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Updated: Jan 11, 2019
4.97 · 69 REVIEWS
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4.97 · 69 REVIEWS
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Sadou Diallo,
London, United Kingdom,
May 6, 2015,

Where do I start! I came into this with no experience what so ever and due to the guidance and abundance of information Jimmy has sent me, I have never been so confident (and good) at trading. The guy literally will send signals as to what he thinks will be a winner EVERY SINGLE DAY. He also actively goes out to teach us how and why things are happening in order to beat the market.

Cannot stress this enough, great teacher and a pleasure to be taught by.

Highly recommend anyone looking to get into forex to sign up with Jimmy.
shirley Joffe,
London, United Kingdom,
Jan 22, 2015,

I started with Jimmy just over a year ago and after some typical ups and downs as I learnt the excellent systems, I am trading profitably and have withdrawn profits this year.

I am very happy with his ongoing support and 1:1 mentorship even though I am in the standard pro trader program. His course is high value for money and I like that he teaches us how to think for ourselves so that we are not at the mercy of trying to rely on someone else's signals.

The daily Tradefinder is invaluable recommendations and thinking process behind the previous day's trades as well as an outlook for the day ahead and is my morning wake up call.

When the market throws us a loop, we can think around it as that is what Jimmy teaches. He has a great blend of technicals and fundamentals and he researches everything deeply so that we can have a full understanding well beyond a novice and if you really listen and learn what he is teaching you can become a pro trader.

I see that he is teaching us to make good, constant and consistent profits and also to know when to stand aside which is just as important.

One of the best investments I've made into becoming a trader.
Neville Bryce Age 55,
Nottingham, United Kingdom,
Jan 19, 2015,

I have been a full-time Year out student with Jimmy Young during 2014. During that time I have become very familiar with a wide range of trading systems and I am able to execute the right trade at the right time.
Jimmy has invested a lot of time and effort into training his students on the fundamental and technical aspects of trading the foreign currencies. I am able to keep it simple and consistently target achievable returns.
The daily review and comprehensive training package has allowed me to commence plans for an early retirement from my day job within the next few years.
tim makepeace,
leeds, United Kingdom,
Aug 29, 2014,

The real deal - a wealth of top quality information and real commitment from Jimmy Young. Hard to see how there could be anything better out there.
Lee Robins,
London, United Kingdom,
Mar 31, 2014,

Jimmy Young offers a wealth of professional trading experience as an FX trader gained while working for several UK and US banks as well as years of experience trading his own account. There's a no "spin" approach to Jimmy's teaching style just an honest and helpful approach to telling it how he sees it.Teaching programmes include live training webinars re fundamentals and technicals, live trading webinars around news events etc, daily webinars around issues affecting the previous and current day's trading.
Pascal Longlade,
Mouans-Sartoux, France,
Feb 12, 2014,

Hi Jimmy,

I joined your program back in May 2013, coming from a well known competitor in London, because I wanted to take my trading to the next level. I was trading with them for the past 2.5 years without being successful...
What I like the most with your training is that you really coach us (even one to one when needed). You taught us only a few number of strategies, which is just fine with me as it allows us to really master them.
I would like to tell you that I'm grateful of what you taught me, as you made me a better trader. I'm on my way to becoming a Pro Trader :-)
I am now consistently making money thanks to the Tradefinder, that I use as a guide more than as a recommendation. To paraphrase you: "we are the traders, therefore we have to decide whether we want to take the trade or not". That's exactly what I'm doing with success. I am proud to say that now, when I look at a chart, it is obvious to me!
So, thanks Jimmy for everything, and I would recommend your course to anyone who wants to become a professional trader!!!
Chuks Ifeanyi,
London, United Kingdom,
Jan 5, 2014,

Jimmy, I thank you so much for making a huge difference in 2013 for me. Coming to your live 2 days seminar in London and online live training was the best investment I have ever made in my life. Your mentoring turned it around for me in 2013 and I look forward to 2014 with a sense of accomplishment and focus in my trading career. I can't thank you enough and I am sure they are so many students out there whom you have mentored and are now great traders and leaders in their fields.
Roy Brown,
Centerville, MA, USA,
Dec 9, 2013,

Jimmy: I have been with you a year as of the end of this month.
After a year of listening to you speak, I feel that I am finally becoming a trader albeit I am not using all of your tools. You have, however, bestowed a mindset that is making me successful in what I want to accomplish in my trading.
I learn more from listening to you speak than all of the power points, although the first, second and fifth time I listened to the classes I learned tools but I would always hear you say that you are trying to teach us to become a TRADER. I believe I finally got it! I now use the mindset I learned from you and deal with all the little idiosyncrasies from my years, and now I am having a good time.
I am very selective in my trades, very strict with my risk/reward @ 1/1. As you say all the time, IF YOU MAKE 100% ON A TRADE IT SURE IS BETTER THAN WHAT YOU CAN GET AT A BANK!
I can't thank you enough for your help and hope that I am still going to be in the program forever.
Oliver Smallman,
Manchester, United Kingdom,
Jul 31, 2013,

Iv'e been a student of Jimmy Young's for over 3 years now. He's a genuine guy and the most straight shooting person iv'e come across in the forex world. His methods cast a new light on looking at markets logically, using a mixture of technicals and fundamentals. He's an obsessive statistician and produces brilliant, in depth analysis on a weekly and daily basis that you recieve to your inbox. Iv'e learnt so much from Jimmy's trading methods but also iv'e learnt a great deal about the trading mindset which has been invaluable. Jimmy's a real character and a delight to listen to. He's a great teacher and has always replied quickly to queries.
Danielle L,
Ohio, USA,
Jul 18, 2013,

Just joined Jimmy's program last month after reading stellar reviews. The amount of information he gives his students everyday without fail is astounding. He is quick to answer questions, and most importantly, is NO BUL****. He teaches trading from all angles, so that you really understand why the market is doing what it is, and how that can be money in your pocket.