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Updated: Jan 11, 2019
4.97 · 69 REVIEWS
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4.97 · 69 REVIEWS
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Coventry, United Kingdom,
Jan 30, 2017,

Tutorial Videos

Ive recently the subscription service with Jimmy Young and after watching his tutorial videos, i placed a real trade using his 2-3 strategies to full extent, end result taking profit 200 pips.......so thank you and looking forward to better and bigger trades
London, United Kingdom,
Dec 21, 2016,
Registered user

I have been a long standing client of Jimmy Young and have never doubted his advice and guidance his real world experience gives him an unquestionable realistic stance and he never sugar coats.
I am a member of his live trading group and together the group is proving a great educational collective .
Cant speak too highly about Jimmy and he always strives to improve never sitting back on his laurels.
Howard - London
zakaria A.,
Vriginia, USA,
Jul 14, 2016,

if you are looking to learn how to trade and think like a professional trader Jimmy is the guy, not only he is a trader authority, but equally as important he knows how to transmit his knowledge in a way that beginners and novices alike can benefit from.....i like his philosophy in teaching trading, you can learn systems but at a certain moment those systems are overriden by markets dynamics or you can learn how to trade and think as a trader and modify your systems to fit markets dynamics...your call, mine is the latter and thats Jimmy's style and i cant understand how you will aim for short term benefits when you can have both short and long term if you simply adjust the trading mentality.
In summary, i rarely write reviews about anyone online, but i have studied under Jimmy for few years now, he is a dedicated teacher, a brilliant trader and i am glad that a friend of mine took a course with jimmy few years ago and told me about him,
Howard S,
London, United Kingdom,
Jul 1, 2016,

I have been a student and follower of Jimmy Young for some years and have learnt that he tells it as is is without the frills and make believe.

He is consistently looking out for evolving opportunities which he shows and clearly explains to his students not giving investment advice but educating.

Recently emphasis is towards Binaries which give us the edge and confidence to enter a trade without the stress of slippage and surprises.I cannot give him higher praise and recommendation.
Mia Mawdsley,
Edinburgh, United Kingdom,
Jun 14, 2016,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you Jimmy.

I very much appreciate all your time and effort with providing education for binaries. I looked into binary options a few years back, couldn't really get my head around it. I now have the success I am looking for with watching your videos, being very patient and applying my learning. Doubled my account in 6 trades (only 3 days). Didn't expect to do it so quickly, amazing! This is a very nice investment route to add to my portfolio of Forex and commodities trading. Thanks a million. Mia
New Taipei, Taiwan, Province of China,
Jun 12, 2016,

Learn how to play like a real trader:

I would like to share my positive experience and thoughts about a Forex education course by Jimmy Young. There seems no detailed review in here FPA. So, here is mine.

About the educator, Jimmy Young:
A former bank forex trader and dedicated educator, Mr. Young has a solid background both in professional trading and educating. Please do some Google search; just by typing “Jimmy Young forex” would give you enough information about his professional career.

What you can learn and develop from his education:
Do you always have solid reasons to place a trade more than just indicators or technical ideas? Mr. Young will train you the way you would have a trading idea both in fundamental and technical. In other words, he is going to guide you how to trade with reasons. If your chart is overloaded with a bunch of indicators, and you are referring only technical, his method will clean your house. Also, most importantly, he is going to demonstrate you how to trade important news. Been told not to trade on news time, and stay away? Your trading style will turn 180 degrees. Have you ever witnessed price spikes that you wish you could have taken position? You will learn how to predict and prepare for the price jump. For Mr. Young’s course, the true value is to acquire skills to catch real price movements, not about trading a random noise by technical.

Mr. Young has a subscription base continuation package. This includes TradeFinder, Forex Weekly, and access to a live trading chatroom. One could think that he or she has to rely on this forever; however, it is not about depending on it. Trade Finder is giving daily market statics and insights from an institutional trader’s view. Forex weekly is a weekly issue pdf and his speech that Mr. Young would talk about his view of upcoming week. Both of them come with his daily recorded video with well-informed rich spreadsheet. Also, Mr. Young enjoys giving an active live trading ideas and insights on the trading chatroom. Also, this is a place his pupils can access 24/7 to share their trading insights and view. Of course, a real trader has to play a lone hand but when you are at learning stage, other people’s ideas can open your mind in positive way, not necessarily relying on the other’s idea. Moreover, Mr. Young himself is present at the chatroom very often, answering questions, sharing his ideas, marking his student insights, and most importantly covering live news trading. For those reasons, the subscription is totally worth continuing; it is not like other marketers’ approach making people pay money all the time but this is more like the fee to make his active training available. The bottom line is that having this package with just a dollar and few cents a day is remarkably inexpensive. It is true that one could do all the daily forex and news statistics by him or herself, however, even just considering outsourcing this heavy rifting work, the price is just painless.

Important Note:
Some of his enthusiastic pupils would say, “He is a real deal! If you study with him, you will surely be the one of 5% who makes profit by trading forex”. However, I have a different opinion. It is very important to note that just taking his course does not make you a good trader even though his course and training are remarkably well designed. Trading forex is a professional and highly skilled business just like any other ones which require good education/training and experiences.

- Studying with a world famous chef does not automatically make you a great cook.
- Learning with a globally recognized pianist does not necessarily make you a great pianist.
Neither does Mr. Young’s course.

It is needless to say that studying with a right person would make a difference; however, the larger portion of training is still by yourself; it is all up to you to apply his approach and ideas. Having said that, I have no doubt that this “right person to study with” is Mr. Young.

In summary, Mr. Young’s educational program is highly valuable, and it would be great investment. You will get an institutional trader’s education based on real professional experiences. You are about to learn how to trade with specific reasons. Learning his idea surely takes your trading to another level. Even though it does not make you a great trader immediately, you will see the difference.

Should you have any questions, concerns, and comments, please do not hesitate contact me by email (hiroshi2yamanaka at gmail.com). I am more than happy to help you understand his course if you are in doubt.

Bryan Hickman ,
West Midlands, United Kingdom,
Jun 10, 2016,

Jimmy has been in the industry for over 20 years at a professional investing level.
His knowledge and experience provide real value for money, i have learn't so much from the past year.
Jimmy analyses data and keeps records of market moves to help you with your trading decisions.
He is there for you by phone, email or skype and only charges a tiny fraction for his very valuable knowledge and time.
Thanks Jimmy.
Daniel Besliu,
, Italy,
Apr 22, 2016,

P.S. But his method for teaching is not for independent trading after finishing the course, you must to rely on his subscriptions forever. So this mentor is not for me.

2016-04-19 5Star I did 2 useless forex courses before, from fake mentors-marketers, more popular than Jimmy's course here on forexpeacearmy. Jimmy is real, honest mentor with strong strategies that really works.

Statistically (I mean the real, official statistic from brokers), 70% of traders lose money (FXCM) and 60% lose (Interactive Brokers). With Jimmy Young at institutional level you'll win for sure.

Thank you Jimmy for that you exist as mentor.
Glenn Bond,
Redmond, WA, USA,
Feb 6, 2016,

Jimmy’s combines trading philosophy, methods, and systems (which have been consistent for years). Jimmy’s Forex data history is a resource used daily. The daily review and previews keep me grounded. Thank you for sticking with each of your students to allow them to reach a level of self-confidence.
Trading can be a lonely place but you make it a community.
Lucy Luu,
California, USA,
Jan 7, 2016,

Jimmy Young is a great educator and excellent mentor. His trading systems have really helped me to become a better trader. His daily insights of the news gives me a better perspective when placing my trades.