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Updated: Jan 5, 2015
2.354 · 10 REVIEWS
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2.354 · 10 REVIEWS
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May 18, 2011,

I had trade with the chart by pro real time and I don't see any reason to stop using their platform. easy to use and to work.
Feb 25, 2011,

I've used 2 versions of Metastock's End of Day. To me, it is a decent product if considered only from that standard. Metastock's customer service has always been very good. However, it is a very expensive product that requires an expensive subscription for end of day data. Other software that is free for downloading that includes free end of day data makes Metastock a dinosaur. I will never again buy Metastock nor it's data subscription. They associate themselves with and recommend scam artists such as traderersoftware and the ETS trading system. That puts their credibility into question which is enough reason to move away from them.
Jan 2, 2011,

This product hasn't been under development for a decade, it's the same program and the same crappy GUI as always. There are new versions from time to time, but all Equis does is add a bunch of new indicator that are of no use, which indeed qualify under the "Possible unethical behavior"-grade. Metastock is outdated, grossly overpriced and you get better and more modern features with the free Ninja Trader.

Also, look at Equis homepage and their forum for users. You will see no activity.
R S,
Nov 20, 2007,

I went through the entire FXTA training and have met the author, Peter. He's a good trader, knows Institutional traders, etc. But his style is "draw lots of lines". I found it to be hard to reproduce. The FXTA tool is his, not Equis'. The base MetaStock tool is aged in its user interface. I asked tech support about it (compared to eSignal) and they said it has 1M lines of code. Very hard to update. They are looking at scrapping it and starting over, but that will be years out. I find that MS Experts are too rigid. Once you apply an expert (like the FXTA expert) you can't add anything to it. You need to detach that expert and add a new on one. I'd like to run the FXTA expert, throw on the Murphy chart patterns, etc. Can't do that. The templates that Equis created that come in the stock MS are the best that be done with the tools, but they don't really compare to the good trading systems out there. QuoteCenter data feed is expensive. I've switched to the esignal version so I can run just one data feed. Overall I just can't get MS to do what I want. I keep trying, but it's not up to the task.
Ray Parker,
Oct 24, 2007,

Tried Metastock, even the reseller could not use it or set it up. Graphics looks like out of Apollo 11, embarrassing, expensive crap. Sent it back.
Ajax Ontario,
Oct 13, 2007,

tried Metastock pro and found it too cumbersome to use. The product is not worth the price.
bruce strom,
Sep 13, 2007,

spent a bundle of money, finished course, started trading. asked for tech advice from rich swandall( should be swindle)amd never got an answer other than some mumbo jumbo bs. do your self a favor and chew off your arm b4 you spend money here. arm chewing wont hurt your pocket book or trading acct as much.
Aug 1, 2007,

Pricey product, for what you get out of it. As another user commented the programming is more complicated than it needs to be (i'm a programming student) and is pretty inefficient at times. There are definitely worse products out there, as well as better ones. Their customer service was very helpful for me though. Overall, I don't recommend this.
Salt lake,
Jul 1, 2007,

I use the MetaStock ProFX version of the software with great results. they have a great forex system Called FX PATTERN SYSTEM it is built for a 5 min chart but works well on other times as well the 30+systems built into the software are mainly used for stock trading but I have found the RMO system to be great if looking for trends long or short... I think the software is priced right $1095.00 then $ 99.00 per month... look around and find a better software for the price...I bet you will be still looking months from now... they do offer 30 day return policy if you are not satisfied so its worth trying. the charts and data feeds are bar none better than any broker out there plus you get the ability to create your own systems (not the easiest to do) but just email the company and they can do it for you in about a week or less I have used the software for a year and still only use 10% of what it can do... hope this helps
cindy ,
May 7, 2007,

I have not actually started trading yet so keep that in mind as you read this review. I am still learning to work the progam and the forex market. I have contacted Metastock with questions and they were prompt and efficient all while being very friendly and patient(newbie). It seems pretty simple and straight forward as long as you understand the indicators you are using to trade with. I might have to change my rating once I start "playing " for keeps..........