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Updated: Dec 29, 2017
4.343 · 67 REVIEWS
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4.343 · 67 REVIEWS
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Peter Senior,
The Hague, Netherlands,
Mar 15, 2016,

I submitted a review on 2012-02-12 at Jon's request. It was a 5 star review at the time based primarily on the manual. The system also seemed to work reasonably well up to that time. At some stage it all went downhill as John's support became erratic and at times irritable.

Moreover, as I developed as a trader I realized that there is much more to trading than entries and exits triggered by MACD (or anything else) and this includes several factors which are not covered in the manual or in the forum (long dead as others have noted).

As a full-time trader who has observed a steady decline in Currensys support to zero I must ask why it is still being sold. I strongly advise anyone considering buying this to avoid it completely. There are other options. Buyer beware!

2012-02-12 5Star
Review: I bought Currensys in April 2011 after doing about three months of research online to find a solid method for trading. I read the reviews here, reviewed the Currensys website and spoke with John.

One thing that impressed me is that John is not willing to sell the system to every potential buyer. He doesn't need the money. You can frankly discuss your situation with him and based on what you tell him he may advise you to buy the system at a later date when you are better prepared.

I have found the Currensys algorithm to be very effective at anticipating price action. In addition, you are provided with guidance for a very sound approach to trading including psychology, correlation, and money and position management. These are all important factors for success.

Users have to follow the rules or their goal of becoming successful at forex trading will not be realized. If users of the system are willing to commit to follow the rules, develop and work hard on their trading plan, they can become consistently profitable. This is not a get rich quick overnight, pie in the sky, winning lottery ticket route. If that is what someone is looking for they will never find it in Currensys. There is no such thing in trading or any other occupation or business. Success at anything requires dedication and hard work.

If users are willing to do their share then John, the system’s indicators, and the guidance in the owner’s manual for the other aspects of being a trader will help them realize their goal of achieving consistent success in trading.
Baicoi/Prahova, Romania,
Jul 28, 2015,

This system is a joke.
I've tested as recommended with 15mins dots trades taken in the direction of the 240 min dots signal and no positive results.
At least after few month of intense tests I lose only money on the system since I did't go live with this joke
, Germany,
Nov 30, 2013,

I bought the Currensys system in March 2013 within the framework of a FPA Promotion with a 4 week money back guarantee. I canceled on time within the trial period but didn't get my money back (see my thread in the Scam Alerts Folder).

Within my 4 weeks trial I found out that this system is not what I expected. Unfortunately I had not enough time during my trial to test the system as deeply as I wanted. I intended to backtest the system with Ninjatrader over the period of the last 12 month for the 4h and 15min Chart signals. Nevertheless I can report my experience from my trial:

Although Currensys has so many good reviews from the past - the forum on the Currensys website has come as good as to a standstill in the last years. Also during my trial only 1-2 people were usually in the live room and very rarely 4-5 people. Among the numerous signals the system gives, also a runner is included from time to time, no question about it. But of course you don't know in advance which dot is the winning dot. But I could imagine that there are people out there, who are profitable with the system in conjuction with their own system. Like I said before: In my opinion you need additional tools to filter the signals.

Summary: In my opinion the system doesn't work anymore, but seems that it was a good one in former times. This could be an explanation for the many good reviews in the past here. With my personal experiences with John I believe that the Currensys system and also his own trading of the system is not profitable. Otherwise I don't understand why he is in need of cheat with cancellations and also not able to send performance figures of his managed program (see my thread in the Scam Alerts Folder).
Scott Trader,
Panama City, Panama,
Oct 10, 2013,

Currensys was traded on a live account. The problem with the system is that it uses a lagging indicator and by the time the entry signal is given, the move is over and price reverses for a loss. This system is a consistent loser on a live account. Do not be fooled by the fancy website. Also, the current owner john communicates as if he as PMS. Maybe his is grouchy because of the stress of marketing a losing system.
UK, United Kingdom,
Oct 3, 2013,

I previously left a review of this system way back, maybe 2 years ago now but it seems to have disappeared??? Anyway cant even remember if I gave it positive or negative review at that time. Long story short this system just doesnt work. I tried it for well over a year on a live account using Ninjatrader and had very little success. It is sold as as " see dot,trade dot" system but that will only lose you money. I tried numerous other indicators etc as verification but again nothing worked. I never ever dealt with Phil, John was in charge when I joined and I didnt find him to be a good teacher, quite the opposite. He had a gruff manner and if you asked a question in the trade room or on skype you got a one word answer. The trade room died a death, the forum seems to have died a death, some threads not posted in since 2006. Used to get weekly emails but they too have stopped. There was to be an EA but again I dont think that ever really came about properly. No surprise on that as an EA which would have been backtestable would surely have shown that this system is rubbish. Why so many 5 star reviews I honestly dont know but do not waste your money on this
London, United Kingdom,
Jul 20, 2013,

I have attempted to use the Currensys system over a period of two years or so without success.
I purchased the system after reading reviews on FPA but now having looked at the reviews in more depth most reviews are from new users who are caught up in the excitement of what at first glance looks like a good system, and have not had any longevity with the system. I have tried to contact several 5 star reviewers via the forum but none have come forward as being successful or still using the system.
I have read and reread the system and stuck to the rules, the trouble is there are by far more losing signals than winners, so you have to choose the correct dots to win( John Correnti confirms you have to pick only the winners), the trouble with this is that this is the case with any free indicator. Pick any MA or EMA, MACD cross and pick the ones that win and you have a system.
My other issue is the YouTube videos demonstrating what a success the system is, always in retrospect, which of course any one can do - just scroll through some charts ,see which ones look good then review them. John has 20 charts to choose and 5 popular time frames which gives plenty of charts to choose that make the system look good after the event.
I have spoken to John about this and suggested he pick a currency to review in advance but he says you can’t choose a currency in advance as you don’t know what is going to happen.
I have no problem paying for a system that works, even if I myself can’t manage to use it correctly. I have suggested to John to set my mind at rest and produce signals for a couple of months just to show me and other users that it really is me who can’t trade the system rather than the system being untradeable, obviously he declines (why would anyone pass up the opportunity to prove themselves and make a heap more money from additional sales if they could???)
I’ve no problem John making money, there’s over 700 forum members and probably some have purchased the system and not joined the forum so that’s close to $100000, but he is still not willing to show any proof of the system.
I expect I will get a reply to this post with more pseudo psychology as to why it’s me and not the system, but I’m ready to watch John produce even one month of signals to prove me wrong but I know he won’t accept the challenge as he can’t make pips with this system.
There was going to be a trade copier that would use only the best signals, I did enquire regarding the results, none were produced and this idea removed without explanation.
I’m placing this review as I parted with my money based on the reviews and wanted to redress the balance.
If you’re thinking of going ahead and purchasing this system make sure you join the forum first and get some feedback from current members before parting with your money.

Good luck

Roger Lizausaba,
coconut creek fl, USA,
Jun 22, 2013,

Ive been using currensys for about a month, all I can say is WOW, last week was my first real trading week,I have to be honest I need to learn more about currensys, but every time I got a signal...I jumped on the trade, my first day y made 200pips, again, I need to learn more since Im jumping out of the trade not knowing when to get out, anyhow when I see 40 pips I get out , I know Im leaving money on the table, but the signals are out of this world, my best trading day was last Thursday, 400 pips, from 9:40am till around noon,I trade 4 pairs 15 minutes time frame, you can trade any pair, the signals are good period, Im very happy,........ about John Correnti the owner, great guy, he called me, we talked over the phone for about 40 minutes, he helped me via teamviewer with all the installation, 60 plus good reviews cant be wrong, if you want to learn trading and make some money while doing it...currensys is the way to go....READ THE WHOLE MANUAL,,FOLLOW THE RULES!!! and make money..
my two cents!!
Michael D.,
Charleston, South Carolina, USA,
Apr 17, 2013,

Lots of reviews to back up my humble opinion but I can say I am extremely happy with this trading system. The support is OUTSTANDING and in my opinion it is critical your success as a trader.

John Correnti offers tremendous support above and beyond just Currensys for those that need it or have additional requirements.

That being said, if you buy Currensys it is incredibly easy to make your small investment back. Hell, if you pay attention, follow the rules and listen to John Correnti you can make a great living off of this every year. You can hedge the rest of your portfolio. You can learn how to be a professional trader.

The sky is the limit.

Before I started trading Currensys I was happy with 4000 PIPs per year. Out of respect for the fact that this website may have a lot of new currency traders, and I don't want them to "buy the moon" -- I won't go into my yearly PIP target now, but suffice it to say it's a lot more!

The Details: their website does a good job of explaining at www.currensys.com but basically this is a MACD and Bollinger based system. I have not tried this for 5 minute trading (yet!) but for 15M 60M, 240M I love it. They offer a 2 week free trial that will give you a taste of the system.
Denver, USA,
Sep 10, 2012,

Hi Giovanni,
I've been trading since 1/16/2006. I've learned tech trading pretty well. But i needed more confirmation on highs and lows. i found John and Currensys. And he and his system have helped me a lot. John has a morning trading room that you can join and learn more about what he's and other currensys traders are watching and why.
This system is well worth really learning.
Turin, Italy,
Jul 27, 2012,

I’m very sorry to say that I didn’t get good results using Currensys. I’m not complaining about the manual, quite clear to understand and very well written, and I’m not complaining with the support, as John Correnti is very friendly, and he answered all my questions and doubts. At the beginning I tried Currensys for about two months in demo mode using futures with 5 and 15 minutes charts, but I have not been successful. On March, I started again to use Currensys with Forex, since this system has been developed for forex market, so I thought to get better results. I started using 15 minutes charts, but many entries signals came out during night (I leave in Italy, so when Japan, Australia and Asia markets are open, in Europe is night), so it was very difficult to catch these signals. Of course it is not possible to stay in front of the monitor twenty-four hours a day, so I changed to 240 minutes charts, and in this way I could catch almost all entries, since there is more time to start the trade. I read the manual many many times, I set all parameters as suggested by the manual and by J. Correnti, but nothing changed. Following all dots (as suggested by John), following strictly the rules, the win-loss ratio has always been low, and during two months I always ended with a loss (still in demo mode, fortunatelly). I am very disappointed, probably is only my fault, but I am sure I have followed the rules, using not correlated pairs, Stop Loss and Target as the manual or John suggests, etc. Reading all these positive feedbacks about Currensys in this forum , I am happy for the many people that instead of me can obtain good results, even though I wonder how this is possible using the same system, following the same rules (dots), but it doesn’t matter any more to me. Of course now I have stopped to use Currensys, and I’m trying something else. Good luck to all of you for a lot of pips using Currensys, but this system does not work with me
, United Kingdom,
Jul 19, 2012,

I have been learning about trading any trading related systems for approximately 3 years now. I have gone through multiple platforms and spent lots of time and money trying to develop my own trading systems My main problem with this in the past is the secretive attitude of the trading community I have experienced thus far.

After going round and round in circles for years I hit rock bottom and decided I could not continue down this road any longer without direction or help.

All I wanted was a useable system that I could learn thoroughly and trade day in day out, after searching the internet for references I found currensys.

I spoke with John before purchasing the system and liked his no nonsense approach. Unlike the answers I had been getting from other traders over the years he assured me that he would pull no punches teach me what was required and would not feed me any useless BS. He answered all my questions and I purchased the system.

My first conversation with John after purchasing the system I asked him exactly where I stood with regard to support as I didn’t want to be ‘that guy’ calling him all hours of the day asking trading related questions which he considered irrelevant. He again put me at ease with the assurance this wouldn’t happen and he would help me with all aspects of trading - not just the currensys system but psychology, money management and system setup. He also said (jokingly) that if I did become ‘that guy’ he would tell me, again a refreshing change – honesty!

I am currently learning the system in depth and have had numerous contacts with John over email and skype. All of my questions have been answered thoroughly and in a timely manner. The promise of continued unlimited support is certainly real and I am confident of my success.

I am hoping to finally trade full time soon, with John’s help and my continued efforts I have no doubt this will happen.
shikhikhutag ,
Chicago , USA,
May 15, 2012,

This is one of the best system is out there. when I say best I mean THE BEST. you must follow the rules, read your manual cover to cover.. I would say this system has about 79% accuracy, very very realistic. pip on people
Garry McLain,
Tucson AZ, USA,
May 1, 2012,

I use Currensys to trade the indexes, which is not it's intended use. My trading is usually by consensus and by that I mean if the ES, NQ and TF are all telling me about the same thing that is usually the direction that I follow. Today for example, I received Currensys signals that let me know that by 12-12:15 EST the rally was over, all three markets had their move and all three signaled a possible reversal. My long profits where taken and a short position was entered, both trades today were profitable. I typically use the Currensys signals to give me major market turning points. I have not traded Forex with the system so I can only speak from my experiences but it is worth every penny on the indexes. I have needed support twice and both times John was back to me within minutes offering to help. This system is without a doubt some of the best money spent.
Paul ,
Alicante , Spain,
Apr 17, 2012,

I originally found out about Currencys after reading reviews about them on this web site, so firstly thank you to “Forex Peace Army” for a great informative web site.

After reading through the Currency's web site 50 times or more, downloading the guides, watching numerous YouTube videos etc. I eventually made contact with the company, and I am glad I did.

John the owner has a lot of patience that is for sure, I asked him a tonne of questions and each was answered quickly and thoroughly, he has a knack of explaining things to the last detail, if you still don't get it he will call you on Skype until things are logged in your brain!!

I instantly felt at ease with John and decided to purchase the system, which he has helped me install on two machines, the literature is extensive over 240 pages of text, images, tables and charts, it has been put together in such away that the information flows from one section to another, and makes easy reading.

It is too early to say it's a winner as I have only traded two positions and I am still learning and practising, solid support from John every step of the way which is encouraging, this looks a great way of trading and I am looking forward to the future and trading the Currencys way!!
London, United Kingdom,
Apr 3, 2012,

Simple and clear, learn the system stick to the rules and make alot of pips. Awesome system and works wonders on 4 hourly chart. Thank you John
John B,
Brighton, United Kingdom,
Feb 9, 2012,

Ok guys, this is genuinely the first system / software review I have ever written, but credit where credit is due, it is the least I can do. I have been interested in the financial markets for many years, finally taking the plunge as a trader just over a year or so ago. When it came to finding a good trading system, I was close to tearing out what little hair I had left. All are advertised with gusto and great promise, yet many (if not most), fail to deliver on an epic scale. NOT SO WITH CURRENSYS!!

I came across this system by researching the reviews on this very site and others and was so impressed with the unusually heart felt comments regarding not only the system, but more importantly, the people behind the product, that I decided to look into it further. It is no exaggeration to say it is the best decision I have made in trading. John Correnti is passionate about the Currensys system, but even more passionate about the success of the traders who trade it and cares about your progress on the road to this success. Like anything in life worth its salt, YOU have to put in the hours to understand how to use it. YOU have to read the manual (several times is advisable) and inwardly digest it.

You can give the finest surgical instruments to a caveman, but it will not turn him into a neuro-surgeon! Do your homework, be dedicated and be patient and success WILL follow. There WILL come a day when you will thank John and Phil with your heart and your soul. Visit the site, visit the room, watch and ask questions. John is often busy taking Skype calls, answering emails and generally assisting folks. He is totally absorbed by and dedicated to Currensys, so cut him some slack, he WILL get back to you. He and Phil are genuine and care about your trading success.

Ask yourself this....how many system providers offer you no obligation, free access to their trading room to see their product in action?.....Only those who have total faith in their product and have nothing to hide!

If you have the balls to start on the road to becoming a successful trader, you may as well give yourself a fighting chance and check out this system. Talk to John, sound him out, take a look at the CurrensysFX YouTube channel, then take the plunge. You will not be sorry!

BTW, blaming everyone but yourself for YOUR failures as some have done here, is ‘standard losers’ mentality! no system, however good, will ever work for you. Until YOU understand this. YOU are the “Holy Grail” Spend some time on trader psychology studies and you will go far. Currensys will help you reach your goal!!!
Wisconsin, USA,
Jan 24, 2012,

I am writing this review as to update my exp. with the Currensys system and its changes with John taking over for Phil and to hopefully clear up any misconceptions in my own opinion.

I have been a Currensys owner since 09 and was an original student of Phil, I will never forget everything he taught me and the patience he had with me asking so many questions. When Phil had decided to hand over the operations to John, I admit I was skeptical because I was so comfortable with Phil and I even discussed this with Phil for a few weeks, but he assured me that John would have the same attitude as a teacher and friend that Phil did.

To my surprise he was right, being involved in currensys, I can honestly say that Phil picked the right person to take over, John has done an amazing job with doing videos that show the system in action ( sometimes on a daily basis ), he has shown the diversity of the system with what it can do with other markets such as Futures, Commodities and Stocks.....He truly has taking a lot of time to make the system better and anyone who has been a currensys owner for any amount of time and takes advantage of what John offers with his support will tell you the same thing.

John has always responded to my emails and has always made time to talk to me on the phone to discuss a lot of different aspects about the system. As to anyone who has doubt or a " bad exp" it is most likely your own fault. Through out the years I have constantly looked at and researched other systems to compare out of pure curiosity and to this day nothing can touch what the currensys team does with the personal support, the systems itself and the ongoing help you get, regardless how simple or hard the problems may be...they really are one of the few who do not give up on their members.

FYI.....There is no holy grail, there is no perfect system, you will have a bad/loosing trade eventually, .....If you want success then follow the rules, use smart money management, take advantage of the help and support, stop wasting money on all the B.S out there and believe in what works.

I am very stern and aggressive about my words and when I talk about currensys system because I know what I have been through with both Phil and John...they are not going to trade for you but with everything they offer, it is as close as it gets to having them right next to you holding your hand through the process.

So to anyone out there looking for a great system, currensys tops them all.....and to everyone else, stop your crying and blaming everyone else for your lack of fortitude to actually take the time to learn and do something on your own and take responsibility for your own actions.

2009-08-02 5Star This review is to comment on Fred from California and to give my opinion and review on the Currnesys system and Phil as a person.

To start...Fred form California, you're an idiot and a dumb a** for even thinking to post a review like that to someone who has 5 star reviews from so many people who has worked with Phil, did you even read the manual, did you take the time to learn the system or just expect to fire it up and know everything how it works in 5 minutes. And another thing you say that when Phil tried calling you , you ignored his call...well if you were having problems why wouldn't you answer his call...( yep sign of an idiot)...I have a real hard time believing that if you were having trouble with the systems that Phil would not of done everything in his power to help you understand it....trading a good system does take work and can be hard at times but I guess it is best for you to pay $97 for FAP or some other c***.....$1000 is a lot for something but that is nothing compared to what Phil will do for you.

And if you can get the same indicators to run Phils systems from Metatrader then why did you purchase his system ( yep...another sign of an idiot).If you would of studied Phils system you would of known that not every dot is a strict entry/exit signal....and there is not a system that is going to give you a profitable trade every time.

Now for my opinion about Phil....I first started talking to Phil about a year ago and had my first e mail responded to with in hours of sending it, with every question I had about his system answered. For weeks I sent him e mails with constant questions about his system and the forex market itself and got very detailed answers to every single question, he did not beat around the bush or jerk me around.I also received his personal # and was invited to stop by and see him when I am in the Florida area,plus he had made plans to take time out of his schedule when he was coming to Wisconsin to visit me......now what trader,teacher mentor will do that for a student.

Phil even went as far to introduce me to his own contacts and brokers to answer some questions I had that he admittedly did not know the answer to instead of telling me some bullshit answer.I even asked about Phil to some other brokers to see if I would get a mixed review and all anyone said is that he is one of the very few TRUE professionals in this business.

Word of advice people....if you want to trade it is going to take work but I promise you with the guidance from people like Phil you will succeed.

In closing I consider Phil not only a person who has helped me understand this market and a mentor but a very good friend who I can call or e mail about anything when it comes to every aspect about trading....we have even had conversations about life and personal things in general......now that's impressive.

London, United Kingdom,
Jan 24, 2012,

Ok first of all i must stress that i have never ever given a review for anything before..EVER. The system does have a mathematical edge, so in essense you can pick any single currency pair and mechanically trade it alone and you will be in profit. However, to fully maximise your potential you must formulate a plan and approach which corresponds to your nature of trading. You must take the initiative to find this out, to find out what works for you, only you can do this. This system will not make you profitable, only you can do that, your psychology must correlate with the nature of the market and the nature of the system. John is a seasoned trader and has fought through the same mental battles that we are going through and has always been a great help when im going a bit crazy. If you think that you are going to buy this system then POOF! your a consistent successful trader then you will have a rude awakening, trading is not easy and you must find out the correct combination of thinking and actions to take. If you take the time to build up a constructive relationship with John you will find him to be extremely helpful and useful in all this, if you expect him to be your babysitter and work out everything for you then your not going to get anywhere. At first i didnt think John cared about my progress and development because he didnt chase me up like a girl in high school, but after our in depth conversations and the time John has commited to helping me with my psychological issues (and beleive me freud would have a hard time) i know that he gets pissed off when i do something wrong and urges me in the right path. You gotta make use of him, he doesnt know your having issues if you dont contact him. So in summary the system works very well and i knew that before i bought it, i like the freedom in application it offers. Building yourself up so you work with it is the real task and John will assist you with that. If you have the commitment, desire and passion to succeed in this then you will find a way
paige jenkins,
Jan 21, 2012,

i normally do not write reviews but i had to do it in this case. I purchased the currensys system in 2009 and for the life of me i could not get it to work, i put it aside and really forgot about it. Every week i would get the weekly reviews that Phil would produce then John who has taken over these duties, and every week they talked about asking for help, time went by and I never asked for help or traded. Then in one of John' s weekly reviews in his commentary stuck a nerve and compelled me to email him. To my surprise his email came back within 45 mins and was excited to hear from me and asked for my number so he could call me. A few minutes later my phone rang and it was him, I found him very confident and knowledgeable and honest. He told me his experiences with the system and how Phil had explained things to him and how he failed many times until he just made it simple. He stressed knowing the rules, trading plan, and keeping a trading journal of every trade, your emotions, stops, entry, everything that's that happens before, during and after the trade, from start to finish of the trade, and if there was something that i did not understand to ask for help. Also in our first talk as he was asking me questions, I had to admit to him that I really did not understand the rules very well, that I had not done a lot of testing, I had a plan but it was poor, and I had the wrong frame of mind, I thought trading this system with all its great reviews would make trading easy and I would make a lot of money without a lot of effort behind it. John made me see the errors I was making. I have called him many times since, shared my trading plan with him, he ripped it apart, and helped me make it better, all of this was 7 months ago and i am hear to tell you the system works and the support has been great. John has turned my trading around again by making me realize that I was over complicating things and to keep it simple and straight forward, know the rules, have confidence because i do know the rules and I have done my homework and I am prepared. I know that the system is not going to give me 100% winners and now even my losers are OK because im following the rules and my plan. John sometimes comes off a bit harsh but that is his personality and sometimes we need tough love to change things around. Currensys and John has changed my life with the extra income that i am now generating from becoming consistent i was able to quit my 2nd job and spend more time at home with my family and more time to trade. I hope to one day be able to trade full time. One thing that I will say is that anytime I have needed to talk to John he has been there, being able to pickup the phone and talk to a live person is a big deal. I thank Phil for developing the system and John and the rest of the crew for helping me to understand and trade it successfully. Take this review for what it is worth but for me I am happy that I first found the system then asked for help to understand it without there support i would still be working 2 jobs. Thank You!

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john correnti,
broadview hts, USA,
Jan 20, 2012,

I read your review and was floored by what I read. I am going to try to get the facts straight. You first contacted us on the 3/15/2011 to validate your ninjatrader platform, on 4/14/2011 you asked a couple of questions to which on the same day, one hour later, you were responded to. then on 4/19/2011 we had a phone conversation which i called you at your home and we talked at length about the system and questions you had. The next time i heard from you was on 6/15/2011 that you had changed to Tradestation and needed to be validated there and on 6/20/2011 you were delivered the ELD file for Tradestation. As far as posting on our forum as of today 1/20/2012 you have not one post there to respond to so im not sure where you are or have posted anything to respond to. I have looked back at all of my archived emails between you and I and all of them have been responded to in a time manner. As far as trading the system mechanically our weekly reviews and all of the youtube videos that we have are all using the system by the rules and with no discretion so again i think there is some confusion regarding how to trade the system and what the rules are. If you were to trade it per the rules your results should be very similar to the results on the trades that we report on, if they are not you are not following the rules as they were written. With regard to our manual it is up to date and version 7 includes recent changes in ninjatrader, and some of the links have been updated to reflect website changes etc. We did make a change to the code and there was a pdf created to reflect these changes as a supplement to the manual and that is posted on the forum for all to see. Your statement that there are "tricks" to make the system work or profitable is simply untrue. The way that i teach the system and it is the way that we suggest to learn the system is to make the system your own, meaning trade it in a way that works with your personality so that you will feel comfortable and have confidence in yourself to trade the system. There are no tricks in trading you have to know the rules, have tested the system and feel comfortable in trading it, have a trading plan and journal your trades as you take them and if you are having issues or problems you ask for help. As you state in your review that we did talk on the phone, I have reviewed these and I have fully explained to you each of your questions to me in our conversations and you have replied that it makes sense and you understood before hanging up. With regard to the trading room, i am giving freely of my time to help people that want help. There is audio in the room when i feel the need to chime in or that someone needs help with a specific issue or problem. The room was never designed to play follow the leader it was a way to answer questions in real time with real time charts going on to help you understand any signals in real time, this was what it is for, again not for you to follow but to answer questions to real time issues. As far as the others answering questions that too was one of things that i wanted to do was to have other members answer questions, who better to listen to then your follow users. I have never denied you help nor to my knowledge never been more than attentive to you when you have asked for help the few times that you did. If there is something that you are unclear about or need help with i will help you, but not knowing about it I cant help. I am offering this effort to clear up some of the misrepresentations here and to set the record straight and to reach out. I help currensys members new and old everyday this is what I do and if you need help all you have to do is ask and i will help clear up anything that you may be unclear about. Again if I dont know you need help I can not help. I thank you for your time and consideration and i look forward to hopefully hearing from you and helping. Thanks John Correnti

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Matt Brun,
Jan 16, 2012,

NOT what I had expected. The manual did a bang up job explaining the system and really makes you feel like you've found something special. Then you try to use it and WOW what a disappointment. I struggled to make any money with this system for 6+ months, posting in the forums (which Support does not read), calling Support (it's not Phil the designed anymore, it's the guy that took it over, who is not pleasant to talk to), and emailing support (sometimes you get a response, sometimes you don't.) The manual is hopelessly out of date and they refuse to update it after changing the code over a year ago. If you attempt to trade the system as it is written, it is not very profitable. You have to learn all the extra "tricks" that are done in the trading room to make it worthwhile, but they spend 1% of their energy explaining these tricks. Everyone that knows them chats to each other in the room, and the main guy in charge rarely chimes in to explain anything. You see his charts on the screen in the room, but there is no audio and he almost never states what it is he's doing or why he's doing it. You can call him (and I have a few times) to ask questions, but he doesn't really explain what it is you're doing wrong or work with you much, just offers simple answers. Clearly this strategy must work for some since so many have offered praise, but I was frustrated with it and wished I'd kept my $1000. If you're a "by the book" mechanical trader, don't even think of going with this strategy.
steve silver,
Sep 15, 2011,

i have purchased my fair share of indicators and EA's and i then i came across Currensys. i first emailed them back a few months ago and with in 30 mins or so i got a response back from John. John as he told me was a currensys owner from way back and was very pleasant and helpful. Threw my many emails exchanged with John i found him to be very honest and forthright and pulls no punches. i found his style very refreshing in a industry of con-artists and scammers. john even gave me his phone number to talk if i needed more information. i finally purchased the program and the after support has been better than the support before i purchased the program. all of my questions have been answered in a timely manner. i have been trading using the system successful for the past 2 months with real money and under the guidance of john. he helped me with my trading plan and how to journal my trades and as a mentor he has even yelled at me when i needed it as well has given me a congats when i did something right. i hope that with his help and the currensys system i can continue to be successful. i would recommend the currensys team if you want a system and method that works and a support teeam 2nd to none.

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Jun 15, 2011,

I have purchased a fair few systems in my time and had not managed to find my feet with most of them for various reasons mostly of my own making and some because of what was 'marketed' wasn't delivered.

I still believed in the dream of being successful trading forex and so I decided that I would give it one last go with Currensys. I had made a commitment that If I could not make it work this time, I would give up the idea of trading forex for keeps and not waste a further cent.

What convinced me to go with Currensys was the reviews on this website, the free videos that John provides on the Currensys website and the explanation of the system components which made complete sense and this all before actually buying the product.

Having bought the Currensys system, I was up and running in short order with the software and the comprehensive, and to the point manual, quickly got the trading rules sorted so I knew what I had to do and how to do it.

The system itself is superb and provides amazing and regular signals on all time frames and the training provided in the manual takes this to the next level so you have the complete package. The simplicity of the system is what makes it great. No fretting with multiple indicators...you see the dots, you trade the dots.

The area where I have benefited the most though with this system is the area which sets this system above most and that is the almost real-time support that John provides. He has helped me identify where I have gone wrong and how to improve my trading and has always been available and willing to help. This has made the biggest difference and improvement to my trading.

If you looking for a forex system I would wholeheartedly say look no further, invest in Currensys, follow the straightforward rules and bank the pips. You will receive everything you need to be successful and much more.

Shaun M,
United Kingdom,
Apr 23, 2011,

I bought into the currensys method well over a year ago. Note the word method, as you actually have 3 different and complementary strategies.

The manual is comprehensive and very useful, it's also well written and shows Phil's sense of humour!

Regards the 3 systems, I have had success on any time frame I have traded. I tend to trade the 15 min as it suits me, I trade mainly the GBPUSD and EURJPY but to be honest any pair is good.

I back tested the systems manually and found the results to be absolutely brilliant, and have traded live successfully ever since.

I think it is important to appreciate that the more pairs you trade the more correlation comes into play, so I try to stick to the above pairs only and take every signal generated, this has kept my drawdown very low thus ensuring fear does not creep into my trading.

My sincere advice initially is back test different pairs, time frames etc before doing any trading, gain confidence in the systems, pick a pair and time frame that suit you and then master that pair and time frame. Then, find another non correlated pair and do the same.

If you take the time to master these systems ( which incidentally can each be traded successfully as stand alone systems ) you will make a ton of money and be very happy.

Even if you don't, you will still most likely make money. Phil is there for you, and also now John.

I concur with all of the comments on here ( except the few idiots ) and highly recommend these systems to anybody who is serious about being successful.

As a side note, if your not serious don't waste your money or time - send it to me otherwise I will take it off you in the Market anyway, at least if you give me it I will say thanks lol
Eric Laughton,
New York of course,
Feb 27, 2011,

I am your classic NOOB with a desire to learn how to trade currency. I've read many books on the topic, but to be sure it is a hard and long hill to climb. CurrencySYS has worked for me. That said, the system in and of itself has a success rate over 60% but that is only partially why I like it. I need "communication" from real people. John, who took over from the inventor of the system Phil, is a good people person. And he is a good mentor. He answers all questions. He is tough, and I like that. He literally hates when someone loses money they should not have lost. He does not shy away from telling you why. I prefer the straight talk. But he also trains you to not make the same mistake twice. I like that too. I had a trade last week he walked me through (the entire thing). I learned more in that hour time frame than any book I read. It was piratical application. I made a fundamental mistake - still, I made money. However, I'd made more if I had listen closer. So, overall, the combination of the system (extremely important), as well as the actually hands-on help (even more important) sells this program.