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Updated: May 28, 2018
2.814 · 20 REVIEWS
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2.814 · 20 REVIEWS
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Danny Mayer,
Hoi An, Viet Nam,
Nov 25, 2017,


I used the software for approx 2 months millions of signals, useless really don't waste your time or money.
Stephen Frankel,
Harrow, United Kingdom,
Nov 13, 2016,

Tradeguider is the real deal as you learn VSA.

Hi guys, firstly I am not connected with Tradeguider whatsoever other than I have their software.

If you look back on Youtube you will see many of Gavin Holmes predictions are accurate as you can check for yourself as they are dated before a move.
I have tried many systems but Tradeguider is the only genuine one I have found which is based on VSA. I know very successful traders who have not got the software but trade profitably.
I have seen Gavin's live screen a number of times showing profits on a live trade- you can't fake that!
I am not confident with VSA however I do use the software which is accurate once you know how to use it. I am still learning after some years as only do this part time but without doubt Tradeguider and Tom Williams(recently deceased) are the real deal. Check out Youtube and judge for yourself.

Apr 3, 2010 - No Rating I own TG end of days for stocks, not done much with it as concentrating now on Forex. I bought Realtime TG and use it every day for Forex. I use Forex500 clubs entry logic which is excellent and use TG for exits based on volume spikes which is extremely accurate, allowing me to get out right on the turns of a big movement. It is worth it just for that. I use one particular guy at TG for support and always get an answer the same day as I email him direct. As already said Tom Williams is the real deal and the software he invented works. Unfortunatly there is so much Junk out there nobody believes when something decent comes along!
London, United Kingdom,
Sep 6, 2016,

Actually I have monitored them for the last couple of years. Over the last 3 months I have seen some really impressive stuff. They have a new development team and a new trading team. The trading room is making consistent profits - they are up over 60% from Jan to end June trading real cash. The new trading tools they have recently revealed look pretty impressive and I have just seen them make real money with these new tools in a live trading session today.
Nick C,
Boston, MA, USA,
Jul 30, 2016,

VSA is a price action software based on volume. The price action analysis is good IF you can find support and resistance which the software cannot do. For example in a down trend you will see numerous selling climaxes(false signals) and eventually after several waves down gets one to finally work. Have one of their representives go over before paying and you can verify this. If you look though their videos they will focus on the signals that work. They will try to explain it away that it is not with the moving average trend indicator, which seems odd if it truly gives good signals. Software uses a moving average to find the trend which is fine but hardly worth paying for as it is free on all charting software.

A good question is if the software identifies all these money making signals is how much of the company revenue comes from trading as opposed to sales? I do not know for sure but sign up for their emailing list and look at all the emails you recieve. They seem to be good email marketers as they know how to tell a story.

Verdict: software has way too many false signals to be useful.
Brandon N,
Jan 2, 2015,

I bought their VSA plug-in package with reservations because of all the negative reviews on here. First of all I think its a great product and if you notice almost all of the bad reviews are from 2+ years ago. I had to talk to customer support to fix an issue with the plugins and they got back to me within hours, even though it was the day after New Years. A J worked with me for almost 2 hours to get the system up and running on my computer and was very helpful. The problem was on my end btw, I hadn't updated my computer in years. If your interested in their software and have reservations like I did about support, I think you have nothing to worry about anymore, they really have their act together. As a disclaimer, I wasn't asked or prompted to put up this review, nor was I given a discount.
Toronto, Canada,
Aug 24, 2014,

. If buyers expect to learn the Wyckoff method of trading by buying the VSA Software, just forget about it, they take advantage, lie, and profit from this false publicity, the method they sell is just a fake created by Tom Williams and sell by Gavin Holmes the actual owner, who is a layer and false trader.
. If you think that you will learn how the markets work, by reading the bars or candles, what you will learn is the interpretation of Tom Williams of the market, and if you ask you will have the the same tedious answer from Tom...THE MARKET IS DEVIOUS AND DANGEROUS YOU MUST LEARN TO READ THE MARKET AND WHEN YOU ASK HIM TO TEACH YOU HE WILL SAY TO PRACTICE........HE DOESN'T KNOW
. In order to have a resemblance of success you have to buy all of their products, for an incredible price, when most of those tools are available on the market for free.
. Gavin Holmes doesn't respect his engagement concerning the software, no updates have been made to correct errors and wrongly interpretations of the market moves.

THIS JUST A FIASCO.......Learn WYCKOFF for almost free in the market
Midwest, USA,
Dec 4, 2013,

The principles the software is based on are sound and make sense. The problem is they make promises and then don't deliver on them once they have your money. In December 2009, they promoted the release of TG4 RT and said, if you upgrade we will make improvements over the next 12 months such as adding other data vendors and a scan tool. Since that time they have made those changes and sold to new customers as plugins to Sierra, Ninja, MT4 etc., but they have not made it available to those they fooled into upgrading 4 years ago. When asked about it they say "We are working on it". If you decide to do business with this company, don't expect them to deliver on promises they make.
Bangkok, Thailand,
Mar 19, 2013,

Interesting reading regarding the Tradeguider and Todd Krueger court case.


, Australia,
Nov 3, 2012,

I own the Tradeguider EOD version but never use it because it is way to clunky. I also wasted $1000 on a Tradeguider VSA trading course. Please don't waste your money on any of the Tradeguider stuff it's all way to expensive. There is plenty of free VSA stuff online.
Larry Riegert,
Sep 22, 2011,

I joined TradeGuider due to hype about supply and demand and volume spread analysis. It sounded reasonable and had a live trade room. First they disagreed with what was included in my package. I asked for a refund. Lauren stated that Gavin Holmes stated there was no refund, but would include the package I had expected. During the free sessions, in the "trading room" Steve Phillips claimed there would be plenty of trades, up to 4 or 5 a day, although some days there would be none. After two weeks, he traded 2 scalp trades. The room is open 22 hrs a day with live commentary during early UK and and US sessions. You sit in front of the computer for hours with Steve droning on and on, with no trades and when a trade is imminent, it gets cancelled because he doesn't like it. If you were to work out an hourly wage trading with these folks, you would be better off flipping hamburgers. I am out $400 with no refund, no trades and a lot of lost valuable time. If anyone wants my log-in, they can have it.