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Updated: Feb 18, 2015
4.848 · 37 REVIEWS
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4.848 · 37 REVIEWS
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Oct 10, 2009,

I joined FxInstructor a few weeks ago. Their hours EST are 11 pm. to 1 p.m. It's a nice atmosphere. They go over the charts and market, and they display what they are buying and selling. The only problem is that sometimes nobody is in the trade room or the sound is off. In that case, I just use the text box to ask people what they are doing. I trade small lot sizes and I wait for my indicators to change before taking any suggested trades. I close my positions once I see decent profits or the market turns (get out then get back in). My advice is once the trade room is over, go on with your day to play it safe in the volatile market.
Rob Falconer,
Sep 2, 2009,

I Have Been With FX Instructor For A Week,
So Far Great, But A bit Early To Give A ting.
So Far I'm Impressed, $29.95 Per Mth.
I Went To A Greg Sacker Info Night Last Week,
& 2 Day Training In His System Was $4000.
Might Be Worth, May Check It Out Later On.
Then His Trading Room Is Extra Again.
FX Instructors Are Great,
I,ve Made Over 120 pips With Marks Analysis On 3 Trades,
This Week, He's Very Good On The Euro Session.
I Agree Having A Live Trading Room Is Priceless,
& Beneficial In My Trading.
I Am Staying Right Here,
Fantastic Value For Money.
I Will Review Again Soon.
Jul 23, 2009,

I have been a member for over 12 months and belive it to be the best site I have come across in the 8 years I have been trading. I receive up to 30 emails a day and check out most free itemes and obtain video's and other reports. FX instructor has much more for free. You can not complain about that and they are not selling a ROBOT system.

The most important thing I find is that you are not trading alone. You can particpate if you want to or just absorb the views of many who are successful. The FX instructors are honest with their views and provide different manual trading systems. If you want to be a dependant trader buy a system, if you want to be an independant trader join the LTR at FX instructor.

Best value on the net.

Aug 6, 2008,

Disappointed with the live trading room. I'd had training with another tutor and became consistently profitable after 6 months. I tried FXinstructor.com for 1 month to further develop my knowledge and learn some new setups. I trade the UK session 7am - 4pm GMT. The instructors changed too often... the trade setups were too few and a bit vague. The few I followed were losers. For me there was no improvement on what I already know and practice. I felt like the tutors lacked confidence in their method and were a bit trigger shy. Worth a look though for the price.
Dr D,
Hamilton, ON,
May 16, 2008,

This is a great service. Several different styles from several different instructors. I really like renshi and nader's styles, but there's something for everyone...fibs, elliot waves, CCI, fundamental analysis....anyone can learn a think or two whether you're a newbie or a veteran trader. Personally. I've taken some tricks from each of them and tweaked my own trading style.

I paid for the yearly, $149.00, and it's well worth it seeing as there's live analysis, forums, free metatrader indicators, and lots of other info.

I've tried a few different systems like Peter Bain and Jon Levine, and although I've learned a lot from them, I think all traders starting out need to watch live trading, anyone can show you things after they happen, but to see them develop and ask questions to the instructors in real time is priceless. Dollar for dollar, the best I've tried so far.

andy_r (HR),
Apr 7, 2008,

I've already made 2 review on this site with 5 stars rating.

Today, I think they deserve 3 to 4 star, but for now I just post review with no rating, and see what they will do

The reason for this downgrade is due to loss of Sunil (sunil starting his own trading education business), one of their best trader/mentor. This alone can reduce their performance, now it's about 75% from their previous level. I still think Sunil is the best mentor i've ever came across.

They do still have very good traders/mentors around. Let me give brief reviews on each tutors and also on the LTR sessions

Tutors :
1. James Renshi : Very good and able trader. He explain his method clearly (using CCI's and his propriotory sheet for SL and TP, and his pulse method), I think it's better if he can mentor the LTR more often. He is short term to mid term trader.

2. Mihai Marinescu : Very Good ElliotWave practitioner. He use Elwave extensively, with very good approach to short term trading. Like James, he should be on the LTR more often.

3. Nader Moustapha : Very confident trader, using simple method of anlysis. His strengths are his discipline and confident (either right or wrong), so with that manner, he can manage to trade for living. He is very aggressive short term trader with good win/loss ratio (as far as I know). I really like his style.

3. Paul Wallace : he is taking care of psychological side (wich in the past I think just a hocus pocus, but after trading for some years, I know this psych is very important), he had very good materials and presentation

4. Johan n Kriek : I don't follow them that much, they join fxinstructor after sunil's left. their method is to enter on high probability.

5. Mark/Makaro : He is very cautious trader, i think he need Nader side to be more effective. I think Mark is best for Asian session where the overview for upcoming london and newyork session is needed, but now he conduct New York session (or end of London session) LTR, wich I feel that it's not too effective.

There are other tutors like Vito (indonesian languange LTR, but once he is conducting English LTR for about an hour), He is a short term (day) trader, but i don't know him that much. When he was in the english LTR, he explained his method briefly, it seems like a good method.

And probably there are other mentor wich I did not know.

Regarding the LTR session, I think it will be more effective if conducted as follows :
Mark for Asian Session
James/Mihai for London and NewYork session
Nader for Newyork session

My conclusion, FXInstructor performance is 75% from their previous level, it's 3 to 4 stars

As I said, for now I will give no rating, and see what thir performance like in the next 2 months

2008-02-15 5 Stars Awesome!!!!!!!

I keep amaze with Fxinstructor, especially the Live Trading Room. The Instructors are real traders!! very abundance education (live and materials on the forum), and very inspiring trade setups along the way.

I really recommend this Fxinstructor to any level of traders. I really satisfy to become their member, if there's more than five stars, i will take the maximum stars.

The mentors, are excellent traders and teachers as well. This is my third review on them ..... they're simply the BEST!

2007-12-28 5 Stars this is my second review on fxinstructor, ... as I said before, they're the best!!! second to none!

Actually they provide me not only education materials, but also very good online education via LTR, and also setup for intraday trading and positional trading during LTR session.

I'm not consider myself a rookie, I trade for quite sometimes with good result, but this fxinstructor give me much more!,my performance improve significantly, very nice and profitable discussion on LTR, the mentors are eexcellent! no BS no hype, just straightforward educations and trading setups.

I am really grateful become their member ... Thank's a lot, keep up the great work guys! 5 stars is no doubt .... i want to give more stars if possible


2007-12-11 5 Stars I just join this site for only couple of days, I downloaded all training materials, a lot of video tutorials, and today is my first time join their hotcomm chat online, but already really satisfy with their hotcomm online chat service .... great service, a lot to learn and trade ideas, very good/knowledgeable moderator, and also great participant ..... 5 stars is no doubt. Recommended!!
Big Al,
Apr 2, 2008,

Love this site. Instructors are very knowledgeable, helpful and answer all questions. They have an excellent scalping system on the EUR/USD that rakes in the pips. Also, they have lots of instructional/educational videos to help all level of traders. It's well worth the $29.95 per month. Try the free sessions first before investing your money; you have nothing to lose.
Mar 23, 2008,

Referring to Richard's Post, I Know the Story about Sunil, But how could you lump every instructor together with him?

For your Information, the instructor's pay is pathetic over there. To get by daily, they have to trade in the market or have other day jobs.

What you say might be true for Sunil, but i doubt the other instructors are like him, especially with the pathetic pay they are getting to contribute to the Forex Education Industry.

No offense, not starting anything. but please do not lump them as a trader wannabe, i personally know a few of the instructors and they genuinely Trade for a living.
Vancouver, Canada,
Mar 2, 2008,

Hello everybody,

I will not give the site any rating partly because I appreciate what they are doing for the price of the subscription and I don't want to ruin their reputation since I don't personally find their service very useful (but it is NOT a scam by any means).

I have been a member for only a month, BUT I have to say that this service ALONE will not teach you from an absolute beginner to a successful professional trader. I agree with David from UK below that a complete novice will learn something but other than that you won't get much. The traders, especially Sunil, seem to know A LOT IN THEORY. Any new trader, after reviewing the past recorded webinars will be totally in awe of how much materials are taught by Sunil (occasionally by others). Except, like David below has mentioned, that the traders themselves don't seem to be confident of what they are teaching to the members. Of course, they emphasized that they are not signal providers, yes, I fully understand that. But when you have been to LTR for just a few sessions you will get a sense that they seem to be not very clear about most things. For example, every day you will get comments like "If the market reaches this price....or if the market doesn't move the other way instead and reaches this 2nd price....etc" for entire sessions, everyday. Trade setups are discussed vaguely based on the strategies they taught, which can never be used alone. Like I said, join their site for a month and try and some of you will probably see that they do not believe strongly in what they teach although they keep saying that their strategies are extremely effective and will work more than 70% of the time.

To be honest, to me they seem to be just like all those people who want to be traders, but lost a lot of money during the learning process (Sunil admit it that he blowed his account about 5 times), and finally the losses make them give up and they try to find another way of living by providing what they learned to new and novice traders during their journey to forex, although they themselves might not be successful traders. However, they are good educators instead.

I am actually not against this because by doing this service and teach novices what they learned during the hardship they endured in the forex market at a very reasonable price, they are making an honest living by providing nothing more and nothing less than what they learned themselves. And they leave the decision of whether becoming a trader or not solely to the student, although they might have failed themselves (that doesn't mean the knowledge is worthless). Like I said, they alone will not make you a master trader from a absolute novice since trading involves much much more than just what you learn on paper.

I encourage new traders to subscribe to site to get familiar with a general way of looking at the market and start your journey from there.

Best of luck

Feb 19, 2008,

I was a paid member of this site for few months. The instructors are very willing but not very compotent.Trade setups are discussed,no trades are actually taken live by the instructors. It goes to show they do not have confidence in their own ability. Everything is regurgitated over and over again. The most annoying aspect of this site is that they frequently have free open days to attract new "punters". Same sales pitch is given again and again.
For a complete novice this site might be useful for a month. Anyone who has more than 3 months experience will not learn much there.
I give it one star.