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3.069 · 3 REVIEWS
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marco silva,
Nov 25, 2010,

prasant is obviously an idiot , i did the full course & bought the software from e signal.i have traded with phil boakes for over 2 years & guess what you dont make money every month , however over the year following the advice to the letter and trailing the stops last year was 30% up . as in all trading you are going to have losses as well as wins> This idiot actually didnt lose any money & if he has traded to the rule of 1% per trade with 3 to 5% tagets ,would break even on 3 winning trades. . what a plonker!
Prasant Sudhakaran,
Jul 22, 2007,

This is the original forex-ba***** we have all been warned about. It's run by some guy named Phil Boakes and he offers a Signal service, with a one-month trial for £50. I took the one-month service, and 9/10 trades were losing trades. Thank goodness I was trading on a demo account, else I would have lost thousands. During the later part of the trial, I took positions directly opposite to what he sent me, and that's when I started making money (on the demo account). Further, it annoyed me so much to see him advertising it as a very successful method, and winning hundreds of pips every month, while the exact opposite was happening. I have wisened up though, and analyse the markets by myself, rather than rely on such charlatans to do the analysis for me. This is an out an out SCAM ! Avoid him like a plague. His other site is
Harry Scott,
Jun 12, 2007,

Currency Trader is an alerting service that provides both Interday and Intraday trades based primarily upon trend interpretation and supporting technical analysis. As you would expect with this type of service stop loss requirements can be significant, typically in the region of 50 to 100 pips. A free 30 day trial is available and my experience was that during this trial a profit of just over 400 pips was made. However, having signed up for the full service at just over £100 per month this profitability was not maintained (to be fair the market conditions were difficult for the duration of my subscription). Phil Boakes, who runs the service, is a thoroughly decent individual who also conducts one to one and distance learning courses in Forex Trading. If you are prepared to make the investment in this style of Forex Trading and are prepared to commit to ALL advised trades then this should prove to be a profitable service.