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Updated: Jun 7, 2016
2.833 · 25 REVIEWS
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2.833 · 25 REVIEWS
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Ron Welch,
, USA,
Feb 21, 2013,

I have been trading spot FX since 1999 and I have been a member of Trade the News since 2008. The news and information from Trade the News is very helpful to my daily trading as I actively trade the markets each day from 8 GMT to 18 GMT. I strongly urge anyone who trades the FX market to subscribe to this service.
, France,
Jul 9, 2012,

Impossible to subscribe. I tried 3 times. They have a process of subscription that refuses or accepts people and you do not know why you are accepted or refused. I called the company twice, and emailed them 3 times. No answer.
Maybe this service is useful, but I doubt they will help you in case of the smallest problem (technical, refund, ...).
london, United Kingdom,
Jun 13, 2012,

My view: Dangerous for ANY trader/ Worst customer service/ warning!

Trade the news CONSTANTLY modifies already published figures (without WARNING of the modification so no history of their unprofessionalism ===> now that is utterly worrying! it is as if you spread a rumor then leave no trace of you ever doing it. )

Example 1: that **illustrates** the kind of problem with TRADETHENEWS /

TRADETHENEWS headline: at 13:27 (versus 13:30 official on bloomberg): PPI +0.6%, expected -0.2% (so better than expected)

at 13:35 TRADETHENEWS modifies it to the real figure for ex -1.1% (so worse than expected)

Example 2: Today (13 JUNE 2012) AGAIN on South African retail sales: swiched from +2.1% to 1.5% (if you go back, you only see 1.5% the correct figure)


1 mistake is understandable.
it has been going ON AND ON AND ON.

We are starting to wonder if the errors are actually done on PURPOSE for them to TRADE THE NEWS for their benefit (we are over 1y serious customers(or if it is an underpaid trainee newsroom).

Our numerous calls put in light:
1/ the worst customer service ever
2/ total IGNORANCE of our request for explanation

We have mostly focused on major Economic Data (US and EU figs) as they seemed to have a few seconds to minute ahead of bloomberg and it's shocking!
So I would advise any SERIOUS as in Reliable news feed who just can't play the tradethenews inaccurancy game (all errors on blomm reuters cnbc are always labels with correction).

Tradethenews.com to make money = beware of the risks.

I am a trader who was shocked on tradethenews INACURATE major economic news data and who has been ignored bluntly by their customer service (sales and customer service is a one lady job pretending to be 2 big department) so no wonder so many complaints can't be followed throught. Looks like a great profitable service thought as their 'news room' is probably not very different in number and quality.
Barcelona, Spain,
Nov 22, 2011,

Today November 22, 2011 the company Trade the News hasn’t returned my money, as I have reported to the Internet Crime Complaint Center:
I encourage people to do the same when they find themselves in a similar situation.

2011-09-07 1 Star Trade The News cancellation problem:
I had a monthly subscription with the company Trade The News from New York paid with my Visa card.
The service has been offered at 38 US$ but they charged me 75 US$ for September 2011 without previous advice.
Immediately I decided to cancel the subscription:
“As you have nearly doubled the fee for the Standard Credit/FX/Futures Text Membership, and I can’t afford that price, please cancel my subscription from today, August 31, 2011.”
But now they refuse to return de money:
“We are sad to see you go!
This is confirmation that your cancellation has been received and processed.
As per your request last day of service is Sunday October 2, 2011.”
They pretend I have to pay the subscription for September at 75$!!!
I wrote to them:
“I didn’t use the service after the cancelation day: August 31, 2011.
Therefore I consider the service canceled since that day.
The reason is that you offered me the service at 38 US$ a month and now you are trying to charge me 75 US$ without previous advice.
You can’t charge me whatever you want whenever you want.”
But they refuse to return the money.
Edmonton, Canada,
Nov 17, 2010,

Trade the News is a rip-off, a total waste of time. Subscribe to them at your own risk.
Far East,
Sep 20, 2009,

I was a member for 1 month and I was extremely unsatisfied with the service. On average twice a week the service was down with no voice or text. I received many apologies from them but little satisfaction. Support staff is only at work during the New York session so if the service shuts down during Europe you are on your own. I also sent them an email expressing my views that service seemed to falter during sessions with major economic news. I suggested that they give priority to paying customers by limiting the free trials they give during these busy sessions. Never received a reply but I found it odd that connection issues tended to occur during sessions with major news.

My experience with these so called pros was terrible. If you have connection issues don't bother complaining till their "tech support" wake up during the New York session. Also, if you listen to these guys during non US hours get used to hearing lots of yawning...lol no joke.
steve miller,
Jun 9, 2009,

trade the news is possibly the ONLY news service to subscribe to.Instant news ,good analysis , and faster than many other news wires.Good value as well.. Can firmly recommend to all FX traders ! 10/10
victor angulu,
Nov 3, 2008,

subscribed to the headlines service for more than a year now and it has been perfect. comes in on time, enof to get in. i'm been very impressed.
trader gh,
Malibu, CA.,,
Jul 4, 2008,

I like TTN. I like trading the news. I find it is what really drives the market. TTN also gives out news sources on a regular basis that are not even listed or mentioned on other sites. (ie. news from S.Korea, China, Latin America.) I have found the reports accurate and timely. Also, I do not have to listen to all the extra commentary found with other news sources. It is clean audio and just the news. One more thing they usually report when a currency is in its session lows or highs. I find this beneficial when there is not any news being released because I can listen and not have to sit watching my screen all day being free to other things by just keeping an ear open.
Kevin D.,
Kansas City,
Apr 11, 2008,

This company is very difficult to work with, especially when you want to change your subscription or cancel your account. The person who can help you is never there, and the person answering the phone can't do it for you. It will always be a day or two too late to cancel by the time someone gets in touch with you and there are no refunds whatsoever. Beware of this company. I will not be back.