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Updated: Jan 5, 2015
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Aug 31, 2009,

We have updated our website and have completed all our AUTOMATED Master systems except one and went Live as of 2 weeks ago. We hope people will begin to check out our performance as the weeks go by and get onboard. I've been a professional trader for a number of years now and have developed nearly 100 automated systems. We finally settled on the few that continually show consistent profits and are here for the long haul. Thanks for posting this and for providing a decent resource of information.
May 25, 2008,

As mentioned earlier, I said I would update as soon as we felt confident to do so. Currently I will only report the gain from the manual trades. The fully automated trades will be forth coming as soon as Tradestation has made an upgrade we have requested. Profits/Gains for the manual trades in MARCH was 5.8% and APRIL was 9.7%. MAY is looking to be about the same as April. This is on the account equity. (not equity utilized) Please realize this is utilizing lower leverage than many people use. For further details, please see our website. Thanks Felix for providing this site. We detest scammers and haphazards goofballs as much as you do.

2008-01-14 Hello, I'm the head trader at SFP. I know several folks have ask when we will have our fully automated systems ready for trading. Of our years of being in business, we've seen a lot of websites proclaiming great returns. But mostly what went was people's money... ours included. We, ourselves also offered signal services in past, but overall we weren't pleased with the results, so we discontinued such. So goes the "evolution" of the trading learning curve. We all have been excited about something we've discovered (all with good intent) only to discover later it didn't hold up long term. That goes for us who have been trading many years as well. Since the wise and experienced know a holy grail method or indicator doesn't exist, the best a trader can develop is a system that captures much of a move and keep drawdowns to an acceptable level. Along with that, you need a system that produces high probability trades so your confidence in the system remains high, so you will take each trade to produce the results that are pleasing or acceptable at the end of each month. What we are about to release, we believe, fits into that concept of the ideal system(s).
What we are about to release is far ahead of any software we have designed in the past. We simply refused to release anything publicly until we were sure we had the best software modules we could design. Our programmer has declared it's by far the best stuff he's seen. So the wait is almost over!
We plan to start a 90 day real time track record in JAN. 08. We did have a demo PFG account which is up over 50,000, but we are looking to establish a real time track record utilizing the actual systems which will be used for the real accounts. Folks we aren't promising to make you millionaires overnight. But the systems look very good from where we are sitting. My business associates will also tell you, I'm very concerned about losing anyone's money and that has been our drive to perfect as much as is humanly possible a fully automated system that looks promising long term. Thanks for all your patience and our sincere apologies for those who may have tried some of signal services in the past and didn't fair well. But we trust that won't discourage you from at least looking at our latest systems. Thanks and may your returns be BIG.