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Updated: Dec 29, 2017
4.343 · 67 REVIEWS
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4.343 · 67 REVIEWS
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Nima parham,
Kuala Lumpur,
Dec 17, 2009,

I purchased the system 3 month ago and started live trading after a week of demo and reading of manual. I've traded forex for 3 years and since last year it has been profitable for me, I tested lots of manual and automated systems, so I know what I'm talking about. Currensys is a masterpiece. It's a combination of 3 different systems which means it works at any market condition while the other systems fail when the market changes its behavior. The system comes with a 240 pages manual (lets call it a book) that not only explains the system in detail, but you can learn a lot new information. Moreover, at the end of each week I receive a weekly report shows the weekly performance of the system. I found that very useful as I can compare my result with that. At the first days of trading the system, I asked Phil to send me all the weekly reports of 2008 and 2009. It takes me a few days to backtest based on those reports. I got impressed when I saw the system has made thousand of pips each year with the worst scenario I chose for backtest. Since I started trading this system, I'm very successful. I could make money before, but not like I'm doing now.
Costumer support is just great. I mean really great. All my emails and questions have been responded quickly and efficiently. There is also a chat room I can ask my questions in real time and Phil is always there to help. It's a good place I can discuss with other currensys traders as well.
Installing the system is very easy and can be done in a few minutes. It's one of the great advantages of currensys that it works with all time frames properly, 15 mins to 4 hours.
Clear and well defined exit strategy is another strong point of currensys that a perfect system really needs it. About the Phil-developer of the system- I can say he is nice guy with a friendly manner. He always feels responsible to make your trading journey profitable.
Final note: if anyone wants to become a successful trader and make real money , it won't be possible without having such a brilliant system in his/her tool box.

Sep 5, 2009,

I just purchased Phil's system and while I'm just using it in demo as I write this, I have to say his system is an absolute WINNER. From what I've seen, I'm really impressed with the system and Phil's willingness to help people use it properly. The majority of trades are winners and while discretion has to be used for entering and exiting any trade, the system for the most part takes alot of the guesswork out of making profitable trades. This is exactly what I've been looking for. Phil's a great guy, very personable and he really gos the extra mile in answering questions and giving trading advice with respect to his system and trading in general...this alone is rare and I'm sure this bodes wll for my future as a profitable and stress free forex trader. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Review Moderation Team Note: 5 star rating removed. Please note that strongly positive ratings may not be left solely on the basis of demo testing and backtesting. We hope that Mike will leave a followup if he decides to trade with this live for a few weeks.
David Elliott,
Jul 27, 2009,

I posted the first review of Currensys but it was apparently lost in the forexpeacearmy's website makeover. In 1995 I met Phil at a FOREX seminar--the only one he ever presented at with a slick, huckster forex "educator." Phil had the good sense to spot slickness when he saw it and quickly distanced himself from this character. At this seminar I learned two things: to backtest candle by candle and that Phil was a full time trader and system developer. By 1996 it became clear to me that Phil was the real deal: humble, sincere, honest, patient, devoted to trading full time and devoted to helping new traders. Expert traders like Phil who earn a living trading have no need to sell their systems because they don't need to hassle. However, Phil is a rarity in life, and even rarer in the scummy world of forex "education" where there are slicksters at every Internet street corner. Phil has helped traders with his system on the weekends, late at night, and even on Christmas Day. There is literally no end to the help he provides--nor to his coded system updates. Because Phil actually trades the system he sells, it matters to him that it works. But if you buy Phil's system, you will find that it matters more to him that it works for you. Phil understands that life is about more than just making money in a cave with a computer; its also about the satisfaction of being a catalyst to help others succeed. I count Phil among a small handful of people that I trust completely. Feel free to contact me if you'd like further reference, dwe213@yahoo.com
Jun 30, 2009,

I purchased this system 6 months ago back in January 2009. I thought it would be more honest and helpful to others to have a 6 month track record trading this system before I reviewed it.
I have had 5 winning months and 1 losing month which I'm really pleased about. I work 9am-5pm so I trade the 240 min system. Phil McGrew was very helpful he even programmed my charts to alert me by text message on my mobile phone each time a new signal is generated. I have studied Phil's trading manuel in depth and its obvious to anybody with a decent amout of market knowledge that this system is SOLID. I for one am very very pleased with my purchase and my live track record. I have complete trust trading my hard earned cash with this system.
Jun 30, 2009,

This review is an update to my previous review (on 06/17/09), as a result of some events which have unfolded since then.

A few days after my previous review got posted, Phil contacted me asking if I was the one who submitted that review. Knowing Phil's aggressive personality, I thought it best to just ignore him, which I did. But then a few days after that he contacted me again and asked me to contact him to get a refund. So I did contact him. Well, it turns out he had no intention of ever giving me (or anyone else) a refund. He just wanted to know if I was really the one who submitted that review, and he wanted to vent his anger.
He basically sent me an email in which he called me all kinds of nasty and disrespectful names, stating that I had ruined his reputation and so on....

So, I apologize to every one for having given this guy two stars and calling him great (in my previous review). Apparently I misjudged him, as I notice others have as well on this site, except that I got to see the other side of him.

In any case, for me it's another loss and bad experience. But if YOU are considering purchasing anything from him or his business, please think about it carefully. A thousand dollars is a lot of money, especially to throw away. You can basically get the same results through free indicators available on Metatrader and other platforms.

2009-06-17 2 stars I purchased Phil's system about three months ago and I can tell you it is NOT worth a thousand dollars. Phil is a great guy, but his system is flawed in several key areas. First off, you can't get your money back for any reason (even though he can deactivate your copy of the system if he wanted to). Second, out of every 10 trading signals his system gives you about 2 or 3 will be false signals, another 2 or 3 will be loosing signals, and maybe 4 or 5 will be winners (if you manage the trades well). However, although you can save a lot of time by setting the system to send you an email whenever it generates a new signal, every signal (whether false, looser, or winner) must be managed for proper entry and exit. This will take up a lot of your time. Further, as some one else on this forum has already commented, the exits are quite subjective, whether you're loosing or winning. Also, altough Phil says he's open to improving his system, he wont actually consider any thing you suggest, and he wont let you change any thing either. So, you're pretty much stuck with what he sells you.

I've spent hundreds and hundreds of hours in front of the computer analyzing charts and indicators and systems, trading, loosing, winning, etc. As a result, I'm learning how to quickly decipher the hidden flaws in any system or mythology. For me, Phil's system was pretty much a waste of time and money, especially at a very difficult period of my life financially.
Jun 11, 2009,

This is a brilliant system. It uses common indicators but in a unconventional way. Also great emphasis on risk and money management is given. Finally, an alerts template of the system of 15 min forex charts makes the whole trading easy and highly successful. The 3 methods of the system, with their individual indicators and rules, work synergistically, complementing each other effectively.

Phil himself, the system's creator, is a very friendly person. In a couple of moments of trouble, due to my starting stepping, he understood and fixed the problem in a fast and professional manner.

I don't need to use anything else than this service, it is highly recommended.
Barry Lee,
Midlothian, VA,
May 1, 2009,

I purchased the Currensys system based on what I read here and comments about the creator, Phil McGrew, at various sites on the internet. This is the best system I have seen at any price. It simply works. You pick the time frames that are convenient for you so it works with your schedule. The manual is extremely thorough with enough examples to make certain you understand how the system works. Phil is always available for questions and will work with you one on one to make certain you are successful. I was able to pay for the system my first week of live trading with it.

The only advertising Phil gets is word of mouth. And that's the best kind. If you are tired of searching for the Holy Grail and just want a system that is consistent and easy to learn, Currensys is for you.
Apr 2, 2009,

I trade Futures part-time and in Autumn last year I decided to expand to Forex. First I tried to get as much information as possible regarding Forex mainly by Internet. After learning the basics I searched for a trading approach which I could feel comfortable with and that really works. As I don't like black boxes but really want to understand the reason for the rules of a trading approach in depth, I decided after several very informative email interchanges to give Phil (Currensys) a try. I can truly say that I'm more than impressed regarding the excellent service he offers. I never met a guy like him before in the financial business. He is extremely honest, helpful and supportive and especially important it's absolutely clear that he makes his living with trading the System he developed on its own and not like many others who offer Systems they never traded themself but only created with the goal to make money selling them. When you read his comprehensive manual and discuss his System with him you very fast know that he is a very experienced and successful trader who enjoys it very much to transfer his indepth knowledge to others who are willing to work hard on it in becoming successful too. I asked him a lot of questions even though his manual is very well structured and contains all necessary informations regarding his System, how to manage the trades and a lot important things more. He always gave me extraordinary promptly and very comprehensive answers without holdig anything back. Yes, you have to do your homework - you're not buying a robot, but it's absolutely worth it when you're goal is to learn how to trade successful on your own. The System he offers has very clear rules and is adaptable to the more or less changing market habit. The indepth content of his manual regarding Risk and Money Management and some other additional features like his just developed Correlation Table alone are in my opinion already worth the costs of his product. To buy his product was the best choice I ever made in that business!

Nick J,
Mar 18, 2009,

If your looking for a dynamic system that can stand the test of time and different markets then there is honestly no need to look any further. It's one of the best i have seen and one that continues to churn out profitable signals time and time again through different market scenarios. How you handle the signals will make your results vary, but if you follow the rules Phil outlines in the manual YOU WILL be profitable.

Now as for Phil himself. He has the 3 H's


He is a straight shooter and will tell you the truth and not want you want to hear. He never brags and most of all he is helpful

He even met with me a few times to discuss his system and help me set it up. He is in his chat room every day talking about trades and helping people across the world trade and exchange ideas. Love the system Phil. Keep up the good work
Jason S,
New York,
Jan 22, 2009,

Absolutely one of the best systems that you can find and afford as a retail trader. Phil McGrew is professional, helpful, patient and polite. I have asked a lot of questions during the past 2 years and Phil is always accessible. He even manually updates the trade results every week and the last one I received is weekly summary #197.

Good system plus professional support, that's Currensys. Thank you Phil, as always.