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Vantage Point Software

Louis Mendelsohn

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Vantage Point Software

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2.566 · 191 REVIEWS
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Apr 30, 2008,

I think its time for this company to be highlighted as Skam to protect any future would-be purchasers of their garbage software.

Mr X Parts Unknown.

It would seem that you have the evidence required to have this company officially pursued. Hope you might consider spending a little of your valuable time starting that process. Otherwise, what is the point of this Skam website if it has no teeth. What hard evidence do you have that the sofware is not based upon very valid neural inter-market algorithms ? What you have said so far matches my exact perception of the company but some more solid evidence of fraud is needed if this vermin is to be killed off.

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chris woodrow,
Feb 5, 2009,

VP are an absolute disgrace.You are charged exorbitant prices for a system bragging 80% accuracy yet in reality its more like 50% no better than tossing a coin.After you show them your losing trades and the total failure of their system you would expect to be offered your money back, but true to the typecast of scammers you are told no refunds.THIS IS A SCAM DO NOT BUY IT.
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Me in the UK,
London, UK,
Jan 28, 2009,

Can I just say thanks for all the reviews... and thanks to the site for helping a starting trader know where to NOT spend software money...
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May 30, 2007,

It's all very plausible. Buy their (expensive) service; buy someone else's end-of-day data service; invest your money; and in 80% of cases you will profit. No real proof, of course. And there is no refund policy. Just have faith and, believe me, the world will be your's. The problem with this product is that there is no real explanation of how it works and no means of evaluation - until you've paid your money and invested your capital. Then it might be too late. I don't know whether this is a scam. It doesn't have to be - but it's certainly suspiciously short of proven. I think that blind faith should be restricted to matters religious.
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Sep 17, 2007,

I was about to sign up but then I discovered your site. After reading the reviews on the site, I decided to compare the supposed signals provided against what a simple MA and Exponential MA would look like. And lo and behold they overlapped. I asked for 12 months past historical data (2006 aud/usd) and they were only able to provide 3 months data. Also the aggressive sales also put me off. Felt like I was dealing with a used car salesman trying to convince me that the dud car he was selling me was a deal of the century.

But may work for some. I would have tried it if they had a trial period with a money back garauntee. For a company that is so confident of their product and have been supposedly in the market for 28 years they sure are secretive.

Be wary.
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May 31, 2007,

A poor package providing very little predictive value.The indicators ,trend lines and moving averages are no better than conventional ones. I found no evidence of improved leadtimes with any of these tools.The next day predicted high/low i found to be correct in direction only, between 60 to 70% of the time and as yet do not see anyway to trade this statistic.I am currently working with their neural index indicator and as yet formed no opinion of its value.
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VP User,
Nov 20, 2007,

I have used VantagePoint V7 for about 4 months. I spend from 2-4 hours a day, 5 days a week for 4 months sitting in front of my computer trying to get the program to work for me. I have created various spreadsheets from VP data to try to generate signals for me or to assist me in choosing trades. In the end I realized that it's just not worth it.
Their 80% accuracy claim is correct but only from the standpoint of their method of calculation. If you paid close enough attention you would have noticed that 80% is not derived from the blue line crossing the black line as the sales reps would like you to believe but from the nueral index only. The NI method of calculation is as such: The NI tries to forecast whether the average of today and the next 2 days midpoint price is going to be greater or less than the average of today and the past 2 days midpoint price. Market tech (VP) claims that the NI is valid in this prediction 80% of the time.
So for those of you that think it's simply the blue line crossing the black line as the sales reps claim think again. The sales reps are very pushy and very good at what they do. None of them trade for themselves as they claim that it's a conflict of interest.
At the time that I talked to them they did have a refund policy of 15 days. On top of that they told me that if I did return the software within the 15 day period they would credit my entire amount back plus $500 just for trying their software.
Their software is extremely expensive for what it has. If their accuracy claim is based only off the NI then I don't see a point in any of the other indicators that they have.
I rate this software as a No rating because it's based on fraudulant advertising and sales tactics. It may work for some people but it didn't work for me.
New York,
Sep 23, 2007,

I almost bought the software. The salesman was trying harder and harder to get my sales, then I started wondering, " if the software is so good, why is he trying so hard to sell it when he could have made all the money in the world himself?"
It just doesn't make sense to me.
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Jan 14, 2008,

I personally order this software to assist in managing our accounts. Since I am an avid systems designer I did not find any thing special about the software regardless of the technical mumbo jumbo. They did give us a refund without any difficulty.
I did find the software is significantly over priced for the performance. If U desire to match the 2 lines closely I think you will find utlizing a 10 day SMA and a 2 day smooth will mimic closely what we saw on the screen.< Personally I would not reveal this discovery if I didn't think they were grossly overcharging folks for the software. Best of luck traders.
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Mr. X,
Parts Unkown,
Jul 19, 2008,


Last time I posted, I left this website and put it out of my mind.

I revisted it recently and saw your comments directed at me.

At your request, I have decided to do something about it. I have a new investigative piece coming out in a local newspaper that will expose companies like this and their shady sales practices.

It won't all be on Vantagepoint, but they are on my radar screen and they will be mentioned.

It's a shame that there are companies out there that do business this way...and the fact that the SEC hasn't shut them down says to me that they are lining the SEC's pockets under the table.

If prison was a suitable punishment for business that operate in a less than ethical manner when it comes to their sales practices...this website wouldn't even be around. It wouldn't have to be.

Again...I don't think their product in necessarily bad. It is probably a pretty helpful tool (NOT TO BE USED ALONE - AND NOT TO PAY THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS FOR); But I know for a fact that their sales practices and forms of intimidation are sketchy at best.

And to drink their $200 - $300 bottles of champagne when they hit new milestones in sales seems like a crime when traders are losing their life savings due to the way these slick talkers stack the deck in their favor.

Anyone that is on here posting positive messages about this software is an absolute pro at trading and doesn't use VantagePoint as their only tool and have most likely studied economics at some point in their lives...or they are on the company's payroll.

You decide.
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What is Vantage Point Software?

Vantage Point Software is a trading software company created by Louis B. Mendelsohn.

VantagePointSoftware develops indicators that try to predict the changes in market trend direction.

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How much does Vantage Point Software cost?

Vantage Point Software is available in 4 packages.

  • Entry Level: $2,900
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