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Updated: Jan 5, 2015
4.4 · 5 REVIEWS
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4.4 · 5 REVIEWS
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Brighton UK,
Oct 7, 2007,

Easy to use and very accurate. Has got the recent USD down (Sept/Oct '07) trend 100% correct. Brilliant Aussie signals worth the subsciption money alone. Tony is also a very approachable guy. Overall I am well pleased.
Oct 1, 2007,

Very accurate signals, not really for day trading but if you understand the methode it turns out to be one of the only good signal providers around. through www.bpforex.hu you can even get a freee trial so you do not have to test it for 15 usd!! First profit :-)
Matthew Berman New York,
New York,
Jun 15, 2006,

Tony is a nice guy and he is very helpful, but they went thru a big losing streak the week before Memorial day, with loser after loser. I haven't been trading forex all that long, but I have come to one conclusion: no one can predict the future of the forex market and if they could, they obviously would be so rich they wouldn't want to be bothered running an alert service. So anyone who is looking for an alert service is just wasting their time, in my opinion. There really is only one way for the average investor to trade this market and make consistent profits-you need to straddle the market with OCO orders right before these news items are released and you need a broker who is going to fill your trades during times of high volatility. FXCH is a great service-every trade gets filled at your price. Trading the news is a bit of a misnomer-you really want to trade the markets reaction to the news.
Apr 6, 2006,

After using it for a few days, I've noticed it's pretty accurate in catching new trends. Seems very useful if you're holding trades for a few days. The trial was reasonably priced ($15).
Steve Pickering,
Mar 12, 2006,

Good track record, has been forecasting to the Interbank market for 15+ years. Proprietary trend reversal system, based on both technicals and fundamentals. Owner has almost 40 years forex experience. Serious service. Reasonably priced and timely trial. You need reasonably long stops and be prepared to hang on to trades for extended periods (being a reversal system). Uncanny track record in the USD/ZAR over the past 3 years or so. However, not every trading platform has the Rand. You get a signal which is valid at the time of a 'fix', which is 7:00 AM EST.