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Updated: Jul 30, 2018
2.404 · 18 REVIEWS
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2.404 · 18 REVIEWS
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Jul 26, 2018,

He's a crook. He should be locked up and made to pay us back. DONT DO IT if your thinking of sending him money.
May 8, 2017,


I wish I had seen this prior to purchasing his Income Options Formula. It is advertised as winning 91 out of 97 trades and consistently makes income. I have been enrolled for 3 months and see nowhere near that win rate, and this is from mirroring the exact trades the take. The win ratio is more like 2 out of 3. But here is the kicker. The trades take a 1:3 ratio so for every trade you lose, its triple the amount of loss. So you win $600, win $600, lose $1800. They say it's because it's a safer trade but it's not. I have suffered 3-4 MAX losses already in 3 months, it happens. As people have said before, a losing formula. I tried to talk with Todd about this and he just deflects blame. Doesn't care about his student. He's like a used car salesman, not a Trader. So he moves on to the next BIG TRADING IDEA! Now it's Velocity Trader. I don't know how he sleeps at night....
Austin, TX, USA,
Feb 7, 2017,

Run Away!

If I could provide negative stars, I would. Todd is only in business to make money off of students using techniques that he apparently doesn't use any more. He is not there to help you.

Call him on the phone for "lifetime support?" Not a chance....first off, he runs everything through voice mail, and if you actually do get him on the phone, he is annoyed and short with you. He does not care.

Stay far, far away from Todd Mitchell and his products.
High Yield Analyst,
Jan 9, 2014,

The reason I did not choose to use any Trading Concepts Inc. service are 1)very adverse refund terms-in other words they didn't want you to try the service at all prior to making a substantial financial investment 2)poor consumer reviews-they were difficult to find but a large percentage of users reported a poor consumer experience 3)services are marketed via affiliate marketing services-this allows marketers to sell the service to make a substantial profit ... they are able to say about anything to make a sale 4)detailed performance records were not provided for the Income RX Newsletter-to me, this would be the place to provide the real track record using these methods ... such a performance record was not presented ... stay away from services wanting large up front money.
Betsy F,
North West, USA,
Oct 22, 2013,

I am a newbie to stocks and just purchased Todd Mitchell's trading program. I wish I would have known of him before I wasted money on another program that is a scam. I was down founded when I invested in the program. This man has put all of his life into the program. The program has a plan us to be successful where even a beginner like me understands. I download the videos and follow with the PDF files. It is better than having a coach calling you every week only to talk about his personal problems. I have emailed questions and has answered each one. He has even called me to make sure I understood. Openings are limited and so glad a got a spot in the program. He is honest, sincere and has been willing to share all he knows in what has made him successful. The wealth of information given is worth more than what he charges and its very well put together. My trading has improved tremendously. If I do lose on a trade, I go back and analize it to see what happened and all of the time is because I did something wrong. I go back to the video, and sure enough that is not what he had taught. So the following time I learn on my mistake and now have more gains than losses. I try and follow the program and be consistant in my style of trading. He makes sure he teaches by letting you hear his proven method and also visual. When he teaches he repeats, repeats, repeats. over and over. You cannot forget his teachings. I highly recommend the program to anyone that want to learn or improve their trading skills. I love his daily videos. They are so that you can see what he did in a particular setup and what he is expecting. I never had that with the one on one coach. I cannot express how much I enjoy the program and highly recommend it. I am a slow learner so I have to watch the videos and over. All I can say is thank you for sharing your knowledge.
, USA,
Sep 19, 2013,

Very, very disappointing which is a polite way of saying how I actually feel. I can understand the frustration that others feel as they post negatively about how they feel scammed. The customer service is obviously rated poorly along with the guarantees promised and not honored along with the poor communication from Todd makes me wonder why this guy is still doing business. In my opinion, some people need to fulfill their obligations to sell their products with good support and customer service and Todd is not being responsible at all. Reading these complaints makes me wonder why Todd is still in business but I guess there will always be new traders he can real in and treat them irresponsibly. Traders need to become aware of the existance of ForexPeaceArmy and do their homework before falling pray to scam advertising and losing their hard earned money on total junk. Thank you ForexPeaceArmy for allowing us to post about these scammers and help those that use this site and give traders heads up on giving heads up on programs that are ethical and those that are a ripoff as this one. I did spot one that rated this program highly but strongly suspect it was a posting that was made by Todd.
William Fister,
Clifton, CO, USA,
Mar 24, 2013,

This is a scam, Lifetime mentor ship. He won't even return my calls. I am so disgusted with this guy I can't express politely express my feelings. He promised lifetime support, money back guarantee, stock scanning tools on website and of course a winning strategy. None of which Todd Mitchell lives up to. He is a fraud!
Roger J,
Texas, USA,
Jan 22, 2013,

The last few months have seen a new marketing blitz for his "new" E-Mini program. It comes complete with "secret and rare" interviews, you know the usual scam lines. I purchased his course in 2009 and when I requested the one on one daytrading session I, along with many others received nothing but excuses at to why he couldn't do it. Due to my complaint to the BBB I was provided access to this rehash. What a joke, someone new to trading would lose everything while not learing much of anything. Just wanted to prevent any new traders from wasting their money.
Mike Shuman,
Denver CO, USA,
Dec 17, 2012,

Poor "mentorship" program. As he will not return calls or emails. I bought the course and have been very disappointed in the support for answering questions. They claim one on one traing but that is not happening. I was brought in by Ed, and promised help. After paying I got no help and Ed says it is not his job. Call Todd, who will not return calls or emails. I Do Not recommend Trading Concepts, way over priced.
Texas, USA,
Jul 12, 2012,

I have taken both the emini & forex courses offered by Trading Concepts.

I believe Todd Mitchell to be sincere in his enthusiasm for teaching trading. I absolutely do NOT believe this to be a scam.

I never had much luck trading the emini. It always resulted in losses for me. Perhaps the course is a bit too complicated, involving many extraneous (aside from the price action & the market) factors like NYSE tick and time of day. At times, I placed too much emphasis on these & wound up in some bad trades as a result.

The forex stuff was much simpler, however, and I found by limiting my practice to a portion of what was taught, I traded euro futures quite profitably. I generally limited things to momentum setups and price action. I never traded based on trend alone, though he counselled doing that some times.

I absolutely disagree with those who state the teachings involve ridiculous risk-reward. Yes, that may be true when you enter a trade, but if you religiously follow the risk reduction he teaches, if you aren't knocked out of a trade immediately, the trade rapidly will become low or no risk almost without fail.

In summary, whether you trade eminis or prefer forex/currency futures as I do, there are concepts in the course you will find invaluable in your trading and I highly recommend the course.