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Updated: Sep 7, 2018
3.551 · 10 REVIEWS
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3.551 · 10 REVIEWS
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Jul 3, 2010,

EconomicHitman non of those reasons merit a 1 star, maybe your a competitor? Otherwise save the 1 star for "Terrible or possible unethical behavior", not for honest services with fair results. We are one of the very few signal providers with 100% honest/transparent results. We have made reasonable rates of return with low drawdown. We count spread costs and we don't use deceptive "1-2-3 targets" to artificially accumulate pips, we show what matters... our equity curve as recorded. But no, we don't promote a get rick quick mentality and we don't guarantee "3000 pips a month". Anyone can do a trial and see we are real traders with a focus on capital preservation and realistic returns.
New York, NY,
Feb 24, 2008,

I was greatly disappointed with this product. I expected to get at least 2-3 signals a day. I barely got 3 in a one week period and those signals were weak at best. I also noticed that these signals came in at 2-3 a.m. est. If this is what they do for the one week trial I hate to see what happens when you subscribe.
New York,
Jan 2, 2008,

I have been using this service for a few months. The results were at best mixed. I was stopped out for a loss with many of thier recommendations. Those that were profitable resulted in only modest gains. So far I have found thier record less than commendable. I too, would have preferred a few good recommendations than a lot of fair ones.

In additon, thier alerts are mostly sent around the opening of the London market. If you do not live in the GMT time zone this becomes a problem, because you may not be at the computer when the alert is recieved and by the time you get there it may be too late.

This service is really not worth the money. I do not plan to renew when my subscription expires. However, to be fair, the market in general has been pretty crazy the last few months and hard to call.
BC, Canada,
Dec 25, 2007,

I have used this service recently and although I didn't receive a great number of signals weekly, I found the majority of there signals to be very accurate. I personally would much rather receive fewer successful trade signals than many mediocre signals. If you are looking for miraculous signals keep looking. If you're looking for good signals and honest results I would recommend these guys.
Rob Foster,
Dec 19, 2007,

Well, i was hoping to see some good signals and service from this company as it looked very promising, but...so far i'm not happy.

1. Their software that is supposed to alert you when a signal is released has never worked.
2. I've only recieved 4 signals in a 5 days and everyone of them hit their stoploss.
3. Don't know about you but i make more than 4 trades a week and only 1 in 10 will hit the stoploss so i don't know why i would bother wasting my money.

Maybe next week or the week after they might make some pips, but they made some obvious mistakes so i wouldn't bother.
Nov 28, 2007,

They're really very good. Their signals are easy to use and very powerful..what's more important that you can really follow those signals, not like some other providers where its impossible to achieve performance they publish..thanks
Sep 1, 2007,

I have paid service for 3 month and have results for Aug 2007. I profit +88 pips using this service, I also wanted to note- it could have been more but I decided move locks to breakeven, to early. My own judgements fail me to make more profit.
I like the no thinking part, do as they say... and let the entry do the work. This service does all this , its just a matter of catching the trade everyday. I missed a few that also made targets.
I wrote a few times asking questions, and they responded within 1 day, could be a little quickier, but overall A- 4 stars!
Im on a 3 month package and will report on every month Im on this paid service. Very affortable!!!
I highly recommend this these people.
Jul 24, 2007,

As I was new in forex, I subscribe to this free 1 week signal. The results are VERY GOOD. Each trade, I will get at least 30 PIPS. Now, I had joined them and continue to be in +
Soul Trader,
Jun 16, 2007,

I only signed up to the free trial for their service- results were mixed, but the mainthing is that they appeared honest with their reporting which was the main element.
Toronto, Ontario, Canada,
Jun 14, 2007,

Trade Window gave me some good PIPS when I fist started trading the FX market. Their alerts are always accurate but sometimes it is difficult to get filled at their desired entry price as the market has already moved by the time the signal is received and processed. In any case, I highly recommend them to new and experienced traders.