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Vantage Point Software

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Vantage Point Software

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2.566 · 191 REVIEWS
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Jun 25, 2020,
Registered user

This is a MA Crossover Indicator not trading software

Service use: Other

Length of use: 3-6 Months

I have been trading the FOREX market for over 5 years and there are many indicators a trader uses to get confirmation on trend reversals. That is all VantagePoint is a very expensive over exagerated indicator that uses MA's and EMA's sold to inexperieced traders as a signal on when to buy and sell, which is completely misleading. I replicated these MA's and EMA's and they both react the same when price reverses. As a trader there is more than MA/EMA crossovers that we watch to take a position on a trade. Paying attention to support and resistance levels, overbought and oversold indications, levels, dissecting every timeframe and fundamentals all factor in when trading. I utilized harmonics, level counting, trend line structure, and Elliot wave principles and when using these principles I still look at overbought and oversold indicators in conjunction with support and resistance areas and when price reaches these reversal areas is when an MA/EMA crossover can give you a confirming indication price is reversing. To trade just off an MA/EMA crossover is setting yourself up for bad trades and losing money. If you want to invest in something that will turn your trading into good quality profitable trades then invest in educating yourself on how to trade not an overpriced indicator that you already have in your trading platform. Don't buy into the AI and neural network BS they sell you on the front end and keep you on the line until your 10-15 day grace period is over with then try to retain you by offering you more product to continue using their software when you try and get a refund.

****Also for anyone that is having an issue getting your money back all you have to do is call your credit card company and dispute the charge they will refund you if you cancel the dispute because if they have too many disputes the merchant can suspend processing.****

Bottom line is don't purchase this software you don't need it for the price the value isn't there. Their sales guys don't trade and don't understand what they are actually selling nor does the President or any of the executives so they believe their product is actually forecasting tend changes when its simply an MA/EMA indicator. This is a boiler room set up hard sale one call close so beware and they like to hide behind special organizations they donate too like Shriners Children's Hospital to tug at your emotions so beware of that as well. Don't be fooled save your money.
Texas, USA,
Apr 25, 2020,
Registered user

VantagePoint, a Price-Tiered Marketing Sham

Service use: Live

Length of use: 0-3 Months

Like everyone else, I'm looking for something that will help a retail trader
like myself gain some profitability. What we don't need is the deception-peddlers that continue to haunt us in this industry.

In summary, VP sells you the package, gives you a peek at what
over “$100,000” worth of software feels like with all the bells & whistles,
including “proprietary” indicators, then AFTER the 15 day “warranty” period
expires, they proceed to give the purchaser another 7 days to decide
which markets to select, all the while pumping you to buy at least another
$20,000 worth of indicators. Their artificially-inflated value just on the 35 FOREX pairs came to $75,000. So this made it look like I was getting a super deal,
5 pairs for $2,000 !

Sadly, I purchased the package 31MAR2020. This so-called warranty expired 14APR20, which was not mentioned, of course.

In my case, they set a deadline for Tuesday 22APR20, requiring me to make
a selection of 5 Forex markets out of the 35 pairs initially available.

After the re-registration 22APR20, the indicators I was counting on were removed from the program, essentially making this program worthless. The pull-down markets menu was reduced to practically a blank page.

Also removed was the much-hyped “Intelliscan” feature indicator which required hundreds of markets (like thousands of stocks) to be effective in its “patented” data-mining capacity. I simply hadn’t paid enough.

Yes, they say how many markets are purchased, but the indicators that they
are promoting require the huge software bundle (not explained at all),
which makes this whole thing so misleading & outrageous.

This is what I mean by the belated “tiered-pricing marketing sham”.
Then they pulled the rug out from under me.

What’s left is a program with no “Advantage” whatsoever. I can download these residual indicators anywhere on line for free.

I'm an experienced trader, not necessarily good, but experienced in live trading. Save your money, and especially your time.

Unfortunately, I ran across FPA only after I had given out my
Credit Card number :-( :-(

There should be a class-action lawsuit filed against VantagePoint.

Simply put, these guys are first-class shysters.
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Jan 2, 2020,
Registered user

Dis-Advantage Point

Service use: Live

Length of use: 0-3 Months

Up to 86% does not mean an average of 86% accuracy. I purchased Vantage Point and received training. I began with paper trades and later took the leap of faith – disastrous. Paper trades and live trades were less than 50% accurate. During my registration period, I was “locked out” of the software 4 times as IT support struggled to register the sectors that I requested. I paid $4500 and lost close to $2000 during the “registration period”. Because I was locked out repeatedly, Vantage Point support extended the registration period. When I was locked out the 4th time, I asked for a refund. I was denied the refund due to having gone several days past the 15 day registration period.
Through the ordeal of using the software and the continual lockouts, I have to say that customer support was slow to resolve the issue each time it happened.
I DO NOT RECOMMEND VANTAGE POINT software. Buy a magic 8-Ball and save yourself some $$$ without sacrificing accuracy. Vantage Point software is not a good AI program and certainly not worth the aggravation. Don't believe the 5 star reviews - ask a real user.
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Anacortes, USA,
Sep 3, 2019,

Buyer Beware!

Service use: Other

Length of use: Have not used

Have been called by the company and received the well scripted, hard, sales pitch. Perhaps it means nothing to other folks, but they called through a spoofed phone number (so NOT a good sign). Have been trading 20 years and at this point, am pretty well versed in doing a background check on anything related to trading. This has all the earmarks of a BAD deal. Note the similarities between the complaints in the negative reviews. The "glowing" reviews seem amazingly vague, and there are other odd earmarks of them being suspect. The scam trading product companies ALWAYS post bogus reviews for their products. After reading all the reviews, it appears as though the 86+% win rate is highly inflated (perhaps no better than a coin toss). The AI feature can be closely approximated with a combination of moving averages (gee - paying the big bucks for not much at all). Apparently, in the past they had a traders forum area - that was shut down after everyone ended up complaining about the lack of profits created (yep - have seen that with other trading scams as well). The company seems good at marketing - and most folks claim the product to be grossly overpriced. After a couple of decades of watching similar companies push their wares - have grown weary of those who lie cheat and steal. Cold call me through a spoofed number, and I figure that I now have the right to complain. - or at least write out a synopsis of the many negative reviews.
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Colorado, USA,
May 1, 2019,
Registered user

Why I find VantagePoint invaluable in my trading

I have been studying and using VantagePoint almost on a daily basis for a little over 4 months now. Prior to using VantagePoint, I have tried a few other trend-determining software packages, and I have about 20 years trading stocks and options, about 2-years (with training) trading Forex, and only months trading Futures. I have run VantagePoint through my trading routines, and have not paper-traded with it (i.e. I only used real money), and I have slowly built up my confidence in using the product and in believing in VantagePoint’s accuracy of 70 to 86% (depending on the instrument). The main benefits of VantagePoint for me: 1.) It is 70 to 86% accurate on market direction. This results in me being right 70-86% of the time or more if I use VantagePoint as a predictive layer on top of my already solid, high probability trading strategy, and so my accuracy in predicting the correct trade direction is even greater than 86% most of the time. I cannot say I WIN more than 86% of the time because the other half of the solution to profits is being able to manage (adjust) your positions while in the trade, but you can learn how to do this with VantagePoint tutelage as well. So allow me to say this in another way: VantagePoint is my comfort zone QC tool: it keeps me OUT of 80% of losing trades that I would have otherwise gotten into before VantagePoint. How important is that to profitability? I rarely take a trade now if it has not been screened by VantagePoint to tell me it is going to go in the correct direction. 2.) VantagePoint is very helpful determining INEXPENSIVE Entries and the most PROFITABLE Exits, due to its trend predictive qualities, which leads me to what I feel is the biggest helpful tool of VantagePoint next to direction accuracy: 3.) it accurately predicts (major) trend reversals in a particular instrument or sector days before other software because it is truly globally tied to the rest of the world markets with its Artificial Intelligence predictive qualities, AND it finds these trend reversals before any other software out there (that I have reviewed). It also presents these trends in a very easy to understand visual chart. This results in 4.) Very precious time savings for me: I do not have to spend extra time managing my trades or watching the market to determine the best entry or exit by the very nature of the DAY data that VantagePoint crunches each evening and the extreme accuracy. I can leave my computer without “day managing” my open positions, and “get some fresh air”. 5.) VantagePoint also takes out much of the emotion from trading (because I already know where my market is headed), allowing me to sleep better at night too. But be forewarned: VantagePoint is not a get rich quick system or easy money: I was a fairly experienced trader going into this relationship with VantagePoint and it has been 4 months learning to use this software efficiently, so you must be ready to dive in like this was a semester High school class, and put your thinking cap on. This tool is very powerful and I especially like the full flexibility of the Intelliscan where I can really refine my search down to just what I am looking for. I have been trading mainly options before VantagePoint and I continue to trade mostly options, with the addition of Futures if VantagePoint shows me a major Futures reversal, with my main objective being to get into the trend reversals early as soon as VantagePoint finds them while they are strongest, and ride the trend to as long as it goes using VantagePoint to manage the positions each trading day close, just like the last major 4-month long trend reversal to the upside in crude oil for example. 6.) VantagePoint gives the best snapshot on a chart of the current (or past) trends compared to any other software that I have seen. Thank you VantagePoint for your patience of my evaluation and detailed questions.
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Jeff Reynolds,
Rock Hill, SC, USA,
Oct 22, 2018,

Using Vantage Point for trading FOREX takes the anxiety out of my trading. I know before the day starts where my profit and exit points are without an

I started using Vantage Point nearly 5 years ago for trading stocks with good success. Then I added a few FOREX pairs, wondering if they could actually work there as well. After a couple of weeks of testing I figured out that the Predicted High and Lows were amazingly spot on! Since then I actually draw the VP PHigh & PLow lines on my trading charts every evening in preparation for the next day’s trading. Many days if that market is not trending I have had good success trading to the predicted high for the day, reverse my position and trade it right back down to predicted low. It doesn’t get much simpler than that!
The support people have been great to me and they also listen to suggested add ones or changes from a traders perspective.
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San Jose CA, USA,
Aug 1, 2018,
Registered user

My experience with VantagePoint trading software has been very satisfactory.

I have been using their VantagePoint software as far back as 2009. In more recent years, I have started using their TradeShark software as well. I find their products to be tremendous tools for finding and managing trades. There are many indicators that are available to be used and it allows you to slice and dice your analysis in any number of ways. I also appreciate the ability to export scans and historical recaps into an Excel spreadsheet. I have used this feature many times to back test how a certain strategy performs utilizing price and the various predicted price and indicator values. Their staff has always been readily available to answer questions or concerns. I have also used their staff to kick around ideas and concepts allowing me to take advantage of some of the nuances that I may not have noticed before. I have been fortunate to attend several of their conferences in Tampa giving me further insight as to how various professionals in the field are utilizing the software. The thing I find interesting is that many of these professionals have different trading styles and even differences of opinions as to market analysis. Nonetheless, they all are able to use the software to their great satisfaction. I will admit that I have occasionally explored some other outfit’s trading software. But I always come back to VantagePoint as it most closely meets my needs and requirements for my style of trading. I no longer have to guess where my profit targets and stops should be. It does take some effort to get the most out of the software; but with proper trade management I believe any user will be quite happy with their trading results.
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Saint Croix, Virgin Islands, U.S.,
Aug 1, 2018,
Registered user

More experienced now, Vantagepoint has treated me very well

Very pleased with my decision to purchase the Vantagepoint trading software. I had looked at it about 5 years ago when I started trading and thought it was pricey. I was using some indicators on my brokerage platform (tradestation at the time - now using interactive brokers). I think i did not fully understand the power of the software because I was so new. I now understand indicators and trading and when I found vantage point again I checked it out and things clicked and I took the plunge. I made my money back fast - about 40 stocks. I purchased the forex pakage recently and already made that money back too. I have paid for the software several times over in 6 months. I wish I had acted on vantagepoint 5 years ago, but the past is the past....just glad I was smart enough to act on it this time around. I did have one issue printing charts, but support fixed that fr me. other than that i did not need much help as it has been a smooth process. Keep up the good work Vantagepoint. Thanks Ben
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McAllen Texas, USA,
Jul 12, 2018,
Registered user


BEST IN CLASS! {€^¥^£^¢^&%} Trader Tech Vantage Point has made AI simple, easy to use and user friendly. In my FX trading it's quite pipy to know in advance which direction the market is going. The Majors have proven sucess, time after time. I practice Risk Management professionaly, and I must say Vantage Point is a higher high and a higher low at several points in time. From a comsumer standpoint it's something which is a tool used in your business no matter small or big. I purchased the software upgrade and made the investment back plus half as much again in the same day, without too much exposure to loss. It works full screen or running in miniturized mode allowing for toggling between your trading platform and VP10s info charts with predicted highs and lows intraday in realtime. I must say, as a company, VantagePoint Software is quite professional and ports only the utter level of repect towards it's clientel. So, for VP10 and crew,
for all you do, this ones for you!
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Steve Losie,
Georgia, USA,
Jul 4, 2018,

Not worth the cost.

Product is for a limited selection of stocks, ETF's, Futures unless you pay extra for them. You can not add to the list on your own. Idea is for software to provide a glimpse into the future one or two days, Provides future trade range for the next day. They say 80% accurate. I did not run a series on it to confirm, but 80% is aggreesive. Typically when the signals line up, it appears only a short move remains. Not always true, but mostly. Support. Yes, but their information is limited to "when these characteristics line up like this....". It has value, but not at the $4000 price they charge plus annual data fees. If you decide to try it, you only have 2 weeks to cancel. I have been at it for a couple months, and hope I can get a return on the cost in the first year. Tried to cancel in the 3rd week. Nope. We will give you more support. So far not hopeful. if you are scalping, it would work. For bigger moves, very difficult to tell what will be good and what won't. I have seen a few, but not ones I selected. How do you know? They switched trainers for me. I a little better, but after 5 years on the job he can not answer the question. Mostly avoids answering. The Trader Success person is suppose to line me up with a "real trader" who uses it. One week and counting. We will see.
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Michael RayBould,
Montreal, Quebec, Canada,
Jun 27, 2018,

Vantage Point Software: Delays, delays, and more delays when trying to get a refund.

Vantage Point Software: Only works on a PC NOT Mac. Then "try" to get a refund! Misrepresentation at its worst
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Kevin S,
Virginia, USA,
Apr 28, 2018,

Perfect for people who want to consistently lose money. Accuracy claim is a flat-out lie.

The high-pressure sales tactics should have been my first clue, but it seemed to be a time-saving way to scan for trades, so I allowed myself to be talked into paying $4,800 for the software with access to all of their available US ETFs and stocks. Big mistake. Other than the "neural" indicator (the inter-market analysis that supposedly provides the vaunted "86% accuracy," the indicators are run-of-the-mill studies that are provided (with greater flexibility) in any free charting package. as for the "neural" indicator itself, it is totally useless. After averaging a steady loss of 1.5% per trade, I have stopped using it. If you're considering buying it, I suggest flushing a few hundred $$ down the toilet just to see how it feels. It may keep you from making a 4- or 5-figure mistake.
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CAlf, USA,
Apr 27, 2018,


Very simple software, not worth the money. high powered sales people. Huge mistake. I am disputing it with my CC company. Not enough stocks in it. I asked if there were small caps.. they assured me there were.. hardly any.. the stocks I checked out had already gone up so what is this worth? You would really have to be on it to use this. I can use my free tools better than this.. TOS is way better and FREE with TD ameritrade. Don't get sucked into their sales people. Do NOT BUY THIS. Put that money into trading.
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Houston, USA,
Jan 30, 2018,

not just junk but also waist you time.

It's expensive. beside several thousand dollars for software, there's $600 data fee every year! (the sales person probably won't tell you)
You'll realize it's worth nothing after few days study.
They claim the software predict with 80% correctness. It's all depend on how you calculate.
For example: a stock close at $100. you say tomorrow will be up. you are 50% right. you can achieve 80% right by predict this stock will be $95 to $105. that is what the VantagePoint software doing.

only by the software with free try
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Phila, USA,
Dec 6, 2017,

Step Away From The Buy Button

I write this review, as I am about to delete the $5,000 VP program off my computer.

Yes that should get your attention.

I accept full responsibility for the most expensive mistake I have made in 20 years of trading .
I bought into the system when I was looking for a quicker way to find leads as to which stocks warranted further due diligence.
The program did not do that; In fact it really did nothing unique or useful.
I did their training, really just reading the booklet that you get. When I called and said I can’t get the promised results they let me talk the same session again. The results were the same.
Next I get a notice that “advanced training “ could be had for a mere $300.00 more!
If you buy into this scam you will be like me in a year, feeling your stomach churn every time you see or hear Vantage Point
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Dec 3, 2017,

Better off buying lottery tickets!

I recently (11-2017) received a call to try the software. At $3495 plus a $30 monthly fee for the updates is a hefty sum but they claimed it was worth every dollar. Keep in mind they'll give you only a 15 trial period. I took the chance and studied the program. The predictions were truly based on previous results of how the stock was doing. If you actually think a computer can predict which way a stock is headed then you simply shouldn't be playing stocks. I'm certain it'll predict trades but that's only because a stock can either go up or down. It could never predict by how much either. I was lucky to get most of the money back at the end of the trial period but there's a $600 fee which is non-refundable plus there monthly fee. Big waste of money.
Bin Xue,
Seattle, WA, USA,
Sep 19, 2017,

Paid too much already and VP is asking more!

I purchased VP for $20000 around May 2017. For the first a couple of weeks, it worked ok. The performance was getting worse and worse recently. The predicted range displayed on the chart always look good because the ranges it predicted are extremely wide!
The sales is very aggressive that's why I ended up spent $20K. I got a phone call recently from the sales lady. She said VP had improved the software and asked me to pay more for the update! I was told the software was life time supported for the money I paid when I made the purchase. Now she asks additional payment for the support!
Don't deal with this company!
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san quirico, Italy,
Jun 12, 2017,
Registered user

gaining experience and profits = outlook is very positive

My story is probably very similar to a lot of people. I was attracted to trading because I felt like it would give me freedom and unlimited spending ability. I have been trading for about three years now. I very quickly learned that it did not give me freedom and I did not have the type of financial status I was looking for. I must except the majority of the blame because when I started I had no trading plan, no money management, no tools, I guess you could say it was kind of like gambling. I work in the hospitality industry at a resort in Tuscany so I do have time early in the day since I am only working in the evenings. Even after losing a substantial amount of money maybe not a lot to other people but for me it represented a lot of savings. I decided to not give up but instead to become more serious and determined. I spoke to many people who were successful in the markets people who I know are smart and make a lot of money and learned from them what they did to become successful. I'm pleased to say that I now have a training plan and good money management and I have been using the vantage point software for over one year with very good results. To give you an idea when I was treating before I had the tools I lost about $15,000 within a short period of time. In the first three months of treating with vantage point I was able to recoup my losses. The remainder of time approximately nine months I have made on average $7000 per month. At first I started daytrading but I learned that the vantage point software really is not geared for daytrading. I also learned that daytrading does not fit my style. I am position trading in holding trades for usually 5 to 10 days and less I determined that the trade is not a good trade in which case I will cut the losses quickly. I bought shares recently of a stock called NVDA and I purchased a small position at approximately $106 per share and the only reason I did not take a larger position is because the stock price was very high. That stock is now over $150 per share in less than 30 days. This is a longer treat for me but the reason why I held onto this trade was because vantage point was still indicating this stock to go up and I wanted to ride the trend to the completion and make as much profit on the street as possible. I never heard of the stock before but it is one of the stocks that vantage point forecasts and when I did my own Telescan it came up on my skin as a high probability trade so I decided to trust the software and I'm very glad that I did. At this point in time I do not plan to retire from my position at the hotel as I do enjoy what I do with the guests. At some point in time I will likely cut back my hours and devote more time to trading but for now I have a very good balance and I am very satisfied with my results and the progress that I have achieved. I want to thank all of the people who gave me good information about how to turn my trading into a profitable venture. I want to thank the company of vantage point and their associates and I look forward to many more years of success.
May 3, 2017,
Registered user

Trading easier, more time for you!!

Trading easier, more time for you!!

I m using vantage point since 2 years and the approach to trading is completely changed ! first I have to say that you will never find the famous “ sacro grail “ in any software in the world, but after using this software i understood that you have to suite your own trading style, and once you get it , than come this product that allow you to screen as you like and prefer the stocks and forex markets! probably the algoritmo is complicated but its very simple to use it.

I combine the Vantagepoint predictive moving average (fast and medium) and VP Predictive RSI to get in the trade at a better entry level , which is show by the 3 indicator, plus the predictive neural index which is one filter more , and it indicate the range where the stocks shall goes.

All this research is done by the software in few seconds, saving me hours and hours of research, and i have to concentrate only in few trades each day, thats made me more relaxed and i can see more clearly my job. once i get triggered in my trade its very easy to stay with the trend by monitoring the indicators and profiting. The accuracy is true. it is incredible.

another unbelievable thing is how quick the technical assistance will answer and help you, ( the first times I let them by remote control set up my V.P. as i wish :-))))!!! )

once you have you trading strategy , vantage point come to make your life easier.
Litchfield Park, AZ, USA,
Apr 24, 2017,
Registered user

Accurate and confidence building for trading Forex!

I keep having favorite trades as a result of using VantagePoint Software! I trade forex, and yesterday I noticed the AUD/USD had just
made a big cross to the downside, so looked at the predicted range for the day, saw it was primed to go short and took a position.
It paid off big in just a short while and I closed the trade. I take small pieces out of the market and keep adding them to my balance!!

I am really getting the confidence from the accuracy of using VantagePoint Software and that is very important as you begin to make the trade.
Utah, USA,
Apr 12, 2017,
Registered user

Increased Confidence and Profits - what more do I need?

I am an mid level trader. I had experienced moderate success prior to VP. I would find myself lacking confidence and giving back the majority of profits when markets became choppy. Now after joining VP I find myself trading less frequently now than I did one year ago, but my profit per trade ratio has increased substantially. I can ride trends fully and avoid non-trending (ie unprofitable) time frames and stocks. I have used the program for approx one year. I have made the cost of the software back several times over, grown my account and most importantly to me I have a strategy that I now have confidence in. That means I can consistently profit and to me that is the key to success. I promised myself I would take one year to master VP, make my money back, build my account. Everything has happened for me quicker than anticipated which has been nice. I am satisfied with my purchase, my progress, my profitability and now know I can do this! That's a great feeling.
Chicago, USA,
Mar 13, 2017,
Registered user

A Very Powerful Tool

I want to first make clear that I am not employed by VantagePoint.

I have been a professional options and futures trader since 1994 and a floor trader for over 20 years.

After just a short time exploring the platform and working with the VantagePoint team, it was very clear to me that I had a new, very powerful tool at my disposal.

For me, the power of the platform lies in its simplicity. The scanning functionality makes my pre-market work much quicker and easier. The platform provides very clear and concise entry signals. It also provides fantastic risk management metrics to help you manage your trades.

In the time that I have been using the VantagePoint platform I can honestly say that it has provided me with many signals that frankly I would have missed using my past methodologies.
The Villages, USA,
Mar 13, 2017,
Registered user

Very effective predictive softwarewith great backup support from the company.

I’m sure I’m like many folks who look at software like this and think it can’t be as good as the claims. I am not a sophisticated trader and even struggled with some of the terminology, so I was very skeptical. My trading experience had been limited to just a couple of years and most of it was related to a bit of day trading low cost stocks and buying dividend stocks because I liked the idea of a monthly or quarterly check.
My motivation for trying some type of predictive software was my lack luster return in my IRA accounts. I didn’t feel like I was getting the best return in those accounts and decided to take control of those myself, in an effort to increase the return. I had three IRA accounts, each getting about 6% using the typical broker but felt that wasn’t enough.
I purchased Vantage Point and admittedly struggled at first because it has so many tools that are used to predict trends and prices. Thankfully Vantage Point assigns a mentor to each buyer so my mentor kept calling to coach me through my questions. They recommend paper trading for a month before making an actual stock purchase, and I definitely benefitted from that process. At one point I even tried to create my own method of reading the charts but of course that didn’t work and went back to the suggested methods.
The software is very intuitive with many different tools at your disposal, however in the beginning, during that paper trading period, you shouldn’t try to use all of those tools at once. Start with the basics then add charts and graphs a little at a time until you trust specific tools, then use the ones you trust.
Also, never trade based upon just one of the tools or indicators. Use the predictive tools to confirm the anticipated trend change.
I tend to be very methodical and use spreadsheets to track every stock I purchase. Each evening I’ll review the stocks the software has chosen then narrow those down to six or so. Next, I’ll use a variety of the charts to reduce those six down to just two or three of the best opportunities. I set my trade targets as soon as I buy and sell as soon as the stock hits the target. Yes, I will at times miss an opportunity to stay “in” longer but I am currently making an annualized rate over 25% on my money, so it works for me. Also, I do sometimes pick a stock that doesn’t trend up, and will have to wait before it reaches my target. Vantage Point claims 86% accuracy so sometimes it will be wrong. However, I find the predicted trend change always happens, but it might be a day or so later than the software predicted.
As I am getting more comfortable with the software, my success percentage is going up. I am hoping to get to 35% or more as a return, and believe that rate is entirely possible using this software. I use Vantage Point to tell me when a stock is in a “valley” or low point. I then purchase those that look like they are about to trend up then sell when the stock goes up. You don’t need to make 10%-20% on every trade. If you buy a stock and sell it a few days later, you only need to make 1% - 2% on each trade.
1% - 2% on every trade in just a few days translates to an annualized return of over 25%. That’s pretty easy to do using Vantage Point.
kiev, Ukraine,
Feb 16, 2017,
Registered user

5 stars for the vantage point product and company.

Please forgive as my native language is Italian, not English - when i started to trade 10 years ago i thought completely different than now, the psychological aspect , and the market interconnection end time wasting was the aspect more hard to overtake...finally i get vantage point,an everything changed.

first: the company is very helpful, they can help you with the settings of the software, and also give some information about the market, and the reaction of the software self, so you can better understand what to do, as told at the beginning, because if my language, for setting the intellscan , i just let them get into my pc, to organize it, i found it fantastic!! a person who listen to my trading strategy and fix, organize, set up live the software on my pc thousand ok miles away...

second, I i just need one click and the software in a couple of seconds screen all the market stock and database, this is fantastic saving time method , and now i can concentrate more time in new strategies, who can improve my equity line ($$$) the software is easy to use, now i set it up myself, and find new strategies, save portfolio, another point, the most important probably after time passed on trading is about the accuracy of the software, because is not only a great screener, which provide to have an intermarket analysis, but for the profit decision, so the exit point.

I much more relaxed now, because all my stocks are checked every day buy vantage point, and it will show up if something in the market is changing at global level, or if it is just a market price correction.
the full understand of the vantage point software was completed by reading the book of the company founder's , Louis Mendelsohn , and take part at the seminar in tampa, that was the greatest thin i did, 3 days full immersion with other traders, professional who show you other tecnic of trading, like future, options, combos, forex , and a great way to stay tuned with big traders

so in my opinion and for my experience, the software is very worth the money and you will make your money back and build the trading accounts with profits.
Indiana, USA,
Jan 25, 2017,
Registered user

Vantage Point software has changed my trading experience

Vantage Point software has changed my trading experience. It shows me the perfect entry point into a trade. Then, once in the trade, Vantage Point software is extremely valuable in helping me to monitor the trend so that I can stay in the trade longer. By closely monitoring the trend strength using Vantage Point I'm able to stay in the trade longer.
I used to make a lot of small gains that periodically got clobbered by a large loss. Now, I have been able to turn the tales and make larger gains that kill my smaller losses. Great stuff!
G Zum,
Tulsa OK, USA,
Oct 4, 2016,

Save Your Money For Trading

I have been attempting to find some value to using the VP software but I've totally failed to find any added value at all to using the so-called predictive indicators. I am a very seasoned technical trader and familiar with EMA crossover trading systems and also familiar with how to apply most of the confirming standard indicators available free on most trading platforms. Completely my fault that I paid $5k for the useless software plus expensive end of day data feed that should be free but as a warning to others please just save your money and develop your own trading system using the traditional EMAs and other free indicators. I have produced much better results trading a very simple real time 4/12 period EMAs with the crossovers as long or short signals then confirming with concurring DMI + or - with the strength of the crossover as measured the ADX required to be above 20 to help avoid choppy markets. Also much of my income comes from trading the SPX and that isn't covered by any of the VP packages as far as I know. Very disappointed in myself that I wanted so much to believe that neural networks and inter market analysis would make trading safer or easier but not the case for me.
Orlando Neto,
Sao Paulo, Brazil,
May 25, 2016,

You are probably reading it, because you are considering to acquire the Vantage Point Software, so let me tell you my personal history about it:

I have been in the trading business since 2002, but only in 2015 I was introduced to Vantage Point Software. In the beginning I was a little confused about having a software that is able to forecast the markets with 80%+ accuracy!

So I decided to try it.

Initially I was impressed with the support I receive from the VantagePoint teams, they do everything to make us comfortable with the platform.

After one month I upgraded my markets package!

The software is already a trading system, but you can also combine it with other systems and trading strategies.
I can assure that Vantage Point will take your trading to the next level.
Gordon Thomson,
Snowy Mountains, Australia,
May 20, 2016,

Hi all. I recently obtained a diploma in share trading and investment {wealth Within institute Australia} I first purchased Vantage Point around 2005 when they were just setting up for currency pairs for about $2,000 plus $300 per year for data feed. I thought I had found the holy grail.
Vantage point is garbage and a waste of time and money. If you use the same moving averages on MT4 platform as they use as predictive moving averages, it gives you almost the same result. The next day predicted high and lows are pathetic. I can predict it at least 30% better by just looking at the chart. The neural index for market direction is also a waste of time. I just look for lower highs and lower lows and vice versa which gives a better result.
The predictive medium & long term differences seem impressive at first, but you can achieve similar results using MacD and moving averages. Also the actual platform is very old and ancient and there is no back testing facility. In short you are better off just using MT4 platform with moving averages and MacD. I personally find for best results use a daily chart with ma10,ma5 for direction and find entry on 4 hour chart MacD ma20, ma10 using lower highs and lower lows and vice versa.
  1 trader has found this review helpful
Michael G,
May 12, 2016,

I am a modest trader still with much to learn and have been using the VantagePoint software for about a month now paper trading. 8 of 9 trades have resulted in profits. I've never day traded however a trade did pop for a 500 dollar profit in one day off a single lot of gold. By the way that was my first futures purchase. I see a lot of value in trades last 2 to more days for this software. You are able to get in at an appropriate time and daily see what is going to happen and where to adjust your stop loss.

The software for me appears so far to do 3 key things. Firstly, it saves me the time of both finding and reading charts for potential buys based on what's trending. Secondly, it minimizes my losses and maximizes gains by predicting the direction for 1,2, and 3 days in advance. Thirdly, when you know how to use secondary indicators and see what supporting markets are doing, you can confirm whether something is a solid buy or more on the risky side. Knowing what markets support one another is a learner curve. Their advisors/coaches have helped me with some of these. I believe people not successful with this software are solely looking for red and green lights to buy and sell without looking at the big pictures.

I give 4 stars because I have only had the software for abut a month. So far for myself and style of trading it is working well.
Chad G Thibodeaux,
Louisiana, USA,
May 12, 2016,

I purchased the VantagePoint software to help me with my trading because I was having trouble finding market direction. My coach was very good, he even helped me set up my charts. I find the software very user friendly. I have called support and they are always eager to help out. I do mostly day trading and now that I know the range of the market I am able to scalp and walk away with $100-S200 profit per trade. My win percentage increased since applying VantagePoint.
John Dupree,
Georgia, USA,
Apr 17, 2016,

VantagePoint Trading Software has taken trading to a whole new level. We as traders are always looking for more information to help us try and determine which way the market will move. VantagePoint gives me that information and is another tool in my trading too box. I have recovered half of my initial cost of the software in just 3 trades. You also are assigned a coach that walks you through the software and how it works. My coach even helped me set up my charts to my trading style. Thank You VantagePoint!!!
Arthur B,
Massachusetts, USA,
Mar 30, 2016,

I am both new to trading and new to VP. I have been using VP for 4 months. I mainly trade options and have found that the system not only helps me find trades, it also confirms trade set ups that I have found. I also have the VP Options Trader training program. It is well worth the price and has been extremely educational and helpful in setting up option trades. My trading account isn't that large, so I trade options and look for lower priced equities in VP. I have not kept track of winners and losers but when I rely on VP, my trades work out. If you have your own trading plan, then I recommend VP as a partner to your system. Based on my style of trading, I will recoup my purchase price within 15 months. One last item, the support is A+. You are assigned a coach who will meet with you at least once a week and he/she is always available via the phone or email every day.
Sam Lindsey,
Bellingham, WA , USA,
Mar 22, 2016,

I use Vantage Point in two areas and planning on a third. First, I trade options on day trade and swing basis. Without Vantage Point, I would be flying in the dark. This software saves me from making many bad trades and provides me the map to make good trades. I still make some mistakes of course, but nothing like I did before using the system.
It provides a clear idea of where the stock is and what it looks like for the next few days. It helps pick, track (if a longer term position is required), and definitely helps with identifying an entry and exit point.
Admittedly, it took a little while to get a good perspective of the function. To help I took advantage of the excellent training available and studied it closely but did use a simulation account for a while before going live. The training and service is as available as a person wants to engage. My experience was they set me up for training and I used it profusely but never was denied any effort it took for me to fully understand the system and how to use it. I still call every so often to better understand some aspect that I may not have been using. This software has deep rich function and does take a while to get fully acquainted enough to use the product in advance levels but it is easy to grasp for the basic functions.
Second, I trade the forex by using the software to determine the trades the night before. I do have a forex advisor who also uses the same Vantage Point applications I have, which helps him provide evaluation and pass on execution advice with consideration of the intermarket relationships. This is a successful endeavor for my position and forex expertise.
Third, I do plan on acquiring the futures package this week, which my evaluation indicates once again the software will be helpful in determining opportunity.
Overall, I have found Vantage Point to be effective in the evaluation options trades and forex trading and generally straight forward. I recommend it to anyone with an open mind and willingness to study the use of the software and learn how to achieve the accuracy level with which it has helped! Happy Trading! Sam
stephen hall,
Richmond, USA,
Mar 12, 2016,

Hello everyone thinking of purchasing vantagepoint software. I spent the money for the entire futures package and I am embarrassed to say how much it was because I was taken for a ride. The first lie is that it can be use "in any market and for any style of trading". TRUST ME it cannot be used as a day trading instrument. The only use it has is for swing and not even short swing like the supposed 2-3 day prediction they declare. Also lie number 2 is that it can be used for any instrument (forex/furtures stocks....). It is horrible for daytrading forex or futures. It is only made for slow moving instruments that you plan to hold on to for long periods of time, like a month at least, maybe 2 weeks if your entry is fortunate. Lie number 3 and this is the BIGGEST and worst of all, the touted neural index is better than 80% predictive. Thye then follow up with saying for the next 2-3 days?????? They claim to have mathematicians who have collected the data for years on a variety of instruments. TOTAL BS!!! Plug gas futures in (the RBOB future) and watch the nueral indicator dance up one day down the next then up again. All the while your losing if your following it by placing trades and it always seems a step behind??? Then it will find a good run and be correct about 4 days in a row. It is no better than a coin flip on an instrument that really moves. And it's laughable to think but i tried asking in depth about the track record of supposed 80% data and no one would provide it to me. And when I explained that I have years worth of proof that the neural indicator is useless for daytrading I was told that "it doesn't work that way!!!!". If an indicator is predicting up and the next day the market goes down, that not a misunderstanding on my part, that is just wrong. Plain and simple. I have several examples of fast moving futures that are always a day behind till you get a short run in hopes of making back all you lost during it's child like fits where it changes and lags everyday for about 5 days. The best lie of all is that for the price they offer no training. You will get emails about expensive sessions not included in the original costs of supposed affilliates who know how to trade using the software but none from themselves. They will send you a pdf or setup a live session where they setup a what they call portfolios designed for short term trading as that is what I purchased it for and then it's good luck. Thanks for your thousands of hard earned money. Hope this works for ya! Last deception, I won't call it a lie but just sleazy like the rest of the company, the data feed is another 300$ plus per year. And guess what. It's called a different name but when my phone rang to resubscribe, it rang as Vantagepoint but the lady said she was from the data feed service. It is the same company. These are the type of people your dealing with. Everything is word play and a hidden agenda. In conclusion, no real training without paying extra beyond the thousands it already costs. Datafeeds after the fact besides the thousands it cost. No one will provide actual data of the neural indicator's actual daily movement and real gains or losses if an actual person took a trade using it up long the nxt day and hold for the entire day or short and hold for the entire day.(i did on 15 futures for over a year and it's no better than a coin toss/ thankfully smart enough to use a live account but demo mode only otherwise would have lost my ASSets!!). That is a real test of the neural indicator, from day to day to day is it plain right or wrong, no BS. It is useless and when I told a staff member about my results she did not deny it but told me I was using it the wrong way. That is hilarious. If something is supposed to be up and i buy at market open and it closes down at the close, guess what???? It's wrong. There is no fudging that. Run from this company as if your house was on fire and your pants were doused in gas. See what I did there, I tied RBOB gas future right back in since it performed the worst of all the instruments I tested.
  1 trader has found this review helpful
Texas, USA,
Feb 11, 2016,

Amazing! Vantage Point is a highly accurate predictive neural network software package, that compares and does an analysis on all markets, to come up with a highly accurate trade prediction for whatever market you maybe trading.
I am an experienced full time trader for over 7 years, and I had purchased Vantage Point about 1 year ago, I have never once regreted that decision and I am very satisfied with it. I admit that at first I thought this software was a
bit on the pricy side, and also I felt like I did not need it because I was already satisfied with my own trading skills. but because of very high accuracy claims I decided to give it a shot and purchase it. You have to take the
time to learn this software very well, which for me took a few weeks to learn it and then incorporate it into my own trading methods. Also for me this software works for Day, Swing or Position trading styles on all markets.
This Vantage Point software guickly scans all markets and finds the good trades and their predicted targets, which saves me alot of time and energy, so I can stay in perspective and focus on trading what it finds. You can then use
Vantage Point's analysis of it's predicted trades and their targets, to use it as a confirmation tool to compare your analysis to Vantage Point's. When Vantage Point and my analysis match, confirming to take the trade, I can then
confidently put more leverage/money on that trade. Vantage Point is just like having my own trading partner. I really enjoy checking Vantage Point's analysis of the markets on the previous night, to plan my next day trades and
getting up in the morning, drinking my coffee while having my trades already planned. Last but not least I would like to Thank the company for making this fantastic software as well as the the customer service department,
which is the best I have ever experienced. They worked with me until I got it right. So in my opinion, whether you are just starting or are an advanced trader, this software can greatly help you. I would not hesitate to recommend
Vantage Point software to anybody.

Charles Porterfield,
Shady Spring,WV, USA,
Jan 15, 2016,

I bought the software when I decided to get serious about trading and investing and since I love the mental challenge I wanted to do it myself. I have always had trouble trusting other's advice as I have seen the uninformed lose a lot of money by not paying attention. I did not truly appreciate the full uses of the software at first and I would recommend watching the tutorials. I also recommend buying the Williams indicators that are offered. These two indicators have saved my neck more than once by warning of impending sell-offs and showing underlying accumulation not visible on the raw data. Made a great trade in nat gas using the software and also avoided the entire sell off in the stock market we are now having (Jan 2016). This software is the reason. The indicators are also excellent at showing the end of a trend and allowing exit or initiation of an option position. If you buy the software, get to know it. It has a lot to offer if you take the time to learn it.
Teresa L,
California, USA,
Jan 5, 2016,

I started using VantagePoint 6 years ago for my stocks and option trading. I am still using it before I place my position as the software gives me insights to help me confirm the trend. I like to use the neural index and look at its strength - very useful if you are trying to decide if the trend will continue. Vantagepoint has the best customer support I have had. They have quick response time, and the staff are courteous and helpful. Vantage point offers free training the first year you bought it (after that you have a pay a fee for the live tutorial), so make sure you make good use to it. Overall I am happy with the software and would recommend to others.
Jack Evans,
Palm Springs, USA,
Dec 23, 2015,

I originally purchased VantagePoint because I was looking to take that next step as a trader. After careful review I decided to purchase VantagePoint, and have not been disappointed. The software has allowed me to be more diligent and precise in my trading, and has made it possible to make money when, before, I was struggling. The accuracy of VantagePoint is outstanding and has opened up trading opportunities that I would have never seen. The easy to use software is not the only thing great about adding VantagePoint to your trading arsenal, the Customer Service team is very professional, intelligent, and helpful. I am very thankful to have found this great service and feel that it will be beneficial to anyone who uses it.
Ted Cox,
Michigan, USA,
Dec 3, 2015,

I have been actively trading for over seven years and purchased Vantage Point software almost two years ago. I found they are a team of long service people dedicated to helping the retail and professional trader win the war in the market. The education and technical support teams are excellent. The predictive software is very accurate and easy to use. I could not duplicate the sophistication of data on my own. Utilizing Vantage Point dramatically improved my entry and exit points on trades, thus, improving my results. I would not trade without it.
M. Davidson,
Tel Aviv, Israel,
Nov 24, 2015,

I trade for more than 18 years and used Vantage Point (VP) from 2006. It's an excellent tool in the right hands. It needs learning and paper trading, and when you start understanding its potential it pays itself rather quickly, depending of your trading style. The AI (artificial intelligence) algorithm is sometimes uncanny exact, the reverse points (aka - when market reverses itself are on the dot, as said - uncanny). Being familiar with AI, I enjoy the results of VP, especially its inter-market analysis. I trained a number of students and I also conducted webinars on trading based on VP. A new user must understand that VP is a tool and that he/she need training. Is like buying a performance car, you need to learn how to use it, no matter that you have being driving for the last 30 years. Trading in my opinion in these days is technology and information together with your own analysis of the markets. VP is giving you an edge, in a nutshell. Its "IntelliScan" a scanning sub-tool of markets that can be traded is really good - some 60 indicators which you can assemble in different modes, make life easy. One of the questions that almost any new student was asking - what about the 80% accuracy? The answer is simple - it's accurate if you keep it simple. Together with basic fundamental info, you can create a trading plan that can be used for years and years and the accuracy is there. My personal trading: Forex markets, future markets and a few US and Israeli stocks; and I'm spending about 30 minutes a day only !!
There is another item about VP that I like very much - its technical support. It resolved problems in the same day (there is a 7 hours time difference !!) even when done by remote - Salute !!
Hal Brent,
Connecticut, USA,
Nov 17, 2015,

I have been trading for over 30 years and want to say I have used Vantage Point's Software to help me determine and then trade all asset classes, from equities, treasuries, currencies and commodities. I prefer to use either Options or Futures and when I use Vantage Point to help determine and confirm a trending environment I will place my trade. I have paid for this product over and over many times with the trades I have placed and I would highly recommend this product to others that tend to be late the dance on a directional trade.
Wisconsin, USA,
Nov 13, 2015,

I have more than 40 years of trading experience so I have seen a lot of gadgets, gizmos, pie-in-the-sky claims. That’s why I did my homework when I looked into VantagePoint. It seemed rather pricey at first glance, and I almost passed it by. But now, after more than 9 years of using VantagePoint, I can say that this software was well worth the price and has become the backbone of my trading approach.

Based on my experience with VantagePoint and its emphasis on intermarket analysis and neural network searches, I find that VantagePoint develops a unique set of price data points that produce proprietary indicators that look ahead, not backward like most analytical software that I had used in the past. These predictive indicators provide early alerts about price moves – sometimes days ahead of traditional indicators. Clues like this are especially valuable for catching trends in their early stages, either for longer-term holding positions or for shorter-term trades.

Although I have a lot of market experience, I am not a programmer nor a computer whiz. I am probably at an intermediate level when it comes to technology. But this software is user friendly and in the rare event when I needed any help, the customer service has been excellent – the best I’ve seen in the trading industry (or any industry, for that matter).

So how valuable is this software compared to its price? I wouldn’t think of trading without it!
Denver, USA,
Nov 11, 2015,

I turned to VantagePoint because I was tired of being directionally correct about the big FX moves, but my timing was off so I was leaving money on the table. I have tried FX robots, trading rooms and other avenues, but this is the first tool that has really helped. VantagePoint has given me confidence to get in trades earlier, especially the USD pairs, and stay with them longer. What I also like is that it is really easy to use and that I didn’t need to spend hours integrating it with my other trading tools.
Norman ,
Chicago , USA,
Nov 10, 2015,

I purchased VantagePoint earlier this year and it has been a great solution for me. I can spend a few minutes each evening screening for stock trades that I like. Since it’s my IRA and I can only trade from the long side, VantagePoint’s intelliscan finds trades that meet my criteria. I am comfortable with US equities, especially tech stocks, and even with the recent volatility and the down market, I’m up 17% so far this year.
Yes, I was skeptical and didn’t really want to shell out the initial investment, but the folks at VantagePoint have backed up their claims. They helped me install it on my Mac and were still there for me last month when I got a new laptop. I’ve definitely made my money back and more from VantagePoint.
Brandon Jones,
Oct 8, 2015,

I use VantagePoint predictions in combination with what I know about the market context. This means studying and keeping up with the market. It means understanding what it means to the market when the media constantly discusses the Fed’s decision to raise or not raise rates, for example. I can draw a more informed conclusion about market direction, which then puts the prediction in a more informed context.
The bottom line is that there is no “magic software” that will make you a better trader or investor if you do not study and understand the market and the tool. If you are looking for magic, then you should be prepared to be disappointed and write a bad review about any trading software you purchase because it will not give you the results you seek. If you are looking for a solid tool that will work in conjunction with your own knowledge and understanding of the market, then VP will work for you extremely well as it has for me since mid - 2006.
I did have a healthy dose of skepticism when I first made the purchase, but within a short period of time “seeing is believing” and I saw that this tool did work and was going to help me build up my trading and retirement accounts. VP provides value to me as predictive tool that points my eyes in the right direction way more than half the time, which is the edge I need to win more than I lose.
For me, VP is a solid tool that helps find the good trades and the software has paid for itself many, many, many times over.
Matt ,
Florida, USA,
Sep 23, 2015,

I have used VantagePoint for almost 4 years to trade all markets, commodities, stocks, and Forex. When I first began trading, I was only in the Forex markets trading about 22 different pairs. The VantagePoint software is ideal for this, as its indicators are based off a technology geared to look at the interrelated nature of markets. This is extremely important for trading Forex, for example let's say I wanted to go short the Euro against the Australian dollar. To get a good entry on a short term position I not only have to determine how much strength intraday the Aussie may have, but also have a good idea of how the euro will trade moving forward.

VantagePoint does an excellent job at determining and weighing the factors that effect the short term price of a single Forex market, by not just analyzing the one markets price action, but 20+ related markets that are known to effect how both the Aussie and euro are likely to trade going forward. For example, the factors effecting a EUR/AUD position, could be extremely wide ranging. The value of certain commodities, the US Dollar, European and Australian equity markets all play a role. VantagePoints Neural Networks analyze all this data and deliver a single output, essentially a forecast, to make your trading decisions.

The software will produce a set of predicted moving averages, that forecast average prices 1-3 days ahead, as well as neural index which is an extremely accurate 2 day forecasts, and also a predicted high and low for the next trading day. Personally I mostly use the output to find 2-5 day opportunities, since I can use the extremely accurate 2 day indicator, combined with the predicted high or low to catch nice swings in the market. Additionally, the software will tell you if it would be wise to hold a position longer, which in Forex allows you to place your stop and take advantage of major reversals and long term trends as well.

VantagePoint isn't a black box trading system, you need to determine what type of trade you want to take, however, if you make your decisions based on the software's output, you will benefit from it's accuracy, both on the profit side, but also on the losses side, by getting you out of the market long before the damage is done. I would recommend to any trader out there although especially traders who want to get into Forex. I couldn't imagine trading a cross pair without it!
philip ferrone,
new york, USA,
Sep 22, 2015,

I had purchased the program back in 2005.Having highly positive results I have kept adding on over the years.I now proudly and profitably posses all the categories available although I may not trade all of them I still wanted them for future use.I have been trading for 15 years ,10 years successfully with the trader tech software.I would highly reccomend and endorse it to be great product.
Johannesburg, South Africa,
Aug 6, 2015,

Very clever marketing & misuse of statistics have resulted in a product that looks and sounds wonderful with great endorsements, however it offers absolutely no edge in the market at all.
I spent manny thousands of dollars & it was a total waste.
I would even go so far as to call it a scam.
Stay away !!
  1 trader has found this review helpful
Calgary, Canada,
Jul 29, 2015,

Vantage Point is over priced garbage. It cost me around $5000 and all they offered was a 14 day money back guarantee. You would think for a system that boasts a whopping "up to 86% accuracy" that they would have a better return policy. I used it to trade stock options. Within 4 months my entire trading account was wiped out. I trusted this system to deliver and it didn't. The accuracy was more like 20%. The catch words are "up to". That could mean anything. 5%, 10% ...whatever. That was in 2011 and I'm trying to rebuild my account still to this day. I went to the Better Business Bureau to issue a complaint. I decided to post here because I got an eamil from Rob Booker promoting this garbage. So they obviously are using affiliates to promote their scam system. Don't give them one red cent of your money! I wish I could go back to the day their sales guy called me and did his cherry picked chart presentation. I would tell him to kiss my a** and hang up.
California, USA,
Feb 4, 2015,

Vantage Point in my opinion is overpriced and probably a borderline ripoff. You can predict price of a given stock more accurately using floor trader pivots and calculate the next day's range using a pivot calculator app on your phone. I have compared multiple times VP's estimate of PCLN to the pivots and the pivots are more accurate. Spend $ on learning a good platform like Tradestation and simple have charts of different time periods with a MACD if you want to see what the trend is. Having traded stock index futures for the past 2 years, knowing the specific index of your stock and the related floor trader pivot levels will help you more. As far as intermarket analysis, sounds like BS. Know the correlations of the Japanese Yen and Bonds to stock action is important.
For the pivot levels, I use Trade The markets rolling pivots since all of the daily, monthly and weekly mid and regular pivots are labeled clearly.
I only use the stocks so cannot comment of currencies or other commodities.
Also, you have to pay about $30 a month data feed which could be applied to a real platform.

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What is Vantage Point Software?

Vantage Point Software is a trading software company created by Louis B. Mendelsohn.

VantagePointSoftware develops indicators that try to predict the changes in market trend direction.

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