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Updated: Apr 12, 2018
4.28 · 47 REVIEWS
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ForexEarlyWarning.com (Mark McDonnell) profile provided by Mark Mc Donnell, Sep 22, 2016

Trend Based Trading Plans and Live Signals for 28 Currency Pairs

Forexearlywarning provides trend based trading plans and live trading signals for 28 currency pairs, we trade with the major trends of the forex market. We also have various alert systems, audible and visual, to tell you when to get in front of the computer for a possible trade. Please attend our free forex webinars each week, where we discuss our profitable forex trading system, and teach you multiple time frame analysis by individual currency.

We also provide forex traders with live trading alerts with our top quality entry management tool, The Forex Heatmap®. We use multiple time frame analysis of trends to analyze the forex market. Our website has loads of free forex educational resources, like our 35 forex lesson package and video library. This is a complete trading system from A-Z and we believe it is the best in the retail trading industry.

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4.28 · 47 REVIEWS
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Des Govender,
Durban, South Africa,
Apr 9, 2018,
Registered user

Fores Early Warning - Updated 09.04.2018

Dear Sir/Madam;

Subsequent to my post dated 7th April 2018 I can confirm that I spent the rest of the weekend familiarizing myself with the information presented on the FEW website.

My position on all matters are underscored by fact which serves to confirm that the information presented on this site is underscored by a strong sense of logic. It is also refreshing that their site is not riddled with affiliate links which is par for the course with typical fx sites.

I deployed my own trial assessment based on the principles laid out therein across a currency pair (divergent from the typical "pet" pairs I normally take) which I never tried up until now this morning & pleased to report back that it has resulted in a favorable outcome.

Extending on my previous post & subsequent to the outcome I signed up for the paid subscription this morning (09th April 2018) & have had an opportunity to view the members area which is indeed a platform which represents (in my logical view) great opportunities to the would be trader using these tools.

The caveat; not just for this company but for anyone wishing to attain success in this environment is that the incumbent has to take the time & trouble to assimilate the information prior to deployment of trades or aspirations for profit.

In my view (with utmost respect) the narrative currently being pushed in the broad market promoting fx trading like the latest quick-rich panacea has resulted in a decent service provider such as this one not receiving the recognition that it deserves.

After all; a company which has not increased it's service fee in over 10 years is by & large unheard of for the information being presented.

I have said my piece & hopeful that it provides some sense of direction to the trader out there wondering whether or not to consider this product.


Apr 7, 2018 - No Rating Dear Sir/Madam;

Please be advised that I am currently not qualified to give a star rating to this service provider due to me not having gathered enough information or having signed up for the paid service as yet.

I wish to make a neutral comment given that there are polar opposites on this platform between extremities of 5 & 1 stars. My view is that this is a robust, sensible platform which requires the trader put in the requisite time & energy to apply the tools offered.

I intend subscribing primarily for the heat map & aligning it with the turn-key processes offered along with my current trading method in order to enhance my outcome.

My current strategy (if it can be called that) due to be me being fairly new to the fx market works well for me since my gains are exponentially higher than the minor losses incurred. I came upon this outcome by firstly gaining an inert understanding of material prior to the live environment. I intend doing the same with this software & services offered by this company in order to form a hybrid process of the value-adds presented by the company with the best of my methods in order to derive a favorable outcome.

I wish to add, in my opinion that the price point of $19.95 per month is competitive when compared to other companies offering similar services. Taking into account I am from South Africa which results in the purchase being considerably more than countries where the currency is not as weak to the USD as our currency(ZAR).

Please be assured that I will revert in due course after having used the platform in my capacity as a paid member. This will be as a matter of duty to both the public & the company concerned in order to permit prospective clients of the company a balanced view outlining the facts as opposed to the current polar opposite emotional views expressed thus far. If i may respectfully suggest that such narratives does not permit interested/would be clients the ability to make informed decisions.

It is not my intention to portray myself a subject matter expert since I am not at all inclined to take such a position however I believe that given that I currently achieve a good outcome. It lays to reason that aligning my process, if bolstered by the mechanisms offered by Forex Early Warning & Heatmap will serve to provide a factual representation vs conjecture.

I trust my post is accepted in the good faith it is intended.

Paul S.,
Amarillo, Texas, USA,
Mar 18, 2017,


This is the best subscription program online for unbelievable low price; it's loaded with with so much valuable information that just the free 35 lessons alone else where would cost you hundreds of dollars. On the top of that, it is written in such an easy to understand language that even for a newbie like myself it was no-brainer . The free 35 lessons can prepare you to start trading almost instantly. away. I didn't have any previous experience in forex trading at all and shortly after reviewing all lessons I was able to open up a demo account.
I've started trading by implementing what I've learned combined with daily trading plans provided to me. Then I would go and use forex heatmap to confirm my entries and to my surprise 90% of all my trades turned out in profit.
I would definitely recommend this program to anyone who wants to learn and start trading forex.
Japan, Japan,
Jan 9, 2017,

Once you go through a good amount of snake oil vendor reviews, you can see the pattern repeating again and again.
All positive reviews are 5 stars, no way 3 or 4 stars and on the other hand almost all negative reviews are 1star. 5 stars reviews are using similar language and way of discribing stuff in only superlatives.

Reaction to the low rating shows that all...

No need to be a genius in order to make a fast resolution.....
Shilo Knaevelsrud,
Los Angeles, USA,
Sep 25, 2016,

I have been a forexearlywarning customer since Mark started up this site. I actually was listening to him when he worked for the red and green light software so when he left I was so happy to follow him. I have been trading on and off for about 8 years. The 1st 5 were very rocky for me. Felt like 3 steps forward 3 steps back. The last 3 years I have really started to apply all the lessons on the forexearlywarning site and I can really start to see the difference in my trading....Mark , Rick and Dan are simply amazing!! The $19.95 subscription price is the lowest you will ever find. The amount of information, lessons and support you get from these guys is priceless. It's a one stop shop. The internet is full of Bogus sites that will steal your money and you still wont know how to trade.... No more useless indictors, Fibonacci, candlesticks and all the other frustrating blah blah blah's of the forex industry that absolutely don't work!....Forexearlywarning's approach is not layered with complexities. It is a simple approach based off support/resistance parallel/inverse and strength and weakness of each individual currency. That paired with the heatmap makes this site unbeatable .......There was a review that said Mark is not a nice person. I will say that is absolutely false. Mark is a no nonsense type of guy who has a real passion for trading. The perfect teacher for me. He has a great sense of humor and I always have a laugh when I listen to his webinar on Wednesdays....There is also a fantastic webinar with Rick and Dan on Monday nights which go over chart analysis. I am always amazed at how much of themselves that these guys give to their students. I cannot say enough about them. Without forexearlywarning and mark Mcdonnell, I would have quit trading a long time ago...... thank you Mark, Dan and Rick!!!
eric wallace,
kentucky, USA,
Sep 23, 2016,

the best way to trade forex

i have been a subscriber of forexearlywarning for nearly 3 months now. it is absolutely the best money spent for the value you get. i have been fleeced to the tune of several thousand dollars in the past. wasted time and money on indicators, and failed systems. forexearlywarning stopped my search, educated me, and gives me the resources i need to be successful. finally an honest product that delivers!
Los Angeles, USA,
Sep 21, 2016,
Registered user

forexearlywarning.com site review

The information on this website completely reorganized my approach to trading fx markets. It has been a sea-change for my trading. My ability to analyze price action based on the simple fact presented in forexearlywarning.com's Heatmap (trademarked) and it's underlying idea is a monumental shift in my understanding of how the fx markets work and what moves them.

Not only is the subscription affordable and the Heatmap easy to use, the website has a significant stock of tutorials available - most of them free, I believe.

I have traded unsuccessfully for seven years and finally, finally, I have begun to see the results I've worked so hard to achieve.

If you struggle with getting a handle on when and when not to trade, how to enter and exit trades and most of all, how to synchronize your trades with the major oscillations we all dream of catching, please give this website a try. It is easily worth every penny.


Los Angeles
David Baily,
Ohio, USA,
Sep 20, 2016,
Registered user

Great free education! Great Customer Service! Making Pips!!

I signed up for Forexearlywarning.com and right away I was offered free advice on what to do next. I expected an up sell, but it was an honest conversation to guide me on how to get the most out of the system. I took Mark McDonnells advice and read all the Free education on the Website before I started trading the Forex. I could not believe the high quality of the education and that they were giving it away for free. All the other websites and "Mentors" charge way more for sub par education. Mark is straight forward and points you to the correct education. If you want your butt kissed and told what a pip is, then go and pay $10,000 for some other c***. This is high quality education and solid guidance.

I have now moved to paper trading and have made HUNDREDS of pips by following plans and using The Forex heatmap for entries. I am consistent and not using any other crap that was "Sold" to me in the past. Now getting ready to trade live and I feel really confident with what I have learned and practiced. I am using the free Monday webinar as a guide to make sure I am n track and always get my questions answered. This website is a steal. Pip Palooza!
United Kingdom,
Sep 14, 2016,
Registered user

Customer relationship FAILED!

I would like to say something about Mark McDonnell...If you see what he say 'We checked our customer database and there is nobody by the name of (Name of person) in the Forexearly warning database, past or present. This person has never been a client.'

Blah blah....Rubbish! He made it up and being excuse that the customer is not exist. I think they are actually exist.

How do I know? Because I have been there with him for about two months.

Anyway, my name is cover up and he will not recognise me. When I ask him lot of questions and he always complained and moan. For example, read that information and that things like that. He was just spew coming out of his words and bitter with me. I think he is a bad teacher and was impatient. If you see many negative customer about him and they were exactly right as what I thought.

The software could be good stuff but the problem is Mark's attitude. I don't like his straightforward answer. But hey, it is not the newbie's fault and they are all trying to learn. If Mark is a good teacher with his patient and supportive then the learners will be happy to learn under him. Simple is that?

Mark McDonnell is a big liar when he say about his comment! Believe me I have been there with him! It was clear that he failed in customer relationship!

Just grow up and be man up Mark!

PS: I am teacher and I know what I do when teaching to the learners in the classroom. Most important is to be good relationship including encouragement, supportive and care.

PSS: I am not being negative but I learned that from my experience with Mark, unfortunately, I left him because of his attitude and move on to a better forex mentor and made some profits. They are miles better attitude than Mark!
Reply by Mark Mc Donnell submitted Sep 17, 2016:
This is Mark Mc Donnell, owner of Forexearlywarning.com. Most of our reviews are 5 stars, so this review stands out as an obvious fake and is full of falsehoods. The reviewer never discusses our trading system, which is the best available worldwide, and he/she (the reviewer) sounds pretty immature. I invite anyone who reads this to review the Forexearlywarning.com trading system and simply email us and ask for a free skype or phone call and we will always respond whether or not you are our customer. Our weekly webinars and forex education is free. I do not understand why FPA allows these unsubstantiated reviews with no proof to be published on their website because it is a poor reflection on FPA and also the reviewer to say thing like this surrounded by legitimate 5 star reviews.
San Diego, USA,
Aug 12, 2016,
Registered user

I am following Mark since 2004. He is telling you exactly what to do and giving his knowledge almost for free. Some well known traders in Forex learned from him. The best, complete system you can find.
Aaron Clark,
South Lyon, MI, USA,
Mar 28, 2016,

Forexearlywarning is the best trading system around. It is a practical no frills way to trade the forex market. Just because it is not a fancy website with all kinds of eye candy to attract your attention doesn't mean that it's not legitimate. They have a incredibly low membership price that you can use for education, webinars, trading plans, and endless amounts of forex information. The staff is always an email away if you need help or have specific questions about the market that you need answered. Most importantly the system is built to make you a successful trader not to sell you more add on analysis type tools. This site gives you a college education for a fraction of the college cost and will turn you into a successful trader withing a short time after joining. I truly believe that there is nothing better out there in the trading world.