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Vantage Point Software

Louis Mendelsohn

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Vantage Point Software

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2.566 · 191 REVIEWS
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J Klauser,
Feb 7, 2006,

Hi I bought the software and it´s bullshit.
The forecast from the software is like dema or kama moving averages. In a strong move the signal is profitable but a simple moving averages cross also. And in sideway moves it whips you off.
Cory Christofferson,
Feb 7, 2006,

As I continued to read I came across your vantage point review. I owned it for 12 markets. It's the biggest waste of money for me to date. Totally worthless with no support from their staff. I tried it for a few months and totally threw it away and wiped it off my computer
Erik Kusk,
Feb 7, 2006,

About Vantage Point, the salesman said that you could just trade when the 2 lines cross and make a decent living with their system. I thought, why do you call it a tool and not a trading system. Where are the backtested results? He sent me a 1 year chart of the EUR/USD showing the crosses of the two lines and I saw a few trades that would have worked and a lot of whipsaws that would have killed me. No thanks.
Andrzej Jasionowski,
Feb 12, 2006,

About VanatgePoint, it is piece of shit. I purchased it for almost 4 grand! Two days after receiving it, I backtestedevery and each one of the markets (69 or so)they offered over ten years historical data they work with (from other providers), so about 690 years of data, and the result was mere 25% to 35% hit ratio at best, which is less than most stupid moving average without optimizations. Their signals arecompletely erratic.
They have no return policy, but hey, I threatened them with a lawsuit, and they re-paid all the money. Just be firm, lodge complaint on bbb, etc. I have not lodged the complaint, because I got my money back (less the $100 or sopostage), so I was cool.
Peter Lalewicz,
Feb 14, 2006,

Yes it is a scam. But for those that cannot get their money back here is a solution. You can go to the forexfactory forum on Vantage Point the site is : They are working on making some kind of system which will give consistent results. You can read the messages that they write and also maybe help with the creation of a system, but from what i have glanced at each system is at negative this month :( But it's worth a chance to get at least some of your money back eventually! :) Make sure to trade demo first though!
Feb 18, 2006,

Hi guys...I bought the VP: But when I read their contract:ie If you use this system even once on your computer you can not get a refund..So I sent it back and got my $4500 back: I was still considering to buy it until I saw all your input; Thanks for saving me $4500 TAD FX
Tim Walter,
Mar 2, 2006,

And here I thought that I was the only Vantage Point SUCKER who couldn't get the software to work right! I've had the software for almost 3 years, and I also did my own backtesting after the software arrived. And, in the same words as some of these other folks, their 80% prediction rate was the biggest BS that I'd ever heard! Unfortunately, this site wasn't available at the time, and also unfortunately, I didn't request an immediate refund. So, I suppose that I'm stuck with trying to make it all back through my own intelligent trading. Funny...I also saw a red flag when they told me that there was no money back guarantee...but what sold me was when they put me in touch with another "customer" who had the software, and was generating INCREDIBLY returns! I talked to this person, and of course, he wasn't really willing to give me any of his strategies! Amazing (yeah, right) whe! n I tried to call him a couple months later to ask him questions, and he was nowhere to be found! Well, my Vantage Point contact told me that he had gone through some serious health problems, and that was the reason I couldn't get in touch with him. Now, I consider myself to be an intelligent person, but I'm very disappointed in myself for falling for all of this CRAP! Plese don't be as stupid as I was...don't buy this stuff! Get Neuroshell Trader, or something similar, where you can create your own neural strategies. Now if I only knew a way to recoup some of my money from these guys!
Apr 1, 2006,

Watch out for high pressure tactics from Vantage point if you have bought any stuff from them. I bought their $995 special a few months ago and now they are pressuring me to upgrade. Its not a real scam, but beware anyway.
Robert Wilhelm,
Apr 10, 2006,

You are all apparently not using your consultant at Market Technologies correctly. I have been a client for 2 years...I have all 69 markets and I love the moves I catch. When I initially had difficulties with the software, I called my consultant and they worked with me until i was comfortable. Sorry if you can't figure out simple charts...perhaps you shouldn't be trading or looking for "Get Rich Quick Schemes". If that is the case, you deserve to lose money. I am not sure how Mr. Homogratus can "review" the software when he has never used it. I will admit they are a little high pressure with their sales tactics, but if it benefits be it. I did negotiate with my sales rep...but it's not like they gave me the software. I initially purchased 10 markets for around $4,000. And have since added all of them over the mast several months simply because their offers were too good to pass up. I was already ahead of the game, so why get the rest and give myself some more action. I was told that they don't give refunds, because they like to work with serious traders...not the "tirekickers" of the trading world. That only serves to cause trouble over the long haul. I would say that spending $4K plus has made me a serious trader. They also gave me a great customer of theirs to speak to...he and I still talk to this day. I would say that if you have had difficulties, chances are GREAT that it's not the software. With guys like Lou Mendelsohn; Daryl Jobman and John Murphy involved...I like my chances.
William Harris,
Apr 19, 2006,

Stay away there a bunch of jokers all it is are two moving averages that are how could i say it customized .. i can make the same personalize moving average with my own software which i sent via email to them with the exact lines own my own charts to them proving that it nothing more than this did i get a reply RIP OFF STAY WELL AWAY

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Vantage Point Software?

Vantage Point Software is a trading software company created by Louis B. Mendelsohn.

VantagePointSoftware develops indicators that try to predict the changes in market trend direction.

Does Vantage Point Software Really Work?

Unbiased users reviews on ForexPeaceArmy is the best way to answer if Vantage Point Software really works.

Please come back often as reviews get updated and added by users from time to time.

Additionally, we'd recommend to check recent Vantage Point Software community discussions:

How much does Vantage Point Software cost?

Vantage Point Software is available in 4 packages.

  • Entry Level: $2,900
  • Essentials: $5,900
  • Most Popular: $7,900
  • Most valuable: $9,900