make money but not small accounts with account size less than 2k.