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Updated: Dec 29, 2017
4.343 · 67 REVIEWS
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4.343 · 67 REVIEWS
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Andre Ediassen,
Oslo, Norway,
Aug 6, 2010,

I really didn't want to write any reviews on Phil's system because I was so afraid it will get commonly known, destroying our edge. Yet, I now understand that its not possible when I see the amount of system who are distributed around the block

I would like share my appreciation for all the work Phil have spent sharing and explaining his system in such an understandable and professional way. After 4 (dog)years in this industry I'm willing to bet a lot of money that there isn't anything system/teaching near to what he have created along with never-ending and outstanding support. I've learned a great amount from Phil and thats a sentence I've not used a lot in this industry!

You are not only buying a Ferrari to compete in some of the toughest environment known, you get to know someone who have been in the industry since Tina Turner was young. On top of that (just as in the TV-shop-commercial), Phil is an outstanding and intelligent guy.
Chuck Stone,
Hattiesburg, MS,
Jul 15, 2010,

Let me save some typing and tell you to just read all the posts on how well the system works and how great Phil is on customer service, etc....all true.

I've been trading for years both persoanlly and professionaly and have a system that does a good job of making money. However, I learned about Currensys last year from a friend and follwed the trading results every week for almost 6 full months before buying the system. Now I can personally testify that the way the system is constructed, it shows winning trades that didn't show up on my system...If you are serious about making money in forex trading, will take the time to study and learn Currensys, have the discipline to follow the rules and stay the course, you will make money. Phil states in his trading manual that he didn't try to reinvent the wheel but wanted to create a system that gets into a a trade a little earlier than the crowd. Currensys does just that as I have taken trades on Currensys both on the 15 minute chart and 240 chart that once triggered were perfect signals on my current trading system, but for one time period before, ie 5 minute on mine and 1 hour on mine....simply amazing. If you trade any size at all the system will pay for itself in a day or maybe a week for some, AFTER you take the time to learn how to use it. I will confidently say this to you, if you only have $2,000 to invest in forex trading, invest half of it in Currensys, spend the time to learn how to use it and you will gain back your investment while preserving and growing your remaining capital. Now with all of that said, if you are looking for a black box, robot to trade for you, or some other forex get rich plan, please don't waste your time with Currensys. It by far the best trading system available for the money I've ever seen, but only if you invest the time to learn it and use it correctly.

Pips are great but they don't pay the bills...Using Currensys I'm up over 20% for the first two weeks of July. Currensys will make you a better trader if you currently trade and teach you how to become one if your're new to the forex.

Ps...this is the first and only review I've ever given to anyone and wouldn't have given this one except there is so much bs and scam stuff in the forex world that something this good needs to be shared with those who understand what I'm talking about. Many thanks to Felix for sharing the Peace Army with all of us.
San Diego, CA,
May 12, 2010,

Very happy with Currensys.

The manual is comprehensive and filled with indicator information, history and justification of inclusion.

Questions are anticipated and addressed with both data and humor.

Expectations are set realistically and money management is stressed/prioritized.

Most importantly - the system/indicators work. Phil is an extremely responsive and willing coach, and provides tools to ensure success - a trading room being one example.

If you are serious about learning how to trade Forex, highly recommend Currensys.

David Hart,
Calgary, Canada,
Mar 30, 2010,

I bought Phils system some time before Christmas. I have been back testing since then and taking trades for a few weeks now. All I can add is that it is very important to follow the rules. I am up 8% for the month of March. I had one larger loss which was my fault and not the system.

I am getting about 80% accuracy. But this is full and complete system. Soup to Nuts. Most people sell indicators and / or a partial system. This one is fully tested and all the parameters are there for you to use.

One critical thing to understand with systems, it is not the entry that makes a system good, it is the money management. You can make money with a system giving 40% accurate triggers with the proper money management. What I am saying is that accuracy figures should not be the primary selling point for a system.

The more you understand the system and chart reading the better you will do. But even if you were to take every single trading trigger, you would still make money. Just learn and follow the rules.
David Wilks,
Gold Coast Australia,
Mar 23, 2010,

I was asked a week back for an opinion of Currensys. I feel so strongly about this sytem that I am posting a copy of that opinion here. I am happy to discuss the content or the system with anyone.

The succinct answer is that Phil and his system are a shining light in a sea of darkness.

I first came across Currensys when Phil presented at a NinjaTrader webinar. I was immediately struck by his candid attitude and ready acknowledgement that his system wasn't the Holy Grail. He promoted the reality that his system was proven over years but would not and could not do the trading for you.

I was fortunate enough to get myself on his mailing list after that webinar and have enjoyed his weekly reports for many, many months now... so much so that I felt compelled a couple of months back to stop freeloading and actually send him some money!

Does his system work? Absolutely! The logic behind the system is rock-solid. In fact, if you had been trading just one lot last Friday (March 3rd) you could have paid for your investment ten times over!

Does it require discretion? Absolutely! In other words, don't buy it expecting to start making your fortune the next day. As Phil states in his manual, the entry is the easy part. It's the money management that will make or break you. The manual is very specific on how to control your losses. Adhere to the rules and you won't go broke.

How much can you earn? A fortune! But only if you follow the rules rigidly. I've read the manual cover to cover at least six times now and will continue to do so until the rules become habit.

No one has ever previously managed to extract money from me for an indicator package/system and I've been trading for 40 years! I invested in Phil's system because I admire the man's integrity. I had no doubt the system would be viable and I am not disappointed. I am using it to significantly increase my trading opportunities.

The bottom line... it/Phil/Currensys is a bloody cheap investment if you are serious about succeeding.

Mohamed Rizal Yaacop,
Mar 20, 2010,

Hi Guys,

Ok you've hear this from all those who has posted their reviews here.


Listen to me because i am a rookie who has blown many Live accounts on stupid Forex EA's and those so called Gurus who will provide you with trade signal.

My Live Trades without any Forex EA's started on 17.06.2009 to 17.08.2009......


And then took a break and started digging the www to see what MACD indi's are out there because i was always facinated by it.

Stumble upon Currensys website and was SHOCK to see how expensive his system was compare to other Forex EA's or courses.

To be honest with you, i was reading and reading currensys website almost every week just to assure myself and see if i have the correct system to help me be 1 of those 5%.

So finally somewhere around the month of Feb 2010, i bought this system.

Demo Tested it for 2 weeks or so and then went Live. Started Live Trading WITH Currensys system on: 16.02.2010

******Made Money******Hell Yeah****** Made Money

The best part is....., i'm a newbie who has yet to learn ATR. LOL

Guys if you want a system which will help with your trading and makemoney for you, THEN STOP LOOKING cause CURRENSYS IS FOR YOU.

I have screen shot that i can share and actually show you of my Live Account History (when i first started and how much my account has turn etc) as prove.

Other then that, Phil is always around to answer any and all of your questions just to make you feel comfortable and assure you that your investment in this system is worth while.

All this are not possible without you or your system Phil....I cant thank you enough.

So Phil, THANK YOU SO MUCH SIR.......,because without you or your system, I would have blown many more Live account.

Jim Wolfe,
Calgary, Canada,
Mar 12, 2010,

I have been trading Forex for while and have studied and traded several systems, and Currensys is hands down the best system I have every seen. I am probably like many users out there, I started my research with Currensys after hearing about if from a fello trader, so I did a search for reviews and references, which brought me to this site. One thing you will find in common with most reviews about the product is how great the developer is to deal with, Phil is the real deal and amazingly helpful and knowledgeable to deal with, that is one of the reasons I decided to purchase. The very first time I inquired about the poduct was late on a Friday afternoon - via email, it took Phil about 4 minutes to respond, which is the norm I am finding with him to answer any questions you may have. I am now using it with live trades and find my accuracy for winning trades is 87%. REALLY!! This stuff works, it's not a robot (which I am telling you DO NOT WORK) this system makes you aware of entries and exists for trades - and from there you can check all of your other techincal indicators to verify the trade signals - if you want to - but I am here to tell you there is no need, just trust the signals and make the trades.

There is a live chat room and forum on the website with other users that is very helpful - and of course Phil is always around for assistance and advice - I consider him a personal friend now, if he lived closer I would take him out for drinks - many drinks to help pay him back for what he has developed!!!

My only regret is that I didn't find this system months ago, would have saved me tons of time and money with moving my trading to the next level. I use it to trade the 5 and 15 minute charts on all of the majors, usually during the US session, works great - 87% accurate at least!

If you are thinking about using it, here is my final bit of advice - JUST BUY IT AND START TRADING IT!! If you trade full lots, it will take you less than a day to pay for it anyway.

Jim Wolfe
JC ,
Dublin ,
Mar 3, 2010,

I'm always a little wary when reading reviews that concentrate on how 'nice' the guy is who made it, or how the support is great and says little or nothing about the system itself. Bottom line - it has to increase your odds day-in-day-out or it's worthless and whether the system developer has morals or good jokes is irrelevant.

So, I'll start with the system itself.

I purchased this system a while ago, got lost with other rubbish and ended back taking a second look at it. Kinda, saw it for the first time and started demo trading and back testing it properly. 8 trading days into the live trading and it's 5 trades, 5 wins. This is not a black box, get in here, get out here solution. But we all know those systems are dire in the long run. What the system gives you is a high probability entry. The rest is up to you. Anyone with a basic knowledge of Support or Resistence and Divergence can only profit from this. It's very early for my live trading but my back testing gives me a lot of confidence that I have that "edge".

As for Phil? The man has no morals and his jokes are awful...nah he's a gent, anyone that can service my user issues with his patience and professionalism deserves credit. He's even dialled into my laptop and solved some basic user issues for me and has always answered my emails promptly with sollid answers.

So, maximum points. The system does what it says on the tin and the support is second to none. Fantastic value, highly recommended.
Feb 12, 2010,

Hi Guys,

I bought this system somewhere in November 2009….I checked out the signals very closely and found them to be very profitable.
The system works on all time frames….though, the one I trade is 240 mins…so, I pay maximum attention to them.

This system generates signals which are based on time tested logic and they are really nice. You will know the logic completely once you read the 240 pages manual that Phil (system developer) provides.

Phil is very honest and straight forward person. He talks straight to the point and he is indeed a very helpful person.

He worked really hard on his system and its really a trust worthy system made by a trust worthy guy.

In my opinion, don’t hesitate to buy this system, if you want to be successful, and have some good basic knowledge about S/R levels etc and surely you will do good (of course, you need to be good at money management).

I would say that this system is DEFINITELY WORTH A BUY……This will be one of the best investment in forex trading.

Above all, Phil is really a very genuine and honest person. His system and support are really commendable.

No doubts ! Go for this system and you will never regret!

Good luck,

P.s. - I would give 10 stars to this system and to his support!
Jan 25, 2010,

I have been using Currensys for a little over 6 months and using it live for three months. Based on my experience I can say that it is one of the best systems out there. I have been trading for around three years and have been through a lot of literature, systems and research and I can say this, “the concept behind currensys system is one of the very very few that can make money in the markets.”

The system is actually a combination of three sub-systems and the core method is simply, wait for the trend and enter on a retracement. The system does a phenomenal job of identifying market turns and therefore a very low risk opportunity to get into the market with a very positive potential reward. When the markets are ranging, the system has a breakout component that gets one in the market just when the trend is beginning.

The system comes with a very detailed manual that does a very good job of explaining how to trade the system.

Buying the system comes with a personalized one-on-one support to get started on the system and the help is there till one needs it. There is also a chat room where one can discuss the system and trades with fellow traders that are following the system.

I must say buying the system was one of the few excellent decisions I made since perhaps deciding to get into Forex.