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Updated: Aug 15, 2022
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AdvancedMarketsFX is a forex broker. Advanced Markets FX offers the MT4 and MT5 forex trading top platform. offers over 65 forex currency pairs, cfds, commodities, stocks, indices, gold, silver, oil, bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for your personal investment and trading options.
3.098 • 15 REVIEWS

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New York,
Aug 8, 2011,

I have been using Advanced Markets Fx for a few years now. They have the best spreads, much better than FXCM or FXSOl. They do not trade against you, as a matter of fact, they do not trade at all, they just supply the platform and the quotes, once you enter your trade it go through the banks.
Jeff Wright
Aug 21, 2010,

If you are a scalper, this is definitely a platform for you to try and consider. I've been trading for 6 months and this platform simplifies and enables me to be PROFITABLE. All I can tell you is to give then a try.
Oct 28, 2009,

This is one of my favorite broker and so far so good, expecially the order execution is very very fast. And the company's financial is not bad, it's top10 in retail brokers.
California, USA,
Aug 20, 2009,

I have not used Advanced Markets, but I found a report on them which deserves mention. View this link:

to read that they were fined $150,000 on Feb 13, 2008 for cheating and defrauding FOREX customers.
New York, USA,
Jul 27, 2009,

Independent Information on this broker:

Advanced Markets LLC is a registered with CFTC and Member NFA. This company has never provided managed Forex Accounts and never will.

Advanced Markets operates a DMA (Direct Market access) dealing model for FX - This can also be referred to as an STP (Straight Through Process) Model.

ALL trades and orders are sent directly to banks for execution. There is no deal desk, so clients positions are not traded against them by the broker. There is no ECN, so there is no matching or masking on executions by deal desk or unknown liquidity sources. There is no trading risk kept in Advanced Markets. Every trade/order is filled by a bank liquidity (price) provider.

Advanced Markets services mainly larger FX trading accounts however can open accounts for individual traders

Advanced Markets trading environment is for traders who value to the ability to enter and exit positions when they need to with unbiased instantaneous execution, in any market condition

For more information and to ask any direct question you require to complete your due diligence in finding the right broker for you visit or
Tom - NY
Jan 19, 2009,

After reading through all the reviews it is clear that many of you are not reviewing AMI FX (Advanced Markets Inc) but more likely ACM or someone else. I know at least 2 posts are wrong because AMI does not have a managed account as this could lead to a conflict of interest, also there are no requotes (since it is an STP model) only trade rejections, which I was told is less than 0.5%.
I run a black box system and I am linked to AMI because their price feed is accurate (I have a reuters feed to check) and the speed of execution is unlike I have seen with retail brokers. My returns are much better as a result of switching from FXCM pro. I don't know how anyone can trade with a dealing desk FCM after you have read a few threads here.
Check out AMI again and you will see the previous posts are not referring to Advanced Markets Inc.
Happy trading and good luck!
David Champagne
Jan 24, 2008,

I suspected some things were not right with them when my stop loss would just barely be hit again and again. but then when I started watching the market while I was in a trade I noticed they would blind me to what was happening by not feeding data.

I was in a trade when it turned against me then they left me in limbo and when it did come back online it moved that much more against me.

Nov 6, 2007,

Managed account is a scam. Lied about how they managed the accoount. They traded the account down 68% in three days!!!!
Do not use them!!!
I had to force them to halt trading.
Oct 31, 2007,

Absolute c***. Requotes all the time. Pushed to dealing desk. I trade 3 other platforms, get instant fills, and very minimal requotes. If there are requote its for 1-3 pips.. AMI requotes 10 sometimes more depending on the market movement. On 2 seperate trades AMI slipped my stop by 9 pips and then 19 during news while the other 2 platforms had no slippage and were executed on the mark... Where did this money go???...hmmm, I wonder.... My platform mysteriously locks up all the time, cant log back in, and need to shut down and restart. Try contacting the support desk to resolve a problem.... Email is the repsonce. GOOD LUCK TRYING TO GET A FAIR SHAKE....
Oct 15, 2007,

I've been trading live accounts for about 1.5 yrs. I've been using Advanced Markets for about 6 mo. I have to admit that they are a good, reliable company. while small, I feel that they are very personable and care. Trading GBP/USD and EUR/USD and CAD during volatile times has been surprisingly fast with virtually no requotes. NZD or AUD is a bit tough, though, but that is to be expected from such thin mkts. They claim to totally pass through orders to open market. I believe they really do. Once I felt I had a bad exit on NFP when the market slowed, and they refunded me over a $1000.
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