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Updated: Jan 11, 2019
4.97 · 69 REVIEWS
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4.97 · 69 REVIEWS
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United Kingdom,
Feb 12, 2018,

I started trading 10 years ago and have been with Jimmy Young for 5 years
I have signed up to several trading training sites but I must say that for value for money this guy is way way ahead of the pack

The training is very straight forward and easy to follow

IF you want training where you are told how much, when to place trade, when to close trade and what to trade then this might not be for you ! but as forex is not an exact science then I don't know any subscription which would allow you to 'I don't want to know anything, I don't want to do anything, I just want the money'

Keep up the excellent work Jimmy Young
David Walsh,
New Jersey, USA,
Feb 12, 2018,

Jimmy Young is a mentor, not a guru.

Jimmy Young is one of a kind as a forex educator. Drawing on his vast 37 years of experience in forex, the majority of those years as a professional bank trader, and the balance as a retail trader and instructor, Jimmy shares with his students a scope of trading perspectives few, if any, at his level of knowledge would take the time to impart-- and at an unbelievably modest cost to his students. His primary motivation is not financial reward, for he could command much higher fees for much less work, but rather his passion for his professions, both as teacher and trader, and a sincere desire to help others to succeed.

Jimmy offers his wisdom every day in a straightforward and honest style, and welcomes a broad range of traders from novice to advanced. He works tirelessly to present his daily lessons to his subscribers, and will always make himself available for individualized help. Jimmy is continuously searching for effective ways to make us better and more successful traders. He strives to improve and adapt his service to the fluctuations of the forex environment as well as to the needs of his clientele.

A relatively recent innovation has been his creation of a trading room format, which captures the real time thinking and activity of not only Jimmy, but of all members who choose to participate. The trading room has become an excellent informational and educational resource-- and keeps getting better!  The contributions of the members are terrific-- their varied insights and perspectives add a valuable dimension to the service.  Jimmy’s introduction of binary options to the group this past year has also enabled students to manage risk and leverage in new ways.  His discussion of cryptocurrencies has also been very informative.

I have been learning from Jimmy since 2005, and his consistent tutelage has enabled me to grow my trading skills comfortably at my own pace and to adapt to the ever-shifting long- and short-term priorities of the forex landscape. This growth does not happen overnight, but develops over time and in large part due to the patience and wisdom of a dedicated mentor. I count myself very fortunate to have such a mentor as Jimmy Young, and I am greatly appreciative along with, I am sure, the vast majority of the membership.  Thanks, Jimmy, for all your effort.
United Kingdom,
Feb 12, 2018,
Registered user

Jimmy Young provides an excellent educational service for those who want to learn how to become a consistently profitable self sufficient trader in th

I have been tutored by Jimmy for nearly 5 yrs and cannot recommend him more highly. He educates his students how to become traders in their own right, not just signal followers. He also gives tough love when it's needed - which is very often in trading!! If however you can't handle the tough love then trading is probably not for you anyway. It takes at least a few years of consistent hard work and effort to get anywhere near consistently profitable, and anyone who thinks they can do it in a month or two is highly mistaken.
I know and have met many of Jimmy's students and have never heard a bad word said against him until recently when I saw the 1 star rating which I was very surprised at. Everyone's entitled to their opinion of course but I feel the review was quite unnecessarily rude, and doesn't summarize Jimmy's educational service accurately at all in my opinion. For example the Tradefinder product most certainly is not information you can just find on the internet - it is an experienced opinion on the markets with all the priceless nuances that you can only get from a top professional.
He is relentlessly consistent in his service, and always looks to see how he can improve the service to the benefit of all, so in my humble opinion I can only recommend Jimmy Young as someone who will give you a 1st class education in trading FX.

Jan 24, 2017 - 5 Stars A big thankyou for the detailed opinion on USD weakness from the beginning of week commencing 23/1/17. As you've always taught - once technicals can be matched up with fundamentals and market sentiment then a trade will have a very high probability. And as today has proved you were right - as you often are when you have a very strong opinion!
I cashed in very nicely already so thanks again!!

I generally figure out my own trade ideas nowadays after a few years under your wing but thought your idea was so good I just had to jump in.!!!

Finally whilst I think of it a big thank you to you for being an amazing mentor over the years which has enabled me to become more consistently profitable.

London, United Kingdom,
Feb 12, 2018,

New Trader's review of Jimmy Young

I usually don't write reviews but after seeing the 1 star review I though I would share my experiance as a new trader. I am starting out in trading and was recomended Jimmy Young by a good friend. Jimmy charged me $100 for the initial consultation and send me some links to his training courses. As I am starting out I personally found this of tremendous value both from a financial and educational purpose.

One thing that Jimmy stated on a number of occasions is that he does not provide trade advice and this is for training only and since I work in the Financial Services Industry and the amount of regulation there is out there I can see why he does this.

When I have emailed him he has always come back to me with an honest answer and this is what I find tremedously valuable. At this stage of my development I could easily be fooled by someone who can give me an answer I want to hear.

I hope this provides some balance to the the very negative review earlier.
Feb 11, 2018,

Have been with Jimmy since 2013 and his forex style is forensic and every pip accounted for if you want to trade 1 to 2 lots that's £10-£20 per pip Jimmy is your man , Jimmy is a very advanced high level trader so please no your basics it will save you a lot of confusion . Plus if you want to make a living at Forex you have come to the right place , just put in the time and effort.
London, United Kingdom,
Nov 8, 2017,

well considered analysis

I am glad to be able to recommend Jimmy Young as an inspiring educator in Forex trading. I have followed his teaching for a few years now and have been impressed by his calm and well considered analysis.
Most importantly his analysis has evolved to adapt to these volatile times and has given us the opportunity to continue to trade profitably while enjoying the supportive atmosphere of his trading room.
Thankyou Jimmy!
Greg K,
Galway, Ireland,
Nov 2, 2017,


Thanks Jimmy for putting up with me and all my questions for almost a decade now :D

"See you in Live Trading!" :)

Toronto, Canada,
Oct 30, 2017,

Jimmy young - Gem of a Forex Trainer.

Recommended by a friend and it was a game changer for me.

What differentiates Jimmy from others, is his professionalism and honesty. His knowledge and experience is comparable to none. Unique training style, perseveres to make us all independent traders. He is keen to help and available for individual sessions, when required.

Innovating trading strategies is his passion and he consistently delivers it.

Totally recommend!!
United Kingdom,
Oct 21, 2017,

Jimmy Young is the most genuine & honest professional trader and forex trainer i have encountered. He has an extensive wealth of knowledge and is always willing to help what ever stage you are at in learning. he is straight talking and honest about what it actually takes to become a professional trader, There are NO magic strategy's or secret formulas or signals, All you need is the motivation and willingness to learn and practice what Jimmy teaches,
The level of support i have already had has made a significant impact not only on my trading but psychological approach to trading,
It is so rare to find someone with the skills and talent of Jimmy and at the same time has the time and patience to give something back by helping others.
Thank you so much Jimmy
Birmingham, United Kingdom,
Jun 8, 2017,
Registered user

No1 Trading Teeacher

If you want to be a serious Trader. You need a Teacher, a very good teacher with a lot of knowledge and experience. and Jimmy Young is a Master!

He has so much knowledge and experience!

I will keep this review short and simple.

Jimmy Young is the Man!
I have been following him as a student since 2014.
He was recommended by a friend who was so right about him.

I have used many other guides and teachers etc, and they dont come close.
I have wasted a lot of time and money and not progressed in any way apart from making mistakes with others.

WIth Jimmy it has been an excellent learning experience and made me into a much better trader with better profits and less trades.

I cant recommend him enough.

Try for yourself.

You wont be disappointed.