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3.667 • 3 REVIEWS
Martin Cole
Updated: Feb 2, 2024

What is LearningToTrade?

LearningToTrade is a forex training website developed by Martin Cole where he publishes his forex trading courses and software.

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3.667 • 3 REVIEWS

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Damien Davis
Armidale NSW, Australia,
Mar 9, 2013,

I'd like to update my review on using the Pat Software, as I previously said Martins course helped me on my journey but I want people to know that I'm not using Pat or trading his method anymore. I still gained from his education but I couldn't gain " Long term consistency" trading as taught. Now having more experience/education, and knowing that I can find most of what he teaches online for free I'm changing my review to 3 stars.

2012-07-01 5Star There are not many reviews here for Martin cole and the PAT software he trades with so I am posting my first review with FPA for two reasons.
The first is that I couldn't find many reviews when I was looking to purchase his training and possibly subscribe to using his software.
The second reason is because I took the plunge and made a purchase. In my first week of using PAT (after doing the training), I made 190 pips , that's not a typo 190 PIPS!! That's profit, I had a few losses , my biggest being 14 pips, my biggest win being 82 pips , i had 15 pip stop on that trade.
The average draw down is between 15 and 20 pips and the average winner is between 60 and 80 pips.
I am new to the program and have never had an experience like it. I have spent thousands on BS training and lost a lot trading but didn't give up, finally something that really works with a real R/R ratio, no scaling out of trades.
In my first week with1% risk per trade I added 13% to my account. I'm not saying this is for everyone , or that I'll keep getting these results next week I might only gain 8 or 9% haha

I have been trading fx for two years and it's taken me this long to find something that really works for me , there is plenty of information out there, his site , you tube ect.. have a look
Alexey Latiy
Kiev, Ukraine,
Oct 14, 2008,

Hello, Russell and PAT users.

Am really grateful to you. Your review is deep and sincere. It gives me a possibility to communicate with an experienced PAT-trader
Russell Thomas
Warrington, United Kingdom,
Feb 15, 2008,


I'm sorry that you feel this way, I met you on Martin's course in July 2007. After messing with systems and spending around