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Updated: Feb 2, 2024

What is Dynamic Traders?

Dynamic Traders is a trading education company founded by Robert Miner.

DynamicTraders offers DT Software, DT Education, DT Reports to help traders learn how to trade.

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Recent User Reviews of Dynamic Traders

Jul 8, 2011,

I have used DT6 for 6 months now. Good, clean, and crisp presentation interface, and some good tools. I found the swings difficult to use and understand, (compared to GANN 2 04 3 bar swing chart. Also, think it is very expensive compared to Fibinacci Trader and Market Analyst 6, which I also use.

Big issues with DT6, is support for international clients. In this area I have foiund DT6 sadly lacking. They claim to be a global provider and although they claims may be true in the selling of their software this company is ONLY focused on the US market. As a result I have stopped using this product as suppirt is sadly lacling in every regard. beware if you are an international user.
Igor Kropotkin
Oct 12, 2008,

I have used Dynamic Trader since v3 (it's now at v5). I recommend it as the most comprehensive toolkit I know for building your own Fib/Elliott based trading system. It has several statistically derived time + price forecasting routines which can be very profitable if used correctly - and we all know how hard it is to do Elliott well! I combined it successfully with OptionVue to create and manage very large and complex trades. Robert Miner is a very nice fellow ( or he was around 9 years ago when I last met him), and his company was always very helpful and supportive. Upgrades have always been inexpensive or free (mostly the latter). His seminars are also well worth attending - he is basically an educator, not a promoter or huckster, and keeps a relatively low profile. Recommended, if you're not afraid of hard work!