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Vantage Point Software Louis Mendelsohn Formerly
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Established: 1979
Contact:, 1-800-732-5407
2.591 • 196 REVIEWS

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Florida, USA,
Jun 21, 2021,
Registered user

Vantage Point Artificial Intelligent Software is the Best

Service use: Live Length of use: 6-12 Months
I am very happy and pleased that I joined the Vantage Point program. I feel that the instructors and online training are very beneficial. The Vantage Point AI and the assistance from our instructors is very relative to our success. I Think that vantage point has a excellent program to benefit those that want to succeed, but still need support training with this excellent software program. I am very pleased that I am part of that the Vantage Point family and thankful that I found VP AI software. The MAJOR PLUS FOR ME IS “I’M MAKING MONEY$“.
Nevada, USA,
Apr 17, 2022,
Registered user

Not worth the money

Service use: Live Length of use: 6-12 Months
Unfortunately it never worked last me it should. I got training...then I got more training on top of it to keep me from trying to return the program and get my money back. I followed all of the instructions and still it never worked. When the indicator was predicting green for the next 2 days the stocks will take a nose dive. My last 2 tries...fubo at 32 and dkng at 40. I have not opened it since. Stay away from it!
Jan 2, 2020,
Registered user

Dis-Advantage Point

Service use: Live Length of use: 0-3 Months
Up to 86% does not mean an average of 86% accuracy. I purchased Vantage Point and received training. I began with paper trades and later took the leap of faith – disastrous. Paper trades and live trades were less than 50% accurate. During my registration period, I was “locked out” of the software 4 times as IT support struggled to register the sectors that I requested. I paid $4500 and lost close to $2000 during the “registration period”. Because I was locked out repeatedly, Vantage Point support extended the registration period. When I was locked out the 4th time, I asked for a refund. I was denied the refund due to having gone several days past the 15 day registration period.
Through the ordeal of using the software and the continual lockouts, I have to say that customer support was slow to resolve the issue each time it happened.
I DO NOT RECOMMEND VANTAGE POINT software. Buy a magic 8-Ball and save yourself some $$$ without sacrificing accuracy. Vantage Point software is not a good AI program and certainly not worth the aggravation. Don't believe the 5 star reviews - ask a real user.
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Saint Croix, Virgin Islands, U.S.,
Aug 1, 2018,
Registered user

More experienced now, Vantagepoint has treated me very well

Very pleased with my decision to purchase the Vantagepoint trading software. I had looked at it about 5 years ago when I started trading and thought it was pricey. I was using some indicators on my brokerage platform (tradestation at the time - now using interactive brokers). I think i did not fully understand the power of the software because I was so new. I now understand indicators and trading and when I found vantage point again I checked it out and things clicked and I took the plunge. I made my money back fast - about 40 stocks. I purchased the forex pakage recently and already made that money back too. I have paid for the software several times over in 6 months. I wish I had acted on vantagepoint 5 years ago, but the past is the past....just glad I was smart enough to act on it this time around. I did have one issue printing charts, but support fixed that fr me. other than that i did not need much help as it has been a smooth process. Keep up the good work Vantagepoint. Thanks Ben
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CAlf, USA,
Apr 26, 2018,


Very simple software, not worth the money. high powered sales people. Huge mistake. I am disputing it with my CC company. Not enough stocks in it. I asked if there were small caps.. they assured me there were.. hardly any.. the stocks I checked out had already gone up so what is this worth? You would really have to be on it to use this. My stock broker has free tools better than this. Don't get sucked into their sales people. Do NOT BUY THIS. Put that money into trading.
3 traders have found this review helpful
Phila, USA,
Dec 6, 2017,

Step Away From The Buy Button

I write this review, as I am about to delete the $5,000 VP program off my computer.

Yes that should get your attention.

I accept full responsibility for the most expensive mistake I have made in 20 years of trading .
I bought into the system when I was looking for a quicker way to find leads as to which stocks warranted further due diligence.
The program did not do that; In fact it really did nothing unique or useful.
I did their training, really just reading the booklet that you get. When I called and said I can’t get the promised results they let me talk the same session again. The results were the same.
Next I get a notice that “advanced training “ could be had for a mere $300.00 more!
If you buy into this scam you will be like me in a year, feeling your stomach churn every time you see or hear Vantage Point
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Michael G
May 12, 2016,

I am a modest trader still with much to learn and have been using the VantagePoint software for about a month now paper trading. 8 of 9 trades have resulted in profits. I've never day traded however a trade did pop for a 500 dollar profit in one day off a single lot of gold. By the way that was my first futures purchase. I see a lot of value in trades last 2 to more days for this software. You are able to get in at an appropriate time and daily see what is going to happen and where to adjust your stop loss.

The software for me appears so far to do 3 key things. Firstly, it saves me the time of both finding and reading charts for potential buys based on what's trending. Secondly, it minimizes my losses and maximizes gains by predicting the direction for 1,2, and 3 days in advance. Thirdly, when you know how to use secondary indicators and see what supporting markets are doing, you can confirm whether something is a solid buy or more on the risky side. Knowing what markets support one another is a learner curve. Their advisors/coaches have helped me with some of these. I believe people not successful with this software are solely looking for red and green lights to buy and sell without looking at the big pictures.

I give 4 stars because I have only had the software for abut a month. So far for myself and style of trading it is working well.
John Dupree
Georgia, USA,
Apr 17, 2016,

VantagePoint Trading Software has taken trading to a whole new level. We as traders are always looking for more information to help us try and determine which way the market will move. VantagePoint gives me that information and is another tool in my trading too box. I have recovered half of my initial cost of the software in just 3 trades. You also are assigned a coach that walks you through the software and how it works. My coach even helped me set up my charts to my trading style. Thank You VantagePoint!!!
Lance Wall
Georga, USA,
Mar 20, 2014,

I talked to a salesmen over the phone yesterday about the software. I ask him to show me some stock that I had in my portfolio or that I was familiar with. It so happens he did not have a lot of them on his software. He had a few, but I ask him to do a couple more that I was familiar with and he said that I could pay for the trial and get my money back in so many days if I did not like the product, but he was not going to show me anymore examples. I told him no way and that I would need a couple of days to think about it and see a few more examples to see how it works. I felt like he was pressuring me to buy the product. I told him that I was not interested. I told him his software did not convince me and hung-up.
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Florida, USA,
Apr 19, 2022,
Registered user

A different view point.

Service use: Other Length of use: Have not used
Hello fellow traders. I just wanted to share my experience here that I had just today. I have been trading the forex market for 14 years as a hobby and learning along the way. I've paid for lots of programs and mentorships as well and ended up developing my own system from things I've learned that work for me. The last ten years my full time employment has been selling Saas, and digital lead gen systems. I had my 2nd interview today with Vantagepoint as they wanted me to sell their software. First interview I had to memorize a script and do a mock sales call, which was very high pressure. I passed that and set up the 2nd interview. After a few question the sales manager said something to me that threw me off guard. " If we move forward you can't trade anymore no exceptions". Of course I asked why, he's response is that "we give you the software for free to understand it in order to sell it not use it". So the only logically reason for that is that you will find out that is doesn't work at no cost and just sell it people with hopes and dreams. On the sales side, it's all outbound calls to people that fill out online forms for free info but then put into a high pressure sales call. Good luck with that.

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What is Vantage Point Software?

Vantage Point Software is a trading software company created by Louis B. Mendelsohn.

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