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Updated: Dec 29, 2017
4.343 · 67 REVIEWS
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4.343 · 67 REVIEWS
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Matt Brun,
Jan 16, 2012,

NOT what I had expected. The manual did a bang up job explaining the system and really makes you feel like you've found something special. Then you try to use it and WOW what a disappointment. I struggled to make any money with this system for 6+ months, posting in the forums (which Support does not read), calling Support (it's not Phil the designed anymore, it's the guy that took it over, who is not pleasant to talk to), and emailing support (sometimes you get a response, sometimes you don't.) The manual is hopelessly out of date and they refuse to update it after changing the code over a year ago. If you attempt to trade the system as it is written, it is not very profitable. You have to learn all the extra "tricks" that are done in the trading room to make it worthwhile, but they spend 1% of their energy explaining these tricks. Everyone that knows them chats to each other in the room, and the main guy in charge rarely chimes in to explain anything. You see his charts on the screen in the room, but there is no audio and he almost never states what it is he's doing or why he's doing it. You can call him (and I have a few times) to ask questions, but he doesn't really explain what it is you're doing wrong or work with you much, just offers simple answers. Clearly this strategy must work for some since so many have offered praise, but I was frustrated with it and wished I'd kept my $1000. If you're a "by the book" mechanical trader, don't even think of going with this strategy.
steve silver,
Sep 15, 2011,

i have purchased my fair share of indicators and EA's and i then i came across Currensys. i first emailed them back a few months ago and with in 30 mins or so i got a response back from John. John as he told me was a currensys owner from way back and was very pleasant and helpful. Threw my many emails exchanged with John i found him to be very honest and forthright and pulls no punches. i found his style very refreshing in a industry of con-artists and scammers. john even gave me his phone number to talk if i needed more information. i finally purchased the program and the after support has been better than the support before i purchased the program. all of my questions have been answered in a timely manner. i have been trading using the system successful for the past 2 months with real money and under the guidance of john. he helped me with my trading plan and how to journal my trades and as a mentor he has even yelled at me when i needed it as well has given me a congats when i did something right. i hope that with his help and the currensys system i can continue to be successful. i would recommend the currensys team if you want a system and method that works and a support teeam 2nd to none.

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Jun 15, 2011,

I have purchased a fair few systems in my time and had not managed to find my feet with most of them for various reasons mostly of my own making and some because of what was 'marketed' wasn't delivered.

I still believed in the dream of being successful trading forex and so I decided that I would give it one last go with Currensys. I had made a commitment that If I could not make it work this time, I would give up the idea of trading forex for keeps and not waste a further cent.

What convinced me to go with Currensys was the reviews on this website, the free videos that John provides on the Currensys website and the explanation of the system components which made complete sense and this all before actually buying the product.

Having bought the Currensys system, I was up and running in short order with the software and the comprehensive, and to the point manual, quickly got the trading rules sorted so I knew what I had to do and how to do it.

The system itself is superb and provides amazing and regular signals on all time frames and the training provided in the manual takes this to the next level so you have the complete package. The simplicity of the system is what makes it great. No fretting with multiple indicators...you see the dots, you trade the dots.

The area where I have benefited the most though with this system is the area which sets this system above most and that is the almost real-time support that John provides. He has helped me identify where I have gone wrong and how to improve my trading and has always been available and willing to help. This has made the biggest difference and improvement to my trading.

If you looking for a forex system I would wholeheartedly say look no further, invest in Currensys, follow the straightforward rules and bank the pips. You will receive everything you need to be successful and much more.

Shaun M,
United Kingdom,
Apr 23, 2011,

I bought into the currensys method well over a year ago. Note the word method, as you actually have 3 different and complementary strategies.

The manual is comprehensive and very useful, it's also well written and shows Phil's sense of humour!

Regards the 3 systems, I have had success on any time frame I have traded. I tend to trade the 15 min as it suits me, I trade mainly the GBPUSD and EURJPY but to be honest any pair is good.

I back tested the systems manually and found the results to be absolutely brilliant, and have traded live successfully ever since.

I think it is important to appreciate that the more pairs you trade the more correlation comes into play, so I try to stick to the above pairs only and take every signal generated, this has kept my drawdown very low thus ensuring fear does not creep into my trading.

My sincere advice initially is back test different pairs, time frames etc before doing any trading, gain confidence in the systems, pick a pair and time frame that suit you and then master that pair and time frame. Then, find another non correlated pair and do the same.

If you take the time to master these systems ( which incidentally can each be traded successfully as stand alone systems ) you will make a ton of money and be very happy.

Even if you don't, you will still most likely make money. Phil is there for you, and also now John.

I concur with all of the comments on here ( except the few idiots ) and highly recommend these systems to anybody who is serious about being successful.

As a side note, if your not serious don't waste your money or time - send it to me otherwise I will take it off you in the Market anyway, at least if you give me it I will say thanks lol
Eric Laughton,
New York of course,
Feb 27, 2011,

I am your classic NOOB with a desire to learn how to trade currency. I've read many books on the topic, but to be sure it is a hard and long hill to climb. CurrencySYS has worked for me. That said, the system in and of itself has a success rate over 60% but that is only partially why I like it. I need "communication" from real people. John, who took over from the inventor of the system Phil, is a good people person. And he is a good mentor. He answers all questions. He is tough, and I like that. He literally hates when someone loses money they should not have lost. He does not shy away from telling you why. I prefer the straight talk. But he also trains you to not make the same mistake twice. I like that too. I had a trade last week he walked me through (the entire thing). I learned more in that hour time frame than any book I read. It was piratical application. I made a fundamental mistake - still, I made money. However, I'd made more if I had listen closer. So, overall, the combination of the system (extremely important), as well as the actually hands-on help (even more important) sells this program.
Nov 30, 2010,

Bought this system, used it, did well with it,like an idiot stopped using it and started using EAs,naturally they were terrible,then started following signal services,more money out the window.
Then a couple of months ago I got an email from this guy called John inviting me to attend a Currensys Webinar for free.
Attended it,asked a million questions,John answered them all, even gave me his cell so I can ask him more questions.note that I already owned the system so he had nothing gain.
The explanations are clear and to the point,the guy really cares that you do well,the system performs incredibly well, beyond believe,incredibly well.
You owe it to yourself to attend the webinar and see for yourself.
John and Phil should definitely be in the Forex Hall of Fame,thank you guys for all your help and making me in 2 months a full time forex trader, making a decent living and enjoying life

2009-11-19 07:20 5 Stars I bought the Currensys system 2 weeks ago,followed the manual to install it,I'm terrible in installs,phoned him, explained the situation,he took the time to do the install from his computer,I studied the manual for a day,traded demo for 3 days,followed his validation dots (nobody has them) kicked my self for having bought 3 other systems much cheaper but they don't work (lost money with everyone),last week I opened a live account,my average is 74% winning trades,best investment I've made in a long time.P.S. The other reviews are wrong, he is even a better person than they say
m. williams,
near seattle washington,
Nov 27, 2010,

I did not make money in forex until i got the currensys trading system. get the system, learn the system, make a trading plan, trade the system. It's that simple, John is a great mentor and he helped me greatly. More than once John logged onto my computer and helped me get my currensys trading platform working. He does the London trading session each day and he is always there to answer any question you may have. Overall I am very pleased I found the currensys website and there support and I can say it has turned my trading around.
Nov 20, 2010,

Just a quick note to let you know that I've been working my way through the manual, learning about and following the indicators on various pairs/instruments, testing how to work them into my trading plan, etc. - and am very impressed with what you have accomplished here. Again, still in the learning phase (like to learn any indicators/methodologies thoroughly so that once added to the arsenal actual trading will be decisive and disciplined), but just wanted to pass along that, IMHO, this is excellent work! And we all know how rare that is in this field!

I'm particularly impressed at Currensys' robustness and clarity (w/o clutter! YAY! - simplifying my screens without sacrificing market analysis integrity has been a major goal of mine in the last year!), along with the thorough explanations and helpful suggestions to preserve tradeability (is that even a word? lol) without having to trust to a nonadaptive black box. Ditto the "edge" provided and your realism and frankness about trading. Kudos!

I've done very well at mid- and longer-term position/swing trading over the years, but am trying to strengthen my intraday/very short term performance. I can already tell that, once mastered, this will really help!

FPA Review Moderation Team Note: A Currensys representative left an unrated review from the same location on 2012-01-20. This is one of 3 client reviews left from that location.

Per FPA Policy, the rating on this review has been changed from 5 stars to Zero stars.

Oct 14, 2010,

I've lurked on FPA for nearly a year and have been looking at forex for ten years- reading and researching- but not taking the plunge. Instead I plunged into other investments and like thousands of others got slammed in 2007-2008 and found myself looking for a way to recoup. I started looking at forex again and had almost purchased several other courses and/or EA's before stumbling across Currensys quite by accident. I was immediately struck by Phil's intelligence and directness while listening to the audios at the website. The more I listened and read the more I was convinced this was the approach I'd been searching for and hadn't found.

So- here I am- very motivated yet a novice. I sent an email to Currensys and received a reply the same day from John (Phil's new partner) and he called me- we talked- I gave him an idea of what I was looking for - he answered my questions honestly and asked me some too- making it clear that forex isn't for everyone and after thinking another day or two I purchased the course. Yikes! Talk about a learning curve. Mind you- I barely knew a pip from a pup :) I read the manual and grasped maybe 1/4 of the content the first time. What Phil has done in the manual is explain-what the logic and meaning is behind the system. ..what determined Phil's reasons for using MACD as he has- and how he has taken it into another dimension by partnering it with some unique applications of Bollinger. He's developed 3 systems that are used together- that complement each other and can be used profitably on any time frame that suits the individual trader best. Throughout the manual he's laid out specific rules that must be adhered to if you want to be successful with the system.

My coming to Currensys coincided with Phil and John becoming partners and while all transitions have crazy moments- this one seems steady. John has started a live trading webinar room beginning with the London session each day- what a great idea. It's given me confidence and invlauable information...John has been an excellent teacher.

After demo trading for a month or so, I went live and discovered pretty quickly how different live is from demo! So far it's been very consistent. When I don't follow the rules I lose money. When I follow the rules I consistently make 4-5% :)

This is a beautifully designed and profitable system. There's no hype or BS from John or Phil- they don't promise you can get rich by Thursday. But if you're willing to learn, pay attention and stay disciplined, this system will make you money. How many systems started receiving positive reviews here over four years ago, and are still around to keep receiving them? In a world of hyperbole and inflated promises, Currensys really shines.
Vince June,
Sep 26, 2010,

I have owned Currensys since March 2010 and have come to realize that in addition to buying a system that I purchased a methodology. If you are looking for an EA type system this is not it, but if you would like to have a method that works and you are willing to spend the time and effort to learn how to make it work I recommend Currensys.

John has recently taken the reigns of mentoring and just recently started a trading room for the European/ Us session. John's tutelage has brought together some of the major points that I had missed during my many readings of the manual. I am impressed with the commitment that John has made to the success of everyone active in the trading room and chat room. It has taken some time to put it all together, but I am very happy with my purchase.