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3.353 · 7 REVIEWS
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3.353 · 7 REVIEWS
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Dec 27, 2006,

Fairly decent signals. Their short signals on the NZDUSD took a beating this month, but they gave decent signals on the GBPUSD, USDCHF, and EURUSD. Hey who is perfect :) I have benefited positively using their signals for the past 4 months.
Jan 3, 2007,

I've been usig his free signals for a while and I think the most accuracy is on Eur/Usd. Then I subscribed for his paid signals which are for long trades, so I had few losses on them but I like his free signals more, because for the first month I had only one loosing trade on Eur/Usd. I was really surprised and still I use his signals.
Syed Ahsan,
Feb 6, 2007,

I have been using their free signals for GBP/USD and EUR/USD for a while now and i think they r one of the best free signal sites.Their signals are simple to understand for an average trader and their stop losses are also minimal i give them five stars.
Aug 25, 2007,

Been using their free signals on the majors only for a while now. Not bad for a free site. I am still in the money using their signals. Great site.
Bill Odenski,
Nov 19, 2007,

I just have noticed that they are not reporting their signals honestly. I dont understand why they would offer this service for free and lie about their results. I have to say they more fib then lie. Again I dont understand why they would do this.Does anyone know?
Aug 6, 2009,

Thought that this free site is out there to beat the scammers but it has to be serious and buckup. I don't know why I am experiencing the opposite of the rest of the reviewers here. Perhaps different market conditions? Analysis becoming outdated (2007 vs. 2009)? Perhaps this is why the last review was in 2007. As of this time of writing on a live account (luckily a micro one), 10 loosing trades, 1 winning trade and 1 loosing open. If it is a loosing streak in the beginning it does not bid well. Thinking of riding out 4 more trades in the waiting list. Performance is extremely bad. Definitely not going to use it again.
, Switzerland,
Aug 18, 2014,

I have been subscribing to their services for many months now. I got initially attracted to their services because contrary to most services out there, they seem to be more decent, have a more sober website. So I though they would be more honest in they performance reporting. But it has been a disappointment so far.

And here is why:

1/ very poor support for the services that you pay for. The person who is running FXtoday.co.uk is also running investica.co.uk. They never respond to your queries no matter how many times you try to ask them.

2/ unreachable - no phone number, so if you have any questions, only way to reach them is via email. But then, even as a paid member I dont get any answer to my numerous emails.

3/ Trade signals - fake performance: they give you trade signals for 9 pairs every day. However the performance reporting that they have on their website is FAKE and does not correspond to the signals they have been publishing.
Trades are not being reported honestly. If they wanted to be honest they would have used a small real account (or at least a demo) so we can see the results).

I have with me the account statements putting all their trades - not even for a single day are the trades reported honestly (they have one special rule where Stop losses go to break even +5 pips after 1st take profit is hit which is what I apply as well).

4/ They pretend their signals are free. However, how good is a signal if the free option doesnt give you a Stop loss? If you trade without Stop loss you can just assume anything.

To summarize, as a premium subscriber, you do get signals, but the performance reporting is fake, and they will ignore every email / question you ask them. And of course they hope you just keep subscribing.

I will be stopping this month.