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Updated: Jan 5, 2015
3.083 · 5 REVIEWS
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3.083 · 5 REVIEWS
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Feb 27, 2008,

When I first found them, their strategy was a "6 day profit plan", 1 week later it changed to "9 day profit plan" in the logo and in some context of the website, but other pages on the site still remained "6 days". I wrote an email and asked for this information, but they hadn't answered.
The Track Record has not been updated for 3 months... so what do you think? SCAM
Feb 5, 2008,

What do you think about the credibility of a service which posts performance records since August 2005 when their web site was only created in May 2007? When you ask for an explanation they ignore you.

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Expose the bastards!
Oct 9, 2007,

Had A Great September!! Up many Pips. I Like there system. No sitting by the computer all day..
Oct 6, 2007,

I signed up for them in July. If I followed their trading signals, I would have lost over 2,200 pips (read that as $22,000.00 at $10.00/ pip!)
They may have been successful before, but July-August-Sept. would have cost you. It's a black box system you must follow blindly.
Joji Ikeda,
Aomori, Japan,
Sep 21, 2007,

For higher risk profile traders. My father wouldn't let me wait six days before closing a trade. But the system works. It's completely mechanical. I like the simplicity. The signal timing is excellent for small quick profits, but if you wait to reach the ambitious take profit goal, you may hit your stop loss more often. And, I don't know how it works.
Jas Virk,
Aug 2, 2007,

I joined it 2 weeks ago and the best part of this service is that you don't have to be on your PC all the times. They send only buy signals and that too for swing trading. Just enter at 5pm EST and wait for 5 to 8 days to profit. I gained 400 pips in 2 weeks and I spent only 10 minutes a day. Great service, I could find after trying many others, which were sending day trading signals and I used to be on my PC all day long. Highly recommended.