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Updated: Jan 5, 2015
2.164 · 20 REVIEWS
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2.164 · 20 REVIEWS
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Matt K,
Feb 23, 2011,

I tried this site for a month...I also tried his gold and silver signal service. What an idiot I am...the profits he posts on his performance page are grossly inflated...if a trade hits the stop loss and then rebounds back to the target price he counts it as a profit. I mean think about it...if he was making 3000 pips per month (at least) why on earth would he bother trying to make money from a signal provider service. Stay well away from this site.
Brandon ,
Cape Town South Africa,
Jan 20, 2010,

Sunny never sleeps, responds to queries withins a few minutes however the results posted on his site are not accurate, his calls are wrong most of the time, and trades are closed without subscribers knowing which means that subscribers will in all likelihood hit their stop loss, thus the profit posted is not really a profit. For Jan 2010, I recorded a 440 loss from 04 Jan - 20 Jan. Be careful !!!....
May 25, 2009,

I used their service for one month and then cancelled it. As John stated they recommend you to close the trades after 20 PIPS profit and we will never know when they will close their trades and their net profit is always positive. I don't recommend this service.
Steven Breban,
Mar 17, 2009,

Hi All,

I totally disagree with some of the negative posts. I've been using the signals for the last 6 weeks and I'm nearly 2000 pips in front the signals are excellent am I'm totally happy with them. Would recommend them to anyone..
Feb 8, 2009,

Fxforecastor is another scam, they send the signals and ask us to close the trades at 20-30 pips profit, but they dont do the same. They also dont close the trades to the Take Profit mentioned in their own signal. They close the trades anywhere thay want. But they dont update us when they close thier signals. But with 20-30 pips profit and -40 stop loss, the net profit at the end of month is still - ve or may be 100 pips but not more. But their prefornnce reports shows 2000 - 3000 Pips per month. So, please dont waste your money on this guy. Hoe this helps.
Greg Taylor,
New Zealand,
Jan 10, 2009,

This service is okay, signals aren't descriptive enough. Results are incorrect - i wouldn't recommend them overall.
Jun 2, 2008,

bulls*** signals some one said earlier about price never touches that level he is very right. and same with take profit level. if prices rebounds he will count as profit.

Terry Henning,
United States,
Dec 12, 2007,

Im not saying that anybody who left a review is right or wrong but let me give you my experience with Sunny. I emailed him and asked him to test his signals and post the results on the web. He game me 2 1/2 week trail. I traded his signals and came up with a 835 pip gain. I used FXCM demo account and followed the signals exactly as they were given to me. The biggest draw down was -250 but it was after a gain of about 500 pips. I received about 7 signals a day. I believe his signals are well worth the $20 that he is charging. I agree that there is some big losses but overall I think a good profit is made. Like I said Im just speaking for the 2 weeks that I used them for. Other people might have had a different experience with this service.
Wan Lie,
Dec 2, 2007,

Here, I submit some review.
I could not agree more than William.
But William description is hard to understand.
Here the example:
Sunny cheats the people with the difference pips for every pair they ask you to open position Buy/Sell.
Either Stop Loss or Take profit is minimum 5 pips per lot the difference between what the best you can get in the real market with what his site put on in his performance. It is the Buy Side, and for the Close position He cheats you another 3pips. It is 8 pips for every position.
So, every day he gives you 5/6 alert open position. One month has 20 says.
You calculate yourselve.
The minimum he cheats you is:
8 x 6 x 20 = 960 pips.
What is a scam bastard he is.
So, if his performance 960 pips per month. You have to consider, he has loss absolutely.
He wins when his performance is more than 960 pips with the asumption you will know in advance which is highest that day or that moment before price chewing up your stop Loss.
Like William said, his other cheating method is he lets you to guess when he cuts his position TP or Not before price reverse back to your entry point.
Lots of guess work.

People in here say a lot of 5 stars to his site.
Felix, do you investigate why so people give him 5 star ? May be this people is some kind of people that want to promote his site in an early beginnig. Do not count on these people.
Really. It is a junk and scam artist.

2007-11-29 Scam I have subscribe the signal. AND I am aware the first time I subscribe it. I.e there are no such thing that can profit more than 3000 pips a month. It is a stupid bullshit.
But I do not know how SUNNY could manipulate the pips.
Now, after I become his member. I know it.
For all of you that have not subscribe it don't fall in love with the big pips he puts in his site.
Let me tell you how he manipulate it.
He will give you more than 5 signal a day.
He told you to SHORT EUR/USD at 1.4850 TP 1.4750.
Actually EUR/USD never touch 1.4850 only 1.4844 and it is not the BID price but ASK price. OK.
If you put short on 1.4850, it will never touch it cause the highest at that moment only 1.4840, and after the price go down, he start counting his profit.
IF price goto 1.4790 the lowest and reverse up to 1.4850 and maybe it will hit your stop loss level. (May be at this time you just hit your entry point to short EUR/USD like he recommended). However, SUnny will told you that he has actually profit 1.4850 - 1.4790 = +60 pips.
If there are 5 signal a day and 2 loss. his profit today will be 120 pips something.
120 pips * 20 = 2.400 pips.

You see without anything, he will tell you he has profit and actually if you follow his signal you cannot get 1.4850 or if you sell 1t at 1.4840 you put your TP 1.4760 you will never get your profit, because price the lowest only 1.4790 that day and reverse and up hit your entry price. You actually end up 0 profit and maybe loss with your stop loss level.
ANd what SUnny do, he claims he get profit 60 pips.
Is it ridiculous ?
So I will say his site is a scam and worst he is actually a bastard.
North America,
Jun 17, 2007,

Don't buy Sunny's strategies, not worth the prices at all. One of them is straddle strategy that you can get from anywhere free. Just place 2 orders several minutes before the news release and wait for 1 of the positions to get triggered. $399 ! SCAM !!!!

2007-07-03 update In fact, the strategy is to place 2 buy orders or 2 sell orders of GBP/USD, USD/CHF at the same time 1 minute before the news released, after the news released, one may spike up and the other may spike down, then close the losing one and let the winning one ride. Sunny sells this strategy at $399 !!!