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ForexOnFire.com (Ken Calhoun) Review

Updated: Mar 14, 2019
2.538 · 4 REVIEWS
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ForexOnFire.com (Ken Calhoun)

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2.538 · 4 REVIEWS
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fred farkel,
wyoming, USA,
Apr 18, 2012,

His method isn't profitable. The winning trades he posts to his web site are all cherry picked and don't show his major losses.
He is making a living off of selling- not trading. He is not listed on any trading verification sites like profit.ly or co-vester because he simply isn't profitable. Don't buy a thing from him until he shows transparency by verifying all his trades with a service. Sorry Ken but you're not of any more use than CNBC or Oliver Velez- they both teach but have no verifiable track record.
Ken Calhoun,
Sep 24, 2010,

Hi - in regards to the post by "bob" in new jersey; I am disappointed to hear your negative comments, since they are inaccurate. I've had lots of positive feedback about the content quality, professionalism and trader support from my other traders (thanks!).

All videos are in high resolution 720x480 DVD-quality format and they've been posted monthly as promised; for proof you can see what's covered at:


The most recent one was just posted today, September 23, 2010, a full hour of tactics for trading the yen/usd.

Member's webinars are held regularly, at least every 6-8 weeks and I give generously of my time and expertise during these.

It's obviously updated monthly and has been for years, for all system owners... hardly a ghost town; I take my training of traders seriously, which is why I'm highly respected in the industry, having been a featured speaker at Moneyshow Forex expos and other venues.

Regarding the forum; all smart questions are welcome, I need to moderate to remove spam and promotional posts, so those are not allowed.


Ken Calhoun
New Jersey,
Jan 25, 2010,

A half-a$$ed, thrown together, low quality video mix of his seminars and webinars. Yes, low resolution webinars!

My friend and I bought this together and split the $1200 price down the middle. You get a fancy, slick marketing package of DVDs and audio CDs and a few cheaply made manuals.

I believe the "system" he has put together has its merits but also has holes like Swiss cheese in it. I like looking for momentum trades in pairs with high volatility. The way Ken explains it and cobbles his system together to teach it to you is confusing though. And that is being kind.

This was a lazy effort thrown together at the last minute to make a buck. Ken is selling and hustling maybe 7 different websites, numerous "signal" services, and he mostly works with stocks. I think he got into Forex just to use it as a profit vehicle. I do not believe he really cares much for it since his efforts in the materials and the website you get access to have barely any content at all.

Oddly, he has time to show off his pictures of him in expensive suits with a couple of Vegas bimbos on each side of him! How unprofessional! All marketing hype and mediocre substance.

His big selling point is that you get free access to his"members only" website. There, you will find a very empty forum and will wait months between webinars if you are lucky. When he first sold the product he was SLIGHTLY active there and made some effort. No it is a ghost town because his stock products have all his attention!

The forums? Well, he controls EVERYTHING! He literally reviews and allows or rejects every single post. Basically, you do not feel welcome. He makes you feel like you are a nuisance.

I think he has a lot to offer, but only when he decides to put some serious effort and quality into his work and shows more care toward the customer.
Oct 16, 2009,

I bought his system a few years ago and found it to be very bad at controlling risk. It was so subjective that I wouldn't really call it a trading system. I understand now what is actually important when trading and feel this isn't the way to learn trading. His talks about reading the tape but their was very little tape breakdown. Buyer beware. if you want to learn trading make sure you test a stradegy but above all else control your risk and understand how price moves, this is only done by watching markets for many more hours then the 12-14 CD's you over pay for :)
Bob Zebrowski,
News Jersey,
Sep 11, 2007,

This August I attended Ken Calhouns Trade Mastery class for FOREX in Denver. The class was great! 2 days of non stop trade selection using technical analysis from the practical side. Ken clearly differentiated between what technical signals tend to work and which don't or give too many false signals.

After completing the 2 days I feel that I am more able to trade successfully by only trading high probability setups. I believe Ken is coming out with a course on DVD as well. While not for rank beginners, I would definitely highly recommend Trade Mastery to anyone who wants to take their Forex trading to the next level.