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Updated: Feb 8, 2015
4.708 · 51 REVIEWS
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4.708 · 51 REVIEWS
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sacramento, USA,
Feb 7, 2015,

richard says forex domain and material are up for sale. so how do we reach you richard by smoke signals because emails sure dont cut the mustard with you.

2014-10-28 1Star looks like a good program. but this guy is a lame duck. i have sent around 15 or more emails over a months time with not a whisper from this cat. he has 2 emails that i know of and i have sent emails to both. have tried to be fair here but i would highly recommend not touching this service. richard pops up and sais hi here and there. but there is no excuse for not answering 15 emails over a months time.
, USA,
Dec 26, 2014,

In regards to Joes post, we are no longer in business. The trade room was a lot of fun but too many pie in the sky clients leaving after 2 losses following 9 straight wins wears on you. Sorry guys, Ray and I have never taught 100% trades. Good luck with that one. We've never endorsed hype or high pressure sales.

We wish all 4xworks clients the best. Thanks for 8 great years. We have decided to shut the site down and just have fun trading. Maybe, (a big maybe) we may bring the site back. Until then, 4xworks domain and copyrighted material is open for sale.

Take care all and happy trading.
Tennessee, USA,
Aug 31, 2013,

This post is in response to Nihad's review. I feel an obligation to respond on Richard's behalf, as he was acting in my company's best interest. And for this reason, am not giving a rating - as it would not be impartial. However, I will speak for Richard's person and ability as a trader.

Richard is an excellent trader and a man of great integrity. It is because these qualities that I asked Richard to become a trader for my company, and for which he is under contract with us. Per our policy, we do not allow any of our client traded accounts to be made public, and per NFA policy any hypothetical trading accounts cannot show more than 3 months of trading history.

We strive to maintain the highest of character and integrity with our clients, and I know that Richard does as well. It pains me greatly that someone (who never tried his trading system) would judge him harshly, and so incorrectly, due to his desire to maintain his word and integrity with our company.

If anyone has any questions pertaining to NFA regulations, you may contact the NFA Compliance office. The Forex contact is Jennifer Sunu, and her number is (312) 781-1402. You may also look up compliance rules and regulations at:


It is my recommendation that you make sure all people you work with are aware of, and follow, the regulations of the NFA. There are many unethical practices in this industry, as anyone who has been involved in Forex for very long has discovered. Ensure that you do fall prey to such practices.

I cannot speak highly enough of Richard for standing up for his commitments, and choosing to honor what is right - even if it meant someone posting falsely about him. Everything that was said in the previous post was presumptuous, based on invalid points, and in complete error of the truth. I could not stand idly by and not say anything in Richard's defense.

Richard Kelley,
Aug 15, 2013,

In respect to Nihad, there are two sides to every story.

I can understand where Nihab is coming. The reviews here are from real clients who have enjoyed my services. Regardless, here is a copy of the follow-up email that I sent him.

Happy trading everyone!

Hi Nihad.

I just wanted to let you know that I try very hard to please my clients. The company that I am trading for has contacted me and has brought to my attention your posted reviews as they are also now in charge of website SEO. I'm very sorry that you feel the way you do. Teaching people how to trade is my passion and it is also a part of my livelihood. My integrity is everything and I believe it the reason why I have positive reviews.

It's unfortunate that you misunderstood my policies. I do not share details of my live accounts. Many companies do. But those that do, legally can only show 3 months of data according to NFA law. I know you are not familiar with such policies and neither was I until I subjected myself to a very lengthy contract. I'm sure the company I am trading for would be kind enough to enlighten you. Because of breach of contract, there are also other things that I am not able to do.

Yes, there was a waiting period that you had to endure. I was simply trying to respond to your request by trying to convey your requests to my colleagues for some kind of compromise in which I could share with you. Unfortunately, they denied your request. Like I said, I am under contract.

I know that you have not officially tried my product, but If you had and was dis-satisfied with it, I would have gladly refunded your money as I do offer a 30 money day back guarantee. I wish you success in your trading future. And it is my hope and prayer that you never judge a book by it's cover or slander companies who stand by NFA law and try very hard to not treat their clients as only a number.

I am willing to try and meet the needs you are requesting of me. Unfortunately, I cannot give you detailed information that reveals my capital or my account numbers. My sincere apologies for not making this clear.

May success find you, God bless!
Richard Kelley.......
, Turkey,
Jul 31, 2013,

Result and Update of my evaluation: Richard provided me with some screenshot of some MT4 account done trades for the past 3 months. This was NOT the report generated by MT4 showing all detailed stats. And no way to confirm if its demo or real and belong to him. When I asked about this he said would get back to me after he must check with the very big firm that he is trading for. Still nothing came up. The guy is really polite but coming down to business: it is fishy imo. First some fishy reply such as NFA doesnt allow him to share his results, and then the reason switched to a big firm hes trading for was not allowing etc..My conclusion: I dont buy it. The previous amazing 5-star reviews done here sounds and feels like paid reviews.
Below you can find our detailed dialog, so you guys can make your own calls:


Please forgive me for the delay. I need to speak to the firm we are
trading for to make sure we are not breaching any contracts if I am to
share the detailed info with you. I didn't save the report in the way
you wanted for this reason. Please give me a little more time as we
work this out.

Take care and bless you.

> Ok Richard waiting, thanks
> From: "info@4xworks.com"
> To: Nihad Baba
> Sent: Thursday, July 11, 2013 7:07 PM
> Subject: Re: Contact from 4XWorks.com
> Well, what's happening is we are trying to trade for a large firm and
> they don't want us to share more than 3 months at a time. My secretary
> understands the ins and outs. I know, it sounds kind of weird but
> those are the agreements I signed.
> Anyway, I will get those to you soon ok?
> Thanks so much.
> Richard.....
>> Hi Richard
>> Ive never heard of such NFA law, as honestly that's the only sure
>> way of gaining a prospective client's trust. But whatever you
>> can present is welcome. I guess that way maybe I can hold and
>> collect enough of data after a year to better evaluate, if I will
>> receive 1 month of data every month
>> Thanks
>> ________________________________
>> From: "info@4xworks.com"
>> To: babanihad@yahoo.com
>> Sent: Monday, July 8, 2013 9:45 AM
>> Subject: Re: Contact from 4XWorks.com
>> Hi Nihad.
>> Thank you for your interest. I believe that I can only give you 3
>> months at a time according to NFA law. If you are interested in that,
>> I can get you that info and I can update it every month. We are under
>> strict NFA guidelines now as we are branching out in trading large
>> accounts possibly in the near future. I need to verify that with my
>> secretary as she keeps all the NFA records. Please let me know if that
>> will works for you and I will send that out.
>> Blessings.....
>> Richard,
>> This is a contact from 4XWorks.com. Please respond as soon as you
>> can. Here is what was submitted:
>> * Full Name:nihad baba
>> * E-mail:babanihad@yahoo.com
>> * Phone:
>> * Reason for Contact:Other
>> * Details:hi Richard. I read pretty good reviews about you on FPA.
>> Is there a way where I can see your track-record for the past 2-3
>> years with detailed stats. DO you have it published in any 3rd party
>> site such as myfxbook.com or etc...? Thanks

2013-07-17 No Rating I asked him if he has a track record of his performance with detailed stats for the past 2-3 years preferably by a 3rd natural party. He said as an NFA rule he is not allowed to show anything more than past 3 months (which is kinda weird rule if true), and he could update me with monthly data every month. I said OK whatever you can show is fine. Its been a week now still waiting any response since. Will update IF he ever comes up with a tangible/dependable track record
k k,
SH, China,
Aug 7, 2012,

it's a very good service and Richard is quit honest. he could help you even if you're a new trader struggling to attache a custom indicator to the chart. the trade room has been profitable and you could learn a lot from it no matter you're a beginner or an experienced trader. before you join it, make sure you're serious about trading and have an account which would allow you to trade 0.01 standard lot or even less so that you could manage the trade as Richard instructs to take full advantage of this service.
Richard Robson,
North Miami Beach, FL, USA,
Jul 22, 2012,

I’m new to 4X and felt a robot might be the way to go. After the initial investment and 6 weeks of trading it loss more then it made.

I decided to look around and found 4XWorks. Everything I researched about it was positive, and the price was reasonable.
After a month with 4XWorks I can only give it 5 stars, 10 if it were possible.

For beginners like me I highly recommend taking time to digest all the written material, watching all the videos and then to join the trading room so you have a little better understanding of what’s going on. You can also trade along with the trading room group if you so desire.

The customer service department is Richard. He has called me and called me back when requested on several occasions. He is always available to help you understand anything that troubles you.

He teaches money management, when to stay out of the market and what pairs are best to work with and why. He is extremely honest, straight forward and will tell you like it is.

If you’re seriously interested in learning the Forex market, I recommend this highly. It’s not a get rich quick or a system that guaranties a high rate of return, but will give you an understanding of the market and give you the tools to survive in it.
Jul 21, 2012,

Hello traders, Richard here.

Just wanted to announce some changes to our website which will positively effect all 4xworks members. We are removing some of the old material that we feel is outdated and we are keeping things more focused on serious traders.

The 4xworks pro education will now be available to all current and future 4xworks clients. There will less material to learn, but it has significantly improved and the one time fee still remains.

Our trade room has been very successful. Fox news contributor, Noble Drakoln joined us as a visitor in the room last week and both days he attended were winning days. It is possible he may be endorsing 4xworks in the future. Thanks to all that support us. :)

Happy trading!
stephen harper,
melbourne, Australia,
May 6, 2012,

ARE YOU SERIOUS?? I recomend richard at 4Xworks but only if your prepared to work at it, spend the time required, and learn from this very experienced man , Dont expect instant results, it requires dedication and Richard will show you how to be a long term trader but ONLY IF YOUR SERIOUS. get rich quick dreamers need not apply, your welcome to check personally with me , cheers steve

2012-03-01 5Star Richard at 4xworks gives generously of his time , answers questions calmly and professionally , we have all heard about suppert/resistance , bolinger bands trends , candels etc.etc , but richard teaches HOW to use them , we have a few laughs to , its great value for money folks , cheers steve
Dave Rehorst,
Dayton, USA,
May 3, 2012,

I recently started using the new 4xWorks Pro and trade room and have found both to be of great value.

The 4xWorks Pro package is a detailed approach of the basic trading system used by Richard, the owner of 4xWorks. The system is fairly easy to follow and implement. I have used the approach on time frames from 5 minutes to one hour and have been successful in my trading for the last couple of months. It provides clear direction on how and when to enter and exit trades and proper money management. The system is not the holy grail with 100% gains per month, but does provide real and steady gains when properly implemented.

The trade room is run by Richard Monday through Friday. It greatly complements the 4xWorks Pro trading system and takes the approach to a new level. While the trade room is fairly basic without bells and whistles, the information provided real time by Richard is invaluable. You are basically following Richard as he explains his trading in real time. He provides his assessment of the pairs he is following in various time frames from monthly down to 5 minutes. When he sees a trade setting up, if he has the time, he will let you know of the trade, provide the rationale for the trade and the parameters such as proper entry price, stop loss take profit, support and resistance etc. He will also be totally honest and let you know when the markets are behaving well and he often can call moves almost to the pip. Likewise he will let you know the markets are more erratic and explain the added risk in a potential trade. There have even been days when Richard has stated the market was not worth trying to trade at least with his style. The Trade room allows one to profitably trade with Richard if you choose to, However, the real purpose is to provide you with an eduction so you can trade profitably yourself, and I can say that Richard has provided that education.

There are couple of added benefits of the trade room, first you get to ask questions real time to Richard and he does his best to answer. He has even taken that time to call me after the trading day to continue the discussion just to be sure I understood the answer. A second benefit is that at time another member in the trade room sees an opportunity and will point it out to Richard and the group, Richard will always review it and often the whole group will get to act on it. The third benefit is that the group provides support and helps you stay on track and get through periods where the trading is hard.

The bottom line is that the trade room will help teach you to trade successfully, you can trade along with Richard and make real pips as you learn, and just as important it makes the trade day enjoyable instead of a loan some grind. I highly recommend anyone who truly wants to be successful in trading FOREX give the 4xWorks Pro and trade room a try.