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4.554 • 50 REVIEWS
Hector DeVille
Updated: Mar 1, 2024

What is Hector Trader?

Hector Trader is a forex training program created by Hector DeVille to teach users how to trade forex.

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4.554 • 50 REVIEWS

Recent User Reviews of Hector Trader

Brian Batis
, USA,
Nov 6, 2014,

I can see that Hector Deville is getting a lot of good reviews here... but most of them are coming from newbies who just dished out $500 for his video courses who haven't made a dime yet... so just disregard those reviews, they mean absolutely nothing!

I will admit here, back in January of 2013, I was one of those gullible newbies right at the start of learning how to trade Forex who purchased Hector's Video course. It seemed very informative at the time, but his trading style just didn't appeal to me so I moved on.

Now currently I came back to checkout Hector's Trading Room for $97 a month. I must say that I'm very disappointed with his trading room. First of all his support staff are incompetent. Second of all, nowhere on his forums does he show his past trades of winning trades and losing trades.

I went through one of his threads labeled "Show your winning trades." That was a complete joke to say the least! I didn't read all of them and I didn't have to... but a couple of them and one of them in particular asked a very important question to the Moderator Jacob... which was... "Can you please show me some results from your London Open Breakout trades?" The Moderator Jacob responded with... "We will get back to you on that." That thread was posted over two years ago with no response whatsoever!

Bottom line is this... Nowhere will you find Hector Deville's track record of his winning and losing trades on his forum. When your paying $97 a month for a service and not being given a track record of what your being offered... this is a major red flag!

I will be contacting my credit card company to attempt a charge back on Hector's greed!

P.S. For all those people who have lost money with Hector Deville like I have, no need to worry. Because God's universal law states, and I quote, "What you sow is what you reap! Hector will get his in due time, just be patient. ;-)
NCW, Ireland,
Jan 5, 2013,

I finish this course. THIS WORKING PERFECT.
In 02.01.2013 on night time I do +413 pips ::)
KL, Malaysia,
Jan 5, 2013,

Guys, it seemed fishy for someone who used to post trades daily but somehow stopped without prior notice. The last video was about 4 years ago on april. He did not indicate that hes like gonna quit posting vids or something. Furthermore he no longer reply emails in time.. Im very curious about this. Not that i doubt his trading techniques in fact i am learning it and find it potentially good. Is he dead or something?? Or he has turn more into a marketeer overseeing his profits from his system rather than looking at trading platform no more.. I really want to know is there anyone out there still profiting using his system as of current market conditions ~2012 , since the course was dated pretty old
, Singapore,
Oct 13, 2012,

I am still learning his trading course. I think the reasons why he kept repeating is to drown into you the concepts that lies within which I think is good as practice make perfect, in this case repetitive learning makes you understand better.
I also understand that he has a mentoring course available. Has anyone got any info on that course and is it the same as the trading course?
I would not hesitate to recommend anyone who is interested to learn from Hector himself. It is great course. I hope to become a better trader in time to come.
, New Zealand,
May 19, 2012,

Samuel, Singapore, you say it took to long to Learn. Thats not fair on Hector or this review as he states that it will take a while to learn before you buy. You cant get rich overnight in this game unless you are gambling. Hector gets 5 stars easily and the best forex education I have had.
Scotland, uk,
Feb 9, 2011,

I am after some info on the learn forex live course
I went through the info on screen

Had a relevant question that i sent off for a response.
Where he quite clearly states in one of his tradeing videos
He took a cable position with a 227 pip stop loss for a return of less than 100 pips.
Now that seems a great way to blow your account

THE response was " i would not ever do that",Fair enough if it was a mistake but its still up on his videos/

AND now all i get is automated B S**T landing in my mailbox

AND by the way why no current screen captures on line ? of trades taken they are all over a year old

I await a response
Mike Wu
Jan 29, 2011,

I have gone through 3 paid courses and quite some free ones and books, this is the best. It is very logic and asked a lot my confusing points how to trade forex.

I am now pratising this system, and I have more confidence to continue my forex journey.
Dec 29, 2010,

Terrible attitude. If you're planning on trying this program to see what it's like and decide to get a refund later, please don't. On trying to get a refund from clickbank, Hector's reply was appallingly rude. He wrongly accused me of trying to get a refund after only a day which was totally untrue, and after I clarified the situation, he didn't even bother to apologize for that. The tone used in the emails was very unpleasant.

I chose to get a refund because the course took too long to complete (too many videos) and there isn't an ebook on the system.
Sep 26, 2010,

Very good. Clear, direct, and professional.
Chinedu Ilobinso
Jul 20, 2010,

due to the high volume of scams in this online trading, i hardly talk about any software or system. nevertheless, my silence will hurt me if i dont cough this out of my chest ( as Hector usually says lol). hector is all you need to be a profitable trader. the only system i know with a logical background and clear explanation of trade plan. with this system, you would not feel any pain even if you lose a trade because it had a plan, and even if you lose, it is just going to be a couple of pips. it is solely price action reading. and thats what seperates you from the crowd. trust me, i am glad i found this system because eversince i did two years ago, i have had a very bullishly trending equity curve. Hector is just the best.