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Vantage Point Software

Louis Mendelsohn

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Vantage Point Software

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2.566 · 191 REVIEWS
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Michael RayBould,
Montreal, Quebec, Canada,
Jun 27, 2018,

Vantage Point Software: Delays, delays, and more delays when trying to get a refund.

Vantage Point Software: Only works on a PC NOT Mac. Then "try" to get a refund! Misrepresentation at its worst
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Kevin S,
Virginia, USA,
Apr 28, 2018,

Perfect for people who want to consistently lose money. Accuracy claim is a flat-out lie.

The high-pressure sales tactics should have been my first clue, but it seemed to be a time-saving way to scan for trades, so I allowed myself to be talked into paying $4,800 for the software with access to all of their available US ETFs and stocks. Big mistake. Other than the "neural" indicator (the inter-market analysis that supposedly provides the vaunted "86% accuracy," the indicators are run-of-the-mill studies that are provided (with greater flexibility) in any free charting package. as for the "neural" indicator itself, it is totally useless. After averaging a steady loss of 1.5% per trade, I have stopped using it. If you're considering buying it, I suggest flushing a few hundred $$ down the toilet just to see how it feels. It may keep you from making a 4- or 5-figure mistake.
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CAlf, USA,
Apr 27, 2018,


Very simple software, not worth the money. high powered sales people. Huge mistake. I am disputing it with my CC company. Not enough stocks in it. I asked if there were small caps.. they assured me there were.. hardly any.. the stocks I checked out had already gone up so what is this worth? You would really have to be on it to use this. I can use my free tools better than this.. TOS is way better and FREE with TD ameritrade. Don't get sucked into their sales people. Do NOT BUY THIS. Put that money into trading.
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Houston, USA,
Jan 30, 2018,

not just junk but also waist you time.

It's expensive. beside several thousand dollars for software, there's $600 data fee every year! (the sales person probably won't tell you)
You'll realize it's worth nothing after few days study.
They claim the software predict with 80% correctness. It's all depend on how you calculate.
For example: a stock close at $100. you say tomorrow will be up. you are 50% right. you can achieve 80% right by predict this stock will be $95 to $105. that is what the VantagePoint software doing.

only by the software with free try
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Phila, USA,
Dec 6, 2017,

Step Away From The Buy Button

I write this review, as I am about to delete the $5,000 VP program off my computer.

Yes that should get your attention.

I accept full responsibility for the most expensive mistake I have made in 20 years of trading .
I bought into the system when I was looking for a quicker way to find leads as to which stocks warranted further due diligence.
The program did not do that; In fact it really did nothing unique or useful.
I did their training, really just reading the booklet that you get. When I called and said I can’t get the promised results they let me talk the same session again. The results were the same.
Next I get a notice that “advanced training “ could be had for a mere $300.00 more!
If you buy into this scam you will be like me in a year, feeling your stomach churn every time you see or hear Vantage Point
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Dec 3, 2017,

Better off buying lottery tickets!

I recently (11-2017) received a call to try the software. At $3495 plus a $30 monthly fee for the updates is a hefty sum but they claimed it was worth every dollar. Keep in mind they'll give you only a 15 trial period. I took the chance and studied the program. The predictions were truly based on previous results of how the stock was doing. If you actually think a computer can predict which way a stock is headed then you simply shouldn't be playing stocks. I'm certain it'll predict trades but that's only because a stock can either go up or down. It could never predict by how much either. I was lucky to get most of the money back at the end of the trial period but there's a $600 fee which is non-refundable plus there monthly fee. Big waste of money.
Bin Xue,
Seattle, WA, USA,
Sep 19, 2017,

Paid too much already and VP is asking more!

I purchased VP for $20000 around May 2017. For the first a couple of weeks, it worked ok. The performance was getting worse and worse recently. The predicted range displayed on the chart always look good because the ranges it predicted are extremely wide!
The sales is very aggressive that's why I ended up spent $20K. I got a phone call recently from the sales lady. She said VP had improved the software and asked me to pay more for the update! I was told the software was life time supported for the money I paid when I made the purchase. Now she asks additional payment for the support!
Don't deal with this company!
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san quirico, Italy,
Jun 12, 2017,
Registered user

gaining experience and profits = outlook is very positive

My story is probably very similar to a lot of people. I was attracted to trading because I felt like it would give me freedom and unlimited spending ability. I have been trading for about three years now. I very quickly learned that it did not give me freedom and I did not have the type of financial status I was looking for. I must except the majority of the blame because when I started I had no trading plan, no money management, no tools, I guess you could say it was kind of like gambling. I work in the hospitality industry at a resort in Tuscany so I do have time early in the day since I am only working in the evenings. Even after losing a substantial amount of money maybe not a lot to other people but for me it represented a lot of savings. I decided to not give up but instead to become more serious and determined. I spoke to many people who were successful in the markets people who I know are smart and make a lot of money and learned from them what they did to become successful. I'm pleased to say that I now have a training plan and good money management and I have been using the vantage point software for over one year with very good results. To give you an idea when I was treating before I had the tools I lost about $15,000 within a short period of time. In the first three months of treating with vantage point I was able to recoup my losses. The remainder of time approximately nine months I have made on average $7000 per month. At first I started daytrading but I learned that the vantage point software really is not geared for daytrading. I also learned that daytrading does not fit my style. I am position trading in holding trades for usually 5 to 10 days and less I determined that the trade is not a good trade in which case I will cut the losses quickly. I bought shares recently of a stock called NVDA and I purchased a small position at approximately $106 per share and the only reason I did not take a larger position is because the stock price was very high. That stock is now over $150 per share in less than 30 days. This is a longer treat for me but the reason why I held onto this trade was because vantage point was still indicating this stock to go up and I wanted to ride the trend to the completion and make as much profit on the street as possible. I never heard of the stock before but it is one of the stocks that vantage point forecasts and when I did my own Telescan it came up on my skin as a high probability trade so I decided to trust the software and I'm very glad that I did. At this point in time I do not plan to retire from my position at the hotel as I do enjoy what I do with the guests. At some point in time I will likely cut back my hours and devote more time to trading but for now I have a very good balance and I am very satisfied with my results and the progress that I have achieved. I want to thank all of the people who gave me good information about how to turn my trading into a profitable venture. I want to thank the company of vantage point and their associates and I look forward to many more years of success.
May 3, 2017,
Registered user

Trading easier, more time for you!!

Trading easier, more time for you!!

I m using vantage point since 2 years and the approach to trading is completely changed ! first I have to say that you will never find the famous “ sacro grail “ in any software in the world, but after using this software i understood that you have to suite your own trading style, and once you get it , than come this product that allow you to screen as you like and prefer the stocks and forex markets! probably the algoritmo is complicated but its very simple to use it.

I combine the Vantagepoint predictive moving average (fast and medium) and VP Predictive RSI to get in the trade at a better entry level , which is show by the 3 indicator, plus the predictive neural index which is one filter more , and it indicate the range where the stocks shall goes.

All this research is done by the software in few seconds, saving me hours and hours of research, and i have to concentrate only in few trades each day, thats made me more relaxed and i can see more clearly my job. once i get triggered in my trade its very easy to stay with the trend by monitoring the indicators and profiting. The accuracy is true. it is incredible.

another unbelievable thing is how quick the technical assistance will answer and help you, ( the first times I let them by remote control set up my V.P. as i wish :-))))!!! )

once you have you trading strategy , vantage point come to make your life easier.
Litchfield Park, AZ, USA,
Apr 24, 2017,
Registered user

Accurate and confidence building for trading Forex!

I keep having favorite trades as a result of using VantagePoint Software! I trade forex, and yesterday I noticed the AUD/USD had just
made a big cross to the downside, so looked at the predicted range for the day, saw it was primed to go short and took a position.
It paid off big in just a short while and I closed the trade. I take small pieces out of the market and keep adding them to my balance!!

I am really getting the confidence from the accuracy of using VantagePoint Software and that is very important as you begin to make the trade.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Vantage Point Software?

Vantage Point Software is a trading software company created by Louis B. Mendelsohn.

VantagePointSoftware develops indicators that try to predict the changes in market trend direction.

Does Vantage Point Software Really Work?

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How much does Vantage Point Software cost?

Vantage Point Software is available in 4 packages.

  • Entry Level: $2,900
  • Essentials: $5,900
  • Most Popular: $7,900
  • Most valuable: $9,900