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Updated: Dec 29, 2017
4.343 · 67 REVIEWS
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4.343 · 67 REVIEWS
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Jun 30, 2009,

This review is an update to my previous review (on 06/17/09), as a result of some events which have unfolded since then.

A few days after my previous review got posted, Phil contacted me asking if I was the one who submitted that review. Knowing Phil's aggressive personality, I thought it best to just ignore him, which I did. But then a few days after that he contacted me again and asked me to contact him to get a refund. So I did contact him. Well, it turns out he had no intention of ever giving me (or anyone else) a refund. He just wanted to know if I was really the one who submitted that review, and he wanted to vent his anger.
He basically sent me an email in which he called me all kinds of nasty and disrespectful names, stating that I had ruined his reputation and so on....

So, I apologize to every one for having given this guy two stars and calling him great (in my previous review). Apparently I misjudged him, as I notice others have as well on this site, except that I got to see the other side of him.

In any case, for me it's another loss and bad experience. But if YOU are considering purchasing anything from him or his business, please think about it carefully. A thousand dollars is a lot of money, especially to throw away. You can basically get the same results through free indicators available on Metatrader and other platforms.

2009-06-17 2 stars I purchased Phil's system about three months ago and I can tell you it is NOT worth a thousand dollars. Phil is a great guy, but his system is flawed in several key areas. First off, you can't get your money back for any reason (even though he can deactivate your copy of the system if he wanted to). Second, out of every 10 trading signals his system gives you about 2 or 3 will be false signals, another 2 or 3 will be loosing signals, and maybe 4 or 5 will be winners (if you manage the trades well). However, although you can save a lot of time by setting the system to send you an email whenever it generates a new signal, every signal (whether false, looser, or winner) must be managed for proper entry and exit. This will take up a lot of your time. Further, as some one else on this forum has already commented, the exits are quite subjective, whether you're loosing or winning. Also, altough Phil says he's open to improving his system, he wont actually consider any thing you suggest, and he wont let you change any thing either. So, you're pretty much stuck with what he sells you.

I've spent hundreds and hundreds of hours in front of the computer analyzing charts and indicators and systems, trading, loosing, winning, etc. As a result, I'm learning how to quickly decipher the hidden flaws in any system or mythology. For me, Phil's system was pretty much a waste of time and money, especially at a very difficult period of my life financially.
Sep 5, 2009,

I just purchased Phil's system and while I'm just using it in demo as I write this, I have to say his system is an absolute WINNER. From what I've seen, I'm really impressed with the system and Phil's willingness to help people use it properly. The majority of trades are winners and while discretion has to be used for entering and exiting any trade, the system for the most part takes alot of the guesswork out of making profitable trades. This is exactly what I've been looking for. Phil's a great guy, very personable and he really gos the extra mile in answering questions and giving trading advice with respect to his system and trading in general...this alone is rare and I'm sure this bodes wll for my future as a profitable and stress free forex trader. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Review Moderation Team Note: 5 star rating removed. Please note that strongly positive ratings may not be left solely on the basis of demo testing and backtesting. We hope that Mike will leave a followup if he decides to trade with this live for a few weeks.
john correnti,
broadview hts, USA,
Jan 20, 2012,

I read your review and was floored by what I read. I am going to try to get the facts straight. You first contacted us on the 3/15/2011 to validate your ninjatrader platform, on 4/14/2011 you asked a couple of questions to which on the same day, one hour later, you were responded to. then on 4/19/2011 we had a phone conversation which i called you at your home and we talked at length about the system and questions you had. The next time i heard from you was on 6/15/2011 that you had changed to Tradestation and needed to be validated there and on 6/20/2011 you were delivered the ELD file for Tradestation. As far as posting on our forum as of today 1/20/2012 you have not one post there to respond to so im not sure where you are or have posted anything to respond to. I have looked back at all of my archived emails between you and I and all of them have been responded to in a time manner. As far as trading the system mechanically our weekly reviews and all of the youtube videos that we have are all using the system by the rules and with no discretion so again i think there is some confusion regarding how to trade the system and what the rules are. If you were to trade it per the rules your results should be very similar to the results on the trades that we report on, if they are not you are not following the rules as they were written. With regard to our manual it is up to date and version 7 includes recent changes in ninjatrader, and some of the links have been updated to reflect website changes etc. We did make a change to the code and there was a pdf created to reflect these changes as a supplement to the manual and that is posted on the forum for all to see. Your statement that there are "tricks" to make the system work or profitable is simply untrue. The way that i teach the system and it is the way that we suggest to learn the system is to make the system your own, meaning trade it in a way that works with your personality so that you will feel comfortable and have confidence in yourself to trade the system. There are no tricks in trading you have to know the rules, have tested the system and feel comfortable in trading it, have a trading plan and journal your trades as you take them and if you are having issues or problems you ask for help. As you state in your review that we did talk on the phone, I have reviewed these and I have fully explained to you each of your questions to me in our conversations and you have replied that it makes sense and you understood before hanging up. With regard to the trading room, i am giving freely of my time to help people that want help. There is audio in the room when i feel the need to chime in or that someone needs help with a specific issue or problem. The room was never designed to play follow the leader it was a way to answer questions in real time with real time charts going on to help you understand any signals in real time, this was what it is for, again not for you to follow but to answer questions to real time issues. As far as the others answering questions that too was one of things that i wanted to do was to have other members answer questions, who better to listen to then your follow users. I have never denied you help nor to my knowledge never been more than attentive to you when you have asked for help the few times that you did. If there is something that you are unclear about or need help with i will help you, but not knowing about it I cant help. I am offering this effort to clear up some of the misrepresentations here and to set the record straight and to reach out. I help currensys members new and old everyday this is what I do and if you need help all you have to do is ask and i will help clear up anything that you may be unclear about. Again if I dont know you need help I can not help. I thank you for your time and consideration and i look forward to hopefully hearing from you and helping. Thanks John Correnti

FPA Review Moderation Team Note. Three "client" reviews were left from the same location that John left this review from.

paige jenkins,
Jan 21, 2012,

i normally do not write reviews but i had to do it in this case. I purchased the currensys system in 2009 and for the life of me i could not get it to work, i put it aside and really forgot about it. Every week i would get the weekly reviews that Phil would produce then John who has taken over these duties, and every week they talked about asking for help, time went by and I never asked for help or traded. Then in one of John' s weekly reviews in his commentary stuck a nerve and compelled me to email him. To my surprise his email came back within 45 mins and was excited to hear from me and asked for my number so he could call me. A few minutes later my phone rang and it was him, I found him very confident and knowledgeable and honest. He told me his experiences with the system and how Phil had explained things to him and how he failed many times until he just made it simple. He stressed knowing the rules, trading plan, and keeping a trading journal of every trade, your emotions, stops, entry, everything that's that happens before, during and after the trade, from start to finish of the trade, and if there was something that i did not understand to ask for help. Also in our first talk as he was asking me questions, I had to admit to him that I really did not understand the rules very well, that I had not done a lot of testing, I had a plan but it was poor, and I had the wrong frame of mind, I thought trading this system with all its great reviews would make trading easy and I would make a lot of money without a lot of effort behind it. John made me see the errors I was making. I have called him many times since, shared my trading plan with him, he ripped it apart, and helped me make it better, all of this was 7 months ago and i am hear to tell you the system works and the support has been great. John has turned my trading around again by making me realize that I was over complicating things and to keep it simple and straight forward, know the rules, have confidence because i do know the rules and I have done my homework and I am prepared. I know that the system is not going to give me 100% winners and now even my losers are OK because im following the rules and my plan. John sometimes comes off a bit harsh but that is his personality and sometimes we need tough love to change things around. Currensys and John has changed my life with the extra income that i am now generating from becoming consistent i was able to quit my 2nd job and spend more time at home with my family and more time to trade. I hope to one day be able to trade full time. One thing that I will say is that anytime I have needed to talk to John he has been there, being able to pickup the phone and talk to a live person is a big deal. I thank Phil for developing the system and John and the rest of the crew for helping me to understand and trade it successfully. Take this review for what it is worth but for me I am happy that I first found the system then asked for help to understand it without there support i would still be working 2 jobs. Thank You!

FPA Review Moderation Team Note: A Currensys representative left an unrated review from the same location on 2012-01-20. This is one of 3 client reviews left from that location.

Per FPA Policy, the rating on this review has been changed from 5 stars to Zero stars.

Nov 20, 2010,

Just a quick note to let you know that I've been working my way through the manual, learning about and following the indicators on various pairs/instruments, testing how to work them into my trading plan, etc. - and am very impressed with what you have accomplished here. Again, still in the learning phase (like to learn any indicators/methodologies thoroughly so that once added to the arsenal actual trading will be decisive and disciplined), but just wanted to pass along that, IMHO, this is excellent work! And we all know how rare that is in this field!

I'm particularly impressed at Currensys' robustness and clarity (w/o clutter! YAY! - simplifying my screens without sacrificing market analysis integrity has been a major goal of mine in the last year!), along with the thorough explanations and helpful suggestions to preserve tradeability (is that even a word? lol) without having to trust to a nonadaptive black box. Ditto the "edge" provided and your realism and frankness about trading. Kudos!

I've done very well at mid- and longer-term position/swing trading over the years, but am trying to strengthen my intraday/very short term performance. I can already tell that, once mastered, this will really help!

FPA Review Moderation Team Note: A Currensys representative left an unrated review from the same location on 2012-01-20. This is one of 3 client reviews left from that location.

Per FPA Policy, the rating on this review has been changed from 5 stars to Zero stars.

steve silver,
Sep 15, 2011,

i have purchased my fair share of indicators and EA's and i then i came across Currensys. i first emailed them back a few months ago and with in 30 mins or so i got a response back from John. John as he told me was a currensys owner from way back and was very pleasant and helpful. Threw my many emails exchanged with John i found him to be very honest and forthright and pulls no punches. i found his style very refreshing in a industry of con-artists and scammers. john even gave me his phone number to talk if i needed more information. i finally purchased the program and the after support has been better than the support before i purchased the program. all of my questions have been answered in a timely manner. i have been trading using the system successful for the past 2 months with real money and under the guidance of john. he helped me with my trading plan and how to journal my trades and as a mentor he has even yelled at me when i needed it as well has given me a congats when i did something right. i hope that with his help and the currensys system i can continue to be successful. i would recommend the currensys team if you want a system and method that works and a support teeam 2nd to none.

FPA Review Moderation Team Note: A Currensys representative left an unrated review from the same location on 2012-01-20. This is one of 3 client reviews left from that location.

Per FPA Policy, the rating on this review has been changed from 5 stars to Zero stars.

, Germany,
Nov 30, 2013,

I bought the Currensys system in March 2013 within the framework of a FPA Promotion with a 4 week money back guarantee. I canceled on time within the trial period but didn't get my money back (see my thread in the Scam Alerts Folder).

Within my 4 weeks trial I found out that this system is not what I expected. Unfortunately I had not enough time during my trial to test the system as deeply as I wanted. I intended to backtest the system with Ninjatrader over the period of the last 12 month for the 4h and 15min Chart signals. Nevertheless I can report my experience from my trial:

Although Currensys has so many good reviews from the past - the forum on the Currensys website has come as good as to a standstill in the last years. Also during my trial only 1-2 people were usually in the live room and very rarely 4-5 people. Among the numerous signals the system gives, also a runner is included from time to time, no question about it. But of course you don't know in advance which dot is the winning dot. But I could imagine that there are people out there, who are profitable with the system in conjuction with their own system. Like I said before: In my opinion you need additional tools to filter the signals.

Summary: In my opinion the system doesn't work anymore, but seems that it was a good one in former times. This could be an explanation for the many good reviews in the past here. With my personal experiences with John I believe that the Currensys system and also his own trading of the system is not profitable. Otherwise I don't understand why he is in need of cheat with cancellations and also not able to send performance figures of his managed program (see my thread in the Scam Alerts Folder).
Scott Trader,
Panama City, Panama,
Oct 10, 2013,

Currensys was traded on a live account. The problem with the system is that it uses a lagging indicator and by the time the entry signal is given, the move is over and price reverses for a loss. This system is a consistent loser on a live account. Do not be fooled by the fancy website. Also, the current owner john communicates as if he as PMS. Maybe his is grouchy because of the stress of marketing a losing system.
Dec 11, 2006,

Phil may have some useful indicators that he provides to his clients, but using them to trade profitably is not as easy as he makes it seem. The problem with his trading methods are his exits. There is so much discretion involved that I do not believe anyone can use this in a mechanical way. $995 is a big price to pay for a methodology that really provides no clear exit strategy. After I purchased this, I registered to join Phil's message board, and I was never approved for some unknown reason. It's difficult to mentor someone when you don't allow them to post or login to your chatroom. Don't waste your money. I wish I could get mine back.
UK, United Kingdom,
Oct 3, 2013,

I previously left a review of this system way back, maybe 2 years ago now but it seems to have disappeared??? Anyway cant even remember if I gave it positive or negative review at that time. Long story short this system just doesnt work. I tried it for well over a year on a live account using Ninjatrader and had very little success. It is sold as as " see dot,trade dot" system but that will only lose you money. I tried numerous other indicators etc as verification but again nothing worked. I never ever dealt with Phil, John was in charge when I joined and I didnt find him to be a good teacher, quite the opposite. He had a gruff manner and if you asked a question in the trade room or on skype you got a one word answer. The trade room died a death, the forum seems to have died a death, some threads not posted in since 2006. Used to get weekly emails but they too have stopped. There was to be an EA but again I dont think that ever really came about properly. No surprise on that as an EA which would have been backtestable would surely have shown that this system is rubbish. Why so many 5 star reviews I honestly dont know but do not waste your money on this