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Updated: Oct 24, 2018
2.708 · 186 REVIEWS
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2.708 · 186 REVIEWS
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Jeff Reynolds,
Rock Hill, SC, USA,
Oct 22, 2018,

Using Vantage Point for trading FOREX takes the anxiety out of my trading. I know before the day starts where my profit and exit points are without an

I started using Vantage Point nearly 5 years ago for trading stocks with good success. Then I added a few FOREX pairs, wondering if they could actually work there as well. After a couple of weeks of testing I figured out that the Predicted High and Lows were amazingly spot on! Since then I actually draw the VP PHigh & PLow lines on my trading charts every evening in preparation for the next day’s trading. Many days if that market is not trending I have had good success trading to the predicted high for the day, reverse my position and trade it right back down to predicted low. It doesn’t get much simpler than that!
The support people have been great to me and they also listen to suggested add ones or changes from a traders perspective.
San Jose CA, USA,
Aug 1, 2018,
Registered user

My experience with VantagePoint trading software has been very satisfactory.

I have been using their VantagePoint software as far back as 2009. In more recent years, I have started using their TradeShark software as well. I find their products to be tremendous tools for finding and managing trades. There are many indicators that are available to be used and it allows you to slice and dice your analysis in any number of ways. I also appreciate the ability to export scans and historical recaps into an Excel spreadsheet. I have used this feature many times to back test how a certain strategy performs utilizing price and the various predicted price and indicator values. Their staff has always been readily available to answer questions or concerns. I have also used their staff to kick around ideas and concepts allowing me to take advantage of some of the nuances that I may not have noticed before. I have been fortunate to attend several of their conferences in Tampa giving me further insight as to how various professionals in the field are utilizing the software. The thing I find interesting is that many of these professionals have different trading styles and even differences of opinions as to market analysis. Nonetheless, they all are able to use the software to their great satisfaction. I will admit that I have occasionally explored some other outfit’s trading software. But I always come back to VantagePoint as it most closely meets my needs and requirements for my style of trading. I no longer have to guess where my profit targets and stops should be. It does take some effort to get the most out of the software; but with proper trade management I believe any user will be quite happy with their trading results.
Saint Croix, Virgin Islands, U.S.,
Aug 1, 2018,
Registered user

More experienced now, Vantagepoint has treated me very well

Very pleased with my decision to purchase the Vantagepoint trading software. I had looked at it about 5 years ago when I started trading and thought it was pricey. I was using some indicators on my brokerage platform (tradestation at the time - now using interactive brokers). I think i did not fully understand the power of the software because I was so new. I now understand indicators and trading and when I found vantage point again I checked it out and things clicked and I took the plunge. I made my money back fast - about 40 days.....trading stocks. I purchased the forex pakage recently and already made that money back too. I have paid for the software several times over in 6 months. I wish I had acted on vantagepoint 5 years ago, but the past is the past....just glad I was smart enough to act on it this time around. I did have one issue printing charts, but support fixed that fr me. other than that i did not need much help as it has been a smooth process. Keep up the good work Vantagepoint. Thanks Ben
Robert Mayorga,
McAllen Texas, USA,
Jul 12, 2018,
Registered user


BEST IN CLASS! {€^¥^£^¢^&%} Trader Tech Vantage Point has made AI simple, easy to use and user friendly. In my FX trading it's quite pipy to know in advance which direction the market is going. The Majors have proven sucess, time after time. I practice Risk Management professionaly, and I must say Vantage Point is a higher high and a higher low at several points in time. From a comsumer standpoint it's something which is a tool used in your business no matter small or big. I purchased the software upgrade and made the investment back plus half as much again in the same day, without too much exposure to loss. It works full screen or running in miniturized mode allowing for toggling between your trading platform and VP10s info charts with predicted highs and lows intraday in realtime. I must say, as a company, VantagePoint Software is quite professional and ports only the utter level of repect towards it's clientel. So, for VP10 and crew,
for all you do, this ones for you!
Steve Losie,
Georgia, USA,
Jul 4, 2018,

Not worth the cost.

Product is for a limited selection of stocks, ETF's, Futures unless you pay extra for them. You can not add to the list on your own. Idea is for software to provide a glimpse into the future one or two days, Provides future trade range for the next day. They say 80% accurate. I did not run a series on it to confirm, but 80% is aggreesive. Typically when the signals line up, it appears only a short move remains. Not always true, but mostly. Support. Yes, but their information is limited to "when these characteristics line up like this....". It has value, but not at the $4000 price they charge plus annual data fees. If you decide to try it, you only have 2 weeks to cancel. I have been at it for a couple months, and hope I can get a return on the cost in the first year. Tried to cancel in the 3rd week. Nope. We will give you more support. So far not hopeful. if you are scalping, it would work. For bigger moves, very difficult to tell what will be good and what won't. I have seen a few, but not ones I selected. How do you know? They switched trainers for me. I a little better, but after 5 years on the job he can not answer the question. Mostly avoids answering. The Trader Success person is suppose to line me up with a "real trader" who uses it. One week and counting. We will see.
Michael RayBould,
Montreal, Quebec, Canada,
Jun 27, 2018,

Vantage Point Software: Delays, delays, and more delays when trying to get a refund.

Vantage Point Software: Only works on a PC NOT Mac. Then "try" to get a refund! Misrepresentation at its worst
Kevin S,
Virginia, USA,
Apr 28, 2018,

Perfect for people who want to consistently lose money. Accuracy claim is a flat-out lie.

The high-pressure sales tactics should have been my first clue, but it seemed to be a time-saving way to scan for trades, so I allowed myself to be talked into paying $4,800 for the software with access to all of their available US ETFs and stocks. Big mistake. Other than the "neural" indicator (the inter-market analysis that supposedly provides the vaunted "86% accuracy," the indicators are run-of-the-mill studies that are provided (with greater flexibility) in any free charting package. as for the "neural" indicator itself, it is totally useless. After averaging a steady loss of 1.5% per trade, I have stopped using it. If you're considering buying it, I suggest flushing a few hundred $$ down the toilet just to see how it feels. It may keep you from making a 4- or 5-figure mistake.
CAlf, USA,
Apr 27, 2018,


Very simple software, not worth the money. high powered sales people. Huge mistake. I am disputing it with my CC company. Not enough stocks in it. I asked if there were small caps.. they assured me there were.. hardly any.. the stocks I checked out had already gone up so what is this worth? You would really have to be on it to use this. I can use my free tools better than this.. TOS is way better and FREE with TD ameritrade. Don't get sucked into their sales people. Do NOT BUY THIS. Put that money into trading.
Houston, USA,
Jan 30, 2018,

not just junk but also waist you time.

It's expensive. beside several thousand dollars for software, there's $600 data fee every year! (the sales person probably won't tell you)
You'll realize it's worth nothing after few days study.
They claim the software predict with 80% correctness. It's all depend on how you calculate.
For example: a stock close at $100. you say tomorrow will be up. you are 50% right. you can achieve 80% right by predict this stock will be $95 to $105. that is what the VantagePoint software doing.

only by the software with free try
Phila, USA,
Dec 6, 2017,

Step Away From The Buy Button

I write this review, as I am about to delete the $5,000 VP program off my computer.

Yes that should get your attention.

I accept full responsibility for the most expensive mistake I have made in 20 years of trading .
I bought into the system when I was looking for a quicker way to find leads as to which stocks warranted further due diligence.
The program did not do that; In fact it really did nothing unique or useful.
I did their training, really just reading the booklet that you get. When I called and said I can’t get the promised results they let me talk the same session again. The results were the same.
Next I get a notice that “advanced training “ could be had for a mere $300.00 more!
If you buy into this scam you will be like me in a year, feeling your stomach churn every time you see or hear Vantage Point