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Updated: Jan 5, 2015
1.986 · 15 REVIEWS
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1.986 · 15 REVIEWS
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Mar 15, 2009,

I subscribed for these signals one and a half years ago. On a site they publish statistics without taking spread into account. But with each signal they send excel table where the real statistics is reflected. Since then I did not subscribe for them any more. But having checked up the old mail box I have noticed, that they continued to send me signals all this time. So here their REAL last half-year performance : SEP08= -16; OCT08= 45; NOV08= -627; DEC08= 84; JAN09= 61; FEB09= 30.
Not so good, but it is the truth.
Good luck!
Riekelt de Vries,
The Netherlands,
Aug 23, 2008,

I like this signal provider. This month a net profit about 25%.
Sometimes a limited loss but most of the signals are profitable,
and enough to compensate any losses.
For my time zone (West Europe) it is ideal because I receive the
signals at the beginning of the day (between 6 and 7 am).
I think you must feel comfortable with a signal provider, it depends of what kind of trader you are. Personally I would not choose for intraday signals.

2008-07-04 3 Stars My results where the same as they are reporting. A net profit. They are not using trailing stops so sometimes my results where even better.
Salt Lake City,
Mar 19, 2008,

This is a great system if you like to lose money.
Norman McLaughlin,
Northern Ireland,
Feb 14, 2008,

I subscribed to this system in October '07, attracted by the professional-looking website and excellent performance history. The subscription price was reduced within days of my joining which immediately aroused my fears as I felt that a successful system is unlikely to be cutting prices.

Following six weeks of sideways movement, during which most trades failed and were only counterbalanced by a few big wins, I emailed Kousha to ask him why the results reported in a spreadsheet which is sent out with the alert email each day, do not equate to those reported on the website. He told me that the performance recorded on the website does not include the spreads and commissions. However, the discrepancy between the results in the spreadsheet and those on the website was much too severe to be accounted for in this way. Consider these figures for the period June-October (first figure mentioned is the number of pips recorded on the website, second figure is that recorded in the spreadsheet.) June 1172/309, July 242/40, August 467/1251 (!), September 501/335, October 30/-103. I emailed Kousha again, quoting these figures, and asked him to explain the discrepancy. That was on 9 December and I have not received a reply.

I'm glad to be able to say that I stopped using the signals at the start of December, having lost faith in the system. In the weeks following, as I continued to watch the signals, losses were in the hundreds of pips.

The spreadsheets now being sent with the email no longer list the "all-time" history, presumably because previous gains were wiped out in December. Not only that, but the performance page on the website conveniently omits December '07! Hopefully this would be noticed by any potential subscriber, arousing suspicion!

The website is beautifully designed but filled with nonsense statements, many of which are exaggerations and others blatantly untrue! For example, consider these... "We are known as the most profitable signaling system in the FOREX marketplace." "Our signalling system has the highest performance among all competitors!" "All our members have enjoyed consistent and superb returns (up to 2940 pips every month)!"

I won't call it a scam because he does give genuine signals. But his unwillingness to report honest results on his website speaks volumes.
Feb 13, 2008,

Don't waste your money on this one. Been using them for 2 weeks now and had 2 winners out of about 20 and one of them was I closed the trade early because of a decent profit or else it would have went back to the SL. This guy sometimes trys to get 100 or more pips in a days time on most trades which is tough to do especially on the EUR/USD and USD /CHF. Again don't waste your money there are way better signals out there, like maybe the flip of a coin.
Jan 18, 2008,

their results are real, i used them for three months, but the problem is i can figure out the software that generates their signals, the LOSSES can be so catastrophic that at times you get scared of the next signal they come up with. for the results they are real.
Dec 17, 2007,

update since the last review,

just to inform you the december perfromance until yesterday's date 17th dec-2007 is guess how much??????? -450 pips!!

imagine people they cant get one trade to work , their system is 100 % the opposite, i wonder from where they are getting the signal and entry of it, i am sure if you trade alone you wouldnt loose that much!!!

so peple again i tell you to stay away!!

2007-12-11 Scam well it is a perfect scamm company, their results is honest i mean they report their performance after deducting the spread but what performance is that, the best day they can do is - 20 pips and the worse day -100 pips
they have 90% negative accurancy, if u trade against them , i really bet you can make money

what kind of company doesnt have a refund , i felt i was scammed from the first day, and asked for a refund but they rejected it
plus there is no kind of follow up durring the day, in example they gave a long on euro, but based on the intra day changes the euro becme bearish, rnt they supposed to resend at least like others another email in the mid or evening of the day, i am not tlakign about instant signal by SMS or yahoo mess, just an evening follow up!!

so pls people do urself a favor and stay out of this company and the sis company, as they have another site that look different but same B.S
Nov 4, 2007,

again,another signal service without a physical address or phone#-they dont even have an email contact link! I guess suckers are born every minute.Any company not offering a refund or free trial period are suspect from the start.
C Verdun,
Oct 6, 2007,

I've papaer traded this service for a few months and now I'm using it for real. The recent upgrade to the signals is great. The only drawback is that in my time zone the trades are given at 11:00PM (previously 1:00AM before the upgrade). But the bottom line is that the signals, stops and targets are very well arranged and the results are net positive. A fine service!
Sep 24, 2007,

Guys this signal company is pure evil and malice.
I started with them 2 months ago and let me tell you that every sinle day I would have lost money had I traded on their signals.Ha Ha. I beat them(reminds me of the title of your web site, Felix). I was sceptical to start with and just watched their performance every single day(performance for all the currency pairs for the previous day is mailed along with new signals). Thankfully I haven't put a single penny to trade, based on thier recommendations.

I asked them to return my money which they declined but offered to extend my subscription for 3 more months(I bought initially for 3 months only).

I remember one of the reviews on this company on forexbastards, which made me cautious from the start.

Great Felix I can't thank you enough. As they say 'in the forex business not losing money is making money'. I have had a lot of fx education since and I am making good trading decisions and money. Honestly guys, knowledge is power, & you can make money in the fx market provided you work hard(very)& know what you are doing and not rely on 'tips' from 'fx gurus' or companies fleecing the hell out of gulliable customers.

Good luck