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Updated: Dec 29, 2017
4.343 · 67 REVIEWS
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4.343 · 67 REVIEWS
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Nov 2, 2006,

Bottome line: Phil knows what he's talking about. He has been trading the same profitable system for over two years now, and in forex that is a lifetime. He is extremely helpful to any serious trader, regardless of if you ever give him a dime. Phil will do anything in his power to make anyone, who is willing to take the time, a successful trader. Phil is a great guy and anyone whos rates him less than 5 stars is full of s***.
Dec 11, 2006,

Phil may have some useful indicators that he provides to his clients, but using them to trade profitably is not as easy as he makes it seem. The problem with his trading methods are his exits. There is so much discretion involved that I do not believe anyone can use this in a mechanical way. $995 is a big price to pay for a methodology that really provides no clear exit strategy. After I purchased this, I registered to join Phil's message board, and I was never approved for some unknown reason. It's difficult to mentor someone when you don't allow them to post or login to your chatroom. Don't waste your money. I wish I could get mine back.
Orlando, FL,
Dec 18, 2006,

Phil has created 3 great systems for different types of investors. The great thing about his systems is that you can adapt them to your trading style by choosing the timeframe that works best for you. He also provides excellent support with his system but the key to success is you. Everyone gets the same dot but not everyone makes the same amount of pips on each one. How you trade it matters. Great guy and system and definitely worth the money a hundred times over.
Jan 11, 2007,

Like many other I literally stumbled across this system and Phil while filtering through the tonnes of FX rubbish on the internet. Always sceptical I looked into the system, spoke with Phil, read the forum and joined the chat. I was impressed with what I saw and happily paid for the system. Not only is it a great system (ok, not purely mechanical as some might like but show me a good system that is purely mechanical) but Phil is a very genuine person and seems to attract similar people into the group. Many in there do trade this system for a living and everyone in the group is very helpful and supportive. What more can I say. If I cold give more stars I would.
darell shaffer,
Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA,
Oct 10, 2007,

I ordered this system based on the reviews printed here. My experience matches the other reviews. Tradestation installation was easy and the dots can be applied to any currency pair or timeframe. The system in that sense seems quite robust and not at all overoptimized. My first two trades on the system have me up 75 pips, back testing is impressive. Highly recommended. And Phil is as described, funny, supportive and honest.
Bill Fletcher,
Upstate NY,
Dec 5, 2007,

Phil's system is as complete as can be. He is quick to answer replies and does so in a friendly and patient manner. The system (actually three parts for three market environments)generates plenty of signals and the rules, as written will get you out at the proper time.
After several years of currency trading with only lukewarm results, I tried Phil's Currensys system and boosted my results substantially.
You still need some trading savvy, but Phil helps out with that too. His system manual contains proven rules for validated entries and well-timed exits.
Phil publishes the results of all signalled trades at the end of each week without fail. The signals remain on your charts to compare. No after the fact hocus-pocus here--just a good product that is continually monitored, tested, and traded by a highly skilled developer.
Visit the website and watch the videos. Well worth the cost. Phil will set up your charts and give you ongoing assistance. He doesn't simply send off a stack of discs to install yourself. If I had to describe Phil and his system in a word it would be Thorough. He hasn't missed a thing.
You can't go wrong with this honest, big-hearted guy!
Tim Powell,
Pasadena, CA,
Dec 7, 2007,

I have been using Currensys since Mar 1, 07 and I cannot recommend it highly enough. I am a licensed equities and futures broker and have tried many systems with less than satisfactory results. In a word, this system works. I would not trade forex without it. Phil's support via email, chat and even phone is second to none. The positive comments regarding him on this site are all true. He is tireless in his efforts to keep the system and code up to date.

Take the time to watch the videos on the Currensys site, they give an introduction to the reasons behind the development of the system and how and why it works. A 62 page manual detailing the rules is included with the system.

Since forex remains an unregulated market, there are many disappointing systems out there. This is not one of them. This is far and away the best system I have used.
Delray Beach Florida,
Jan 17, 2008,

I found this web site via Forexbastards and feel very lucky I did. I went to the web site and watched the Dot video and then went into the live chat room where Phil just happened to be. This is one hones t and kind person and anyone who thinks differently is nuts. He offered after we talked for a while the oportunity to travel to his home for a learning session and total explanation of the system and how it works.
Tell me folks who in your trading career has ever done that before. I will be going to his home during next week to spend the day or whatever time he will allow me.
I am totally impressed with the system and the man behind it and would recommend this to anyone 7 days a week.

Good Trading
Atlanta, GA,
Mar 13, 2008,

Currensys is a logical, technically sound program that captures points in the market that provide great opportunities to profit. My experience has been fantastic. The creator of this system is a wonderfully patient down to earth person who can and will teach you how to understand and implement this program to make money. I can't recommend this program highly enough.
Jun 9, 2008,

Phil is the most patient and helpful person I have met while trying to find the best way to trade the forex.
His system is efficient and straight forward. I would recommend to anyone considering trading the forex.