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Nick Laight

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2.064 · 5 REVIEWS
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Jun 12, 2007,

Bought the course as I knew nothing before it. There was a money back but not enough time for a complete novice to know. Very expensive but the guy was helpful although the title is very misleading. I was expecting more help with trades rather than being left own my own only to get why it went wrong. The daily updates were good while going but although I thought the guy genuine course not worth the money as I have since found out.
John B,
Aug 21, 2006,

I bought the course from Nick Laight at Canonbury and it was just rubbish. I was suckered in by Nick Laight's letter. Are all of his products the same?
Jun 10, 2006,

I think that this product is about as far from a scam as you're likely to see. Daily updates, loads of additional modules, consistent money making techniques, methods and rules, sections on psychology, money-management, trading rules, record keeping, breakout trading, bounce trading, pivot trading, fib, back up support via email AND phone etc etc. I've never seen a course that is more complete, and to get to actually speak to the man himself whenever you want is something that virtually NO other course provider offers. I think that this is great value for money simply because I know for a fact it would take you hundreds and hundreds of hours not to mention money to discover this type of information for yourself. For me anyway, to have it all condensed into a single course that I can watch at my leisure was just what I was looking for.
Apr 27, 2006,

Bought the course and also sent it back, not worth the £2355 I paid, have to agree with the above post's so I wont go on and on about it, it's a SCAM enough said.
Andrew Wardle,
Apr 12, 2006,

Here is some information that I hope will be useful on the Insider Signal, as I have bought this product and studied it in great detail. Firstly, this cannot be called a complete SCAM, as it comes with a 30-day money back guarantee, which, at least in my case, was honored. The course is sold through Canonbury Publishing, which is owned by Nick Laight, an honest publisher. I received a full refund without quibble, although it did take two weeks. It was only because I knew Nick Laight was genuine that I was prepared to risk £2300. The course is also sold through Streetwise Marketing, who I have received refunds from in the past, although I did not buy the Insider Signal through them. However, as Felix so correctly states in his own review, the course bears no resemblance whatsoever to the promises made in the advertising. 1. The so-called "Insider Signal" is nothing more than chart pattern. 2. The advertising claims that technical analysis makes up only 15% of the course. This is rubbish. It is ALL standard technical analysis, apart from telling you NOT to trade when news is about to be released. Later in the course he claims to have made a huge profit by trading negative news of the US Non-Farm Payrolls. The most obvious feature of this guy's trading rules is that he never follows any of them! 3. The advertising actually claims that you can start trading AT HIS LEVEL with trading capital of £400. In the course, he recommends using 3% of your capital on any one trade, meaning that you would need 34 TIMES this amount to trade properly! I emailed him and challenged him on this. Guess what he said? He said that the £400 was to cover margin on ONE trade, and it is therefore ACCURATE that you can START with this amount. ALL TRADING RULES ARE DISCRETIONARY. (This is an example of his wonderful email "support"!) Technically this is true. You CAN start with £400. If you have ONE losing trade, you will go BUST. What the hell has that got to do with becoming a successful trader, which is the stated aim of the course? This sort of irresponsible advertising is a sick joke. 4. The advertising even claims that you will win on EVERY trade, or at worst break even. In the course a far more realistic 65-75% is quoted. Again, if you COULD win on every trade, you probably could start with £400. One lie reinforces the other. OK, no-one should be daft enough to believe these claims anyway, but there are some novices who will be, and they should be protected from fraudulent advertising. The advertising is scandalous, but is the PRODUCT any good? As a £20 introduction to the basics of technical analysis it would be just about OK, although there are some inaccuracies that could get novices into trouble. Is it worth £2300? Don't make me laugh! Should you buy it? Only if you think a course in the absolute rudiments of technical analysis is worth £2300. The most interesting disc in the set is the free bonus disc at the end. Here, you see a live demonstration of Mr.X (wonderful name, isn't it?) breaking his own trading rules, making trades that make no sense whatsoever and losing money. Even when he can pick and choose exactly what he shows he still looks like a total idiot! When I challenged him about the sense behind some of these trades, and suggested better alternatives, he ignored my email. Some mentor. Sadly I have no experience of Peter Bain, or the other recommended courses, but I hope to God they are better than this!