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Updated: Jan 5, 2015
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Orlando, FL,
Sep 7, 2011,

I know Abe personally, he was my coach and mentor and he really did a good job. The guy is for real and he really cares for his students.
Apr 15, 2008,

Last year I read an article by Abe Cofnas and was very impressed with his insights into the markets. I decided to stop losing my money and invest in an instructor and chose to receive training directly from Abe Cofnas and am happy with my results so far. Abe Cofnas does a great job at helping me understand the fundamental and psychological aspects to trading. Abe Cofnas evaluated my last hundred trades and pinpointed weaknesses that were corrected. I no longer get stopped out as frequently. I am now producing 500 pips a month thanks to Abe Cofnas!
San Francisco,
Aug 15, 2006,

I disagree with the previous post as I found Abe Cofna's book "Understanding Forex - Trading to Win" a comprehensive guide to the world of forex. At 138 pages the book covers both the basics as well as more advanced topics and strategies. I think both beginners and forex veterans will find something useful in there. One of my favorite parts of this book are the wonderful website and book tips that are located in the margins throughout the book. A fun and interesting read!
New York,
Aug 12, 2006,

I've gotten some training from Abe, he's pretty different from most forex 'educators'. He's not a self-help type or interested in instant gratification. He has a decent handle on some of the latest research in behavioral finance and generally knows his stuff. I think mostly now he's focused on his own trading and with a core group of traders, so he's not promoting himself us much as other educators.
Jul 10, 2006,

I bought Abe's book a little over a year ago, and wasn't impressed with the material. Most of it was technical analysis that is well known and widely available on the Internet, such as Fib. retracements, moving averages, three point breaks, etc. The material wasn't put together really well and the book is around 100 pages long... if that. Definitely not worth $89. So it wound up on the pile of technical analysis books I have collecting dust. I think his biggest thing is one-on-one mentoring, which he does for prices ranging from $200 for a few hours to $1300 for a month to $3000 for an onsite three day seminar. I didn't bother to take any of these courses as the material in the book didn't impress me that much. I spoke to him on the phone a bit after buying his book, and something tells me he might be another Aden Rustfeldt: a really nice guy who tries hard to trade and teach others, but isn't really that competent